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  2. Enjoy the video!
  3. Yesterday
  4. awesome deco ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. -Mami, ¿Quién era Subzero? 😲
    -Mí ídolo. 😍🥰
    -¿Y qué sucedió con él? 👻
    -Él... 🥴
    -¿Él qué? 😐
    -Él ya sé casó y tiene una familia. 👨‍👩‍👧
    -¿Y por qué sonríes mami? 😻
    -Por qué si él es feliz, yo también lo soy. 😼🥰
    Le muestra una foto🖼😯
    -Hey, ¡él es papi!😱😱
    Se abre la puerta y de repente🙄🤩
    -SOY GAY 😻😈👽🔥

    1. Naval


      msiiiii susero👤 mi idolo tmb 🤓😘💗

    2. Subzero


      q ermoza istoria ksi lloro con el final 😞😢😭

  6. Last week
  7. Guía 😜para entrar 👽❤a XpR 🙋😉💪

    1. No 😒😒 preguntar 🙅👎que es Naval❤💛💚💙💜👹 (Tuviste mucho 📆⏰⏰ tiempo para 👀👀👀💁 jugar MTA 🤨👾🎮).

    2. ALERTA: Debes 💑👫🙏😹 abrazarme fuerte si llego a  😿🙀😟😳morir en Unmatched Player. De otro modo, no 😫😖resistiré.😭😭

    3. Nuestra 👉👈conversación 👐💁 acaba cuando aparece😫😯 el countdown💯💯y se reanuda 👌👌el hunter 👊💯🎮del mapa. El resto del tiempo: 😒🙂😉SILENCIO. 🙅🙅🔕
    4. Me agradeces 👈 por☝ haber👫🙇jugado conmigo😂😂🙋💏.

    NOTA:😘 Importante seguir🏃💁🙋 todos los pasos al 👣👂pie de la letra, 😡de otra forma 👎 no volverás a saber 🙅de mi amistad 😭😎😘 ni de XpR 🙍👊 y pasaremos a ser 💅👄gays 👥👳👮. Por la atención prestada😇💡 anteriormente, gracias.😭😎😘

    1. Subzero
    2. WazeR


      No te da vergüenza ser tan virgen? 

    3. Zeke


      ( °_ʖ °) ( °_ʖ °)

  8. Closed. Requested by @LiXuZ!
  10. - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Luis Garcia (Lu1s in-game), I'm 22 years old from Sonora, México - Your history in-game I started to play MTA in 2011, my first DM server was ownage owls [O.o] it was a OS server like SG, X5, EPG and AG, the entire year i played there because the server was really fun and meet good players like RuSO, Ron1 and Naval. At the end of 2011 i found ePic and XpR by a post in Facebook (MTA comunidad latina), XpR was mi main server, so i decided to join, remember that was last week of 2011, after it, started a new part of my history in MTA with a loot of clan wars and time playing in XpR server, in 3 occasions i left (2011 - 2017), one of them was because ReaL (old leader) was leadering the clan really bad, the last 2 occasions was because I lost my interest in the server, so i startet to play in FFS , also there were players that i played in my starts, at the time when i was out of XpR, i joined in 3 good clans St, FoXX and MT, in the last few months i played just for fun in a crew called UR Underground Riders. - Have you been in any clans?: |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racers | (Leader) 2011- 2014 left | (Member) 2015 left | (Member) 2016 - 2017 left | St Saints Gaming (Member) | 2015 left | FoXX Force out Xtreme (Member) | 2017 - 2019 Clan closed | MT Midnight Team (Member) | 2019 kicked i think xd | - Why do you want to join XpR?: The truth is that i feel weird when i'm out of XpR, for some bad choices i decided to left the last 2 times, now i want a last oportunity to back cuz there are old friends and the high level of skils that has the clan. - How can you help our community? At this time i'm playing DM, so i can help with CWs, i could also record and streaming for cws, actually i prefer to play and interact with the comunity. - How can we contact you? Whatsapp: +52 6621244105 Email: luis_garcia_97@outlook.com - Additional information: I know isn't a big JR but i'm really bad writing things like this
  11. JAJAJAJJAJA nos paso en Saints, nos borro el foro como 4 veces
  12. excelente servicio de carritos chocones, cinco berenjenas
  13. este verga les va a borrar el foro es experto 100% recomendado
  14. No tienes pc gracias a la macrisis, y no podemos aceptarte porque la única gorda que podemos tener en el clan es la pija de shine, aguante macri vieja
  15. You already in clan pS. Closed jr
  16. For now you're inactive but do you want to join XpR? GL
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