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  3. SCORE KILLS [Meow] 0:1 [GBC] Azorahai (3) Lost (1) [Meow] 1:1 [GBC] Founder (2) Lost (1) TemptatioN (1) [Meow] 1:2 [GBC] Azorahai (3) [Meow] 1:3 [GBC] Founder (2) Azorahai (1) - - Azorahai 7 ([GBC]) Founder 4 ([GBC]) Lost 2 ([Meow]) TemptatioN 1 ([Meow]) Cathrine 0 ([Meow]) GodFatheR DNS ([GBC]) MVP: Azorahai Referee : @Zeke Recorders : @Marque @FALT3N @Zeke Match highlights will be made soon and updated within this thread.
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  5. Today I am here to present you a new map of Lost. Its called "Astronomia" Song: Pegboard Nerds - Speed of Light (Andy C Remix) If you want your map recorded by me, feel free to contact me on discord: xARROW#1419 1440p60 recommended.
  6. @Smov1 oof my friend ♥ = ren xDD
  7. good luck <3 Ahmet + mta = redknight
  8. 6SEtQQA.jpg

    Another buggy map is coming

  9. MY FRIEND one of the best players has to be in a great clan, you can. I wish you my brother very lucky, I want to see you shine in this clan!
  10. Unfortunately registrations were closed yesterday, this topic was not locked at that time and will be done now, sorry for any inconveniences.
  11. I'm looking for a team, my nick is D7OMEY : discord The One And Only - D7OMEY#7051
  12. Today I am here to present you a new map of Gravity, FataL, Driver and PCHZY. Its called "Hydrophoria" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzhbI1IWoJE&feature=youtu.be Song: Alexiane - A million on My Soul (Radio Edit) If you want your map recorded by me, feel free to contact me on discord: xARROW#1419 1440p60 recommended.
  13. sad to see us part ways but ill keep supporting you as you did with me till today, gl broski, u deserve the best
  14. Asency bro, I would love to see you here. I hope you will hold on to your current mindset and do not change ur mind. It will be worth it Good luck
  15. I didn’t see this coming, If I get a chance to join team I will not let you guys down and I will give my best. And of course I would like a fresh start with you , take care and I really appreciate your words.
  16. Information 1. Here you can see bracket and schedule of the matches (above each bracket), this whole tournament will be constantly live updated so feel free to check out results whenever you want. 2. Contact us immediately if you have a problem with the schedule established for you. 3. We will remind the team captains about their games 2 days before. 4. Matches will be played on this Server IP: 5. Registered teams and players: https://imgur.com/ivvOe1z Bracket & Schedule Time: German time Current time:
  17. REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED Thanks to everyone who registered, number of teams and participants exceeded our expectations! Brackets will be made and posted as soon as possible, stay tuned.
  18. 1. Team Name: - eyesclosed 2. Team logo/tag: - eyesCLOSED 3. Team color: -#ffffff 4. Captain: vinny, Brazil, Discord: vinny#3590, Serial: 3702710431C3D1ADD4FF83D2D70E7912 5. Players: - Bruce, Colombia, FF13F8193CAF3D3F3C0F90761244C443 - Troyboi, Israel, 5FE743943C07B2202E671708EE2158F4 6. What time you can't play at?: - week days
  19. Well.. Despite our past conflicts and all that I hope we can turn over a new leaf and start treating each other better, you seem to put in a lot of effort in preparing for cws and that is one type of personality I will never dislike especially when at end you perform very well and so on... To think you are applying to same team as me just removes some weight I always have while entering cw, so by all this I wish you good luck. Oh and yes, susero ctm could use another latin friend like u
  20. - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello! good morning/afternoon or evening depending where you are reading me from. I would like to introduce myself I am Javier best known as Asency, I am from Argentina(Buenos Aires) I was born on july 25th 2001 and I am currently 18 years old. - Your history in-game: My story here in Mta started back in 2010 in a freeroam server called DRK where i learned what friendship means and how much it costs to lose it as my friends would grow tired of the game or they would get busy with their lives. I played in such server until the end of 2011 where I then out of boredom started playing zombies/tactics all the way until mid 2013 where I started to look for new game modes where I found the race game mode and where I invested a lot of time to get better since I sucked at the beginning, ( I barely knew how to do a front flip xd) Starting 2014 I joined my first clan which was LxG where my friend and leader SG took me under his wing and gave me a chance , at the time my hunter skills were not good so i did not participate in any CWs, after a year or so I left LxG to continue my growth as a player, then in 2015 I continued training my hunter skills to try to join a better clan , Even though I had a terrible pc I did my best and I applied to XpR where Naval and Mota were leaders , I also played a lot in their server until I became the 1st in the ranking board , after 1 or 2 months they took me as a trial and then I joined them and it was one of the best moments of my life! A while after in 2016 in mid june I felt like i was not good enough for the team , my pc was still crap and I could not do well in the clan wars so I decided to leave XpR where i posted the following: “ I am sorry friends but I will be back once I pick my form up again” I kept playing DM for about 2 months until 2017 where I left MTA for almost 2 years. By the end of 2018 I came back to MTA for personal reasons where I was just trying to have some fun and get away from it all where I ran into an old friend Adidas which i knew from XpR , he was the leader of xN at the time and I was kinda shaky about talking to him because I changed my name to” start over” but i could not resist so I talked to him and just like the old times I felt great and I met some other xN members when I decided to apply for xN In december of the same year I joined them and I played a lot of clanwars/L7 matches and i became a better player and we had a goal of winning the L7 tournament which we could not achieve , after that the whole team went away for a while and so I decided to leave the team. After a month I joined Iron Will where Tomas was the leader , at first the team was great because we did discord calls and I found great friends there but after a while it ended because there were certain attitudes that I did not like and so I decided to leave without making a lot noise. I was devastated because I had lost all my friends that I really like so I took a little break of about a month and out of now here I talked with Natsu who invited me to nTL where I accepted because I felt alone and wanted to have some fun and meet new people, unfortunately, the team closed 2 months after. After 2 months we decised to create a clan with MJT, HaydeN , NaxeR, SrK, Quashy and Vinny. the purpose of the team was to have fun like friends and it all went really good at first with a lot of people joining and so we tried to join the L7DM tournament after some good results we qualified for the tournament but after a while it was not the same because my team mates were not training or excited anymore because they didn’t play or train because they didn’t have the time which disappointed me because I was training a lot and putting a lot of effort , I gave the team one more chance until the 6th month where things were still the same so I decided to leave! - Have you been in any clans?: Latin xtreme Gamers - as Zureth - Left Xtreme pro Racers - as Zureth - Left Nitrous Racing - Left Iron Will - Left nothing To Lose - Closed Zeitgeist - Left - Why do you want to join XpR?: I would like to join XpR because It looks like a team really respectable with a lot of history and its members really have a good relationship with each other. Therefore I would like to have a chance to call this team my family again. - How can you help our community?: I can participate in Clanwars , I love to train for important events such as dm-hunter/wff/wffos , I always try to help in any other way such as finding fun wars,maps etc! - How can we contact you?: Skype: live:javiermansilla259 Discord: javier.natz#3841 - Additional information: On my spare time I like to read poetry and listen to music, I am leo and I like steak with mashed potato!!!! Thanks for reading Best Regards Javier.
  21. 1. Team Name: PASAMOS NORBI V5 HAHAHAHA NOBS 2. Team logo/tag: https://imgur.com/N8UwumI https://imgur.com/N8UwumI https://imgur.com/N8UwumI - 3. Team color: #55ff00 4. Captain: Gteatero 5. Players: - beatZ, Ecuador Serial: Pending - Shine, Argentina Serial: Pending 6. What time you can't play at: -
  22. 1. Team Name:Bro Storm 2. Team logo/tag:Bs# - 3. Team color:9B0A0A 4. Captain: FTLZ, Argentina ,Discord:FTLZ#4378 not using skype, 048EE6D98F86F117ECD66951D365F4F2 5. Players: - CarlosG7, Mexico, A0A88FECABD134B8B9C604025DCC64E4 - GanzoA9, Mexico, 069005A04E56122786A9A7A24B6EC153 6. What time you can't play at?: Sunday morning
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