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  3. Hi RoNNiE. First of all, thank you. However I am well aware that current wff roster is fascinating with very good players in it. And getting in main team for the cw is very difficult but I am willing to grind & train to achieve this goal day by day as much as I possibly can to be able to play with such players and hopefully get the chance once. So regarding the question that you are curious about me answering is that, basically what I can bring on board besides my WFF skills and OS potential mentioned already above is actually my activity. You see I might not be as active as i should be at the moment but that is only because of my school responsibilities but when i'm done with them, I will go back to my normal activity which is quite a bit. I usually spend quite some time on ffs gaming which could bring even more popularity to the clan and perhaps even more interests towards joining the clan itself. The second point that I might bring up to the table is my loyalty. Which you can see that most of the clans I've been in had been closed, whether because of inactivity or just because leaders decided to do so. However my point is that I rarely leave any clan, unless my satisfaction just isn't there at all which I believe won't happen in this clan any time soon =D. Then I could bring up new suggestions regarding forum which could improve better for new people and even clan members itself, such as keeping a statistic regarding clan-wars based in WFF and even DM. I mean its not really anything new to be honest, you might as well even have it on skype/discord conversation already... And just not keeping it on forum for public. However I cannot with creating such sites/pages on forum because developmenting forum sites and scripting just isn't my best area. Well to be completely honest it isn't any near. And there is one more thing I think i could be useful in and that is actually organizing/preparing tournaments or whatever is needed. I am not saying that i'm an expert but I already have some experiences regarding hosting such events. I had such opportunity back in the days at FfY server which I could say that turned out quite successful but hosting events nowadays is completely different than it used to be. Regardless, there shouldn't be any big concerns about it. I hope I answered specific enough on what exactly I can help community with from my sight of view. if not, feel free to ask me more questions about it. see ya
  4. Hello there Miha. We appreciate all the interest in joining us. Great application, however, I started to be concerned about your utility towards the clan after reading the 5th point. You presented your WFF skills as pretty much the only thing you could bring up to the table. Believe it or not, we have our momentum right now and it doesn't seem like we're going to lose a WFF game anytime soon, not with the roster we currently have. Therefore we don't feel the necessity of recruiting new members dedicated to this particular field. We did it a few times as a form of experiment and it was a failure, a mistake for both, XpR and them because they couldn't adapt to the highest standards we set. Aka, you can look good surrounded by weak players, but if we put you next to top tier players you're most likely going to be the weak one. Taking this under consideration, I'd like you to come up with an expanded answer to the question: How can you help our community? Stuff like development, representativeness, ideas, activity, maybe something unique about having you in the clan. There is a large field of things you could be used for, so don't limit yourself to just one we're not in need of. Best of luck. On behalf of XpR, RoNNiE#
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKtbhGU0s2g
  6. Earlier
  7. - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Miha which is also my nickname in-game. I'm 17 years old. I was born on the 20th of January, 2002. I'm from Slovenia in small town called Laško. - Your history in-game: Important is to add "how long I've been playing: My MTA journey started back in 2012. Throughout my 7 years of playing MTA, both good and bad things happened to me. As I remember I started on a server called Team - NeO. It was definitely a great time playing there. Team-NeO was a wide spread DM/DD/RACE and CnR server, which included a lot of fun. But after a while I left the server because I wanted to play something fun and challenging at the same time. This is when I started playing DM in around 2013. Basically I was just jumping from server to server back and forth trying to find the right home but I just couldn't find the right one. Later on I found an amazing server called DDC and I've been playing in DDC for 3 years which has given me a lot of experience & friends throughout community and it was one of the best communities I have ever been in. Sadly it got a bit demolished for some reason and most of the players lost interest including myself, so later on after that event I came to FFS gaming and been playing here roughly 3-4 years. - Have you been in any clans? Emp| - Elite Master Players (left) [FOTL] - Firestarters Of the Land (left, due inactivity of clan) eP! - Elite Players (closed) Z# - Zenosyne (closed) 7m - Seventh miracle (closed) - Why do you want to join XpR?: The clan itself is just one of the biggest clans in MTA community from skills, friendliness all the way to organization and I want to be a part of such huge and respective family. I also got some friends inside the clan which will definitely make it even more entertainment being inside and I'm just looking forward of meeting new people and just try to bond with them. - How can you help our community?: Like no-one else said that ever before. I am more than happy to help the clan in clan-wars, especially in WFF events and besides that also from OS perspective in which I'm kind of good at it. However, my hunter is roughly any good without training which has been a while since I last trained hunter. But I will definitely get it back if its needed and I am more than happy to represent XpR in events such as WF and L7 and put them under the good light. Throughout my career I've played many, many clan-wars and in which I gained many experiences and also an ability to not be nervous and drive as good as I possibly can, rather than to be super nervous and fail miserably. - How can we contact you?: Through discord Miha#5727 nor Skype (Nofear_Pro)
  8. What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello, my name is Bilal, with my nickname being ZeldaK. I'm 21 years old and I live in Israel. I majored in electrical engineering at a nearby college but I quit as I've lost interest, to put it mildly, and picked another. Your history in-game: I started coming on regularly around Winter 2010, approx. 9 years ago, on a race server to which I was referred by a friend who also used to play on it.. though it wasn't less than a year that I left to Mr. Green, another popular race server, and I been playing on it since. My very first DM experience was on Twisted Gamers, to which I been referred by the same guy that invited me to the game. I had tons of fun on it passing DM maps, hunter-fighting etc. It was kind of a challenging experience and I loved every second of it. As time went on I gotten way better and immediately went and started looking for teams to join so I could play clanwars.. though I spoke too soon as it was not long before I came upon a tutorial video on scripting on youtube which lead me to give up improving my DM skills to try and learn how to script, which I did, but well, I lost interest a while after as it gotten boring really quickly and went back to playing DM etc.. I been playing since. These are the most significant parts of my MTA career. Been on FFS for a long time now, but never been as interested in it as I'm now. The more I played, the more interested I became and here I am applying for an administrative position. Have you been in any clans?: LxG// Latin xtreme gamers (left due to lack of communication in English among clan members) PiA| Pro's In Action (2015 or 16, not exactly sure when. clan shut down) #Z Zenosyne (2018. clan shut down) [gS] g0ld StaR (2017-18, re-introduced as another clan and as a result i was kicked) FX| Fucking Xtreme (since Feb. 2019) -]alw[- Any Last Words (Mr. Green, since March 2017) I've been in a few more most of which barely lived thus not worth mentioning Why do you want to join XpR? A good reason to want to join is to find like minded players i could have a good time with and constantly have players to play that i know i can depend on, and gain tons and tons of new friends in the process. In overall most games are better with friends & if we are going to be playing together we might as well be in same clan. I've been part of this community for a few years, and imagine if it having a fun tight-knit community behind of which I would love to be a part. Be around a group of like minded and extremely skilled players is only going to elevate my experience with the game. I'd say I'm average at best, but throw me in with like minded players and watch me learn, I get better, I have fun. How can you help our community? I will stride to provide a good first impression for newcomers so they can later become frequent visitors. I will provide valuable input in how we could better the team and hopefully will be able to make an overall change for the good. I'm an experienced player who can bring a variety of skills to the table in regards to being a clan mate, and while I may have a slightly different mindset than most of the admin team, I'm willing to conform my ideals in order to get along with team members as well as I could. I want to apply as i feel that much of the current admin team isn't as active as id like them to be and would like to throw my hat into the mix as an active player. I haven't submitted my application without putting a decent amount of thought into becoming part of the clan and hopefully id be given the chance to be part of it I'm generally pretty friendly, and helping people out is a specialty of mine. Overall, I think I'm generally well liked as I've never had any personal problems with anyone around this community. I'm more than sure I'd be able to create a lovely atmosphere within the clan and mix well with clan members if accepted. I'm a decent front-end developer and am almost available at any time if you ever needed me. If interested, DM me on Discord for a bunch of older projects I worked on. How can we contact you?: I've discord, Zeldak#2784 Thanks for reading and for any potential consideration.
  9. Good luck, God bless you
  10. - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My nick name is NakeoN/iStessus01, my age is 15, and I am from Colombia (Tuluá, Valle del Cauca) - Your history in-game: First of play MTA, I starting playing SA:MP, I start playing freeroam servers, minigames, after of it, I search how to download MTA:SA, I started playing freeroam servers, too minigames, after of it I know a friends in a freeroam servers, one of my friends, invite me to play in a server called ''For Fuck Sake Gaming -ffs-' his name was: ''Happy515'', I was meeting more with the server and I found some new friends, after of it, I know another servers more, like [DDC], |-TG-| Twisted Gamers, and other more, finally here in |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racers. - Have you been in any clans?: I was in [MT] Midnight Team - I was member - I left - Why do you want join in XpR?: I like so much this clan, I love his community and members, it is friendly, skilled and mature, I want to join and help with somethings like ''design'' in clan, I want have funny with you, talk you about Jesuschrist, this clan is funny too :). How can you help our community?: I can help this clan with design and managing Clan Wars. -How can we contact you?: WhatsApp number: 3013302682 - Additional information: I hope you accept my Join Request, I am friendly and skilled, God bless you ATT: NakeoN/iStessus01
  11. I'm not in EoS anymore, but yea, that's me. Thanks : - )
  12. Deja de hacerte el importante weon qlikagao

  13. are you Rampage from EoS? Good luck dude
  14. Oi TonyxO, Good luck
  15. Driver!

    TonyxO's JR

    Oww shit a TonyxO, gl
  16. ExtinctioN Of Skills II ft. MoX and Ryze
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