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  2. h-hi wanna study t-to-together?
  3. What's your nickname(s), age and location? My name is Benedek, ingame known as raceR and I'm from Hungary. Your history in-game: I've been playing MTA since 2013, I began playing on ffs firstly DD and then a few months later I moved to DM. I didn't really like ffs at the time so I started looking for Hungarian servers and the one I found the most interesting was GoD. I've made many friendships on that server some of them still lasts and basically they were the ones to introduce me the game. Months passed, I was constantly improving so I thought I'd try myself in some clans. I've joined sR# which was considered one of the best Hungarian clans at the time. Sadly the clan closed a year later. I had joined -AG- which was a very well known clan among Hungarians (still is) but this clan didn't last long either. As far as I remember CHRS motivated me to move out of my comfort zone so I've started playing on international servers at the beginning of 2016. The server where I played the most was xS, I did join a few clans while I was playing on the server but sadly I don't remember their names. I first joined XpR server in 2017 and in the same year I even made a join request. My first join request wasn't accepted but I've decided to give it another try. Surprisingly I got accepted I couldn't describe how happy I was at the time. There was a time when I left XpR but i immediately regretted it and I was hoping you guys would give me another chance which happened and I'm still grateful. I stayed in the clan for approximately 2 years when I decided to try something new (which was an awful decision to make) so I joined Vultaic. The clan's atmosphere didn't really suit me so I left after 4 months. My friends told me to try joining 7m and help them on clan wars etc... Although I joined, I haven't played a single clan war. I was heavily neglecting MTA while being in 7m.. The clan closed and I decided not to join eP! because I didn't enjoy the clan and nothing would've changed. Have you been in any clans? sR# - Closed. -AG- - Closed. [GoD] - Left because the clan was going nowhere and was inactive. Vultaic - As I've written above the atmosphere didn't suit me and I wasn't enjoying it. Seventh Miracle - Closed. Xtreme Pro Racers - I've left the clan because I decided to try something new which turned out to be an awful experience. Why do you want to join XpR? I want to join XpR because it is the only clan I admired throughout my MTA history. I've made a poor decision by leaving the clan and have regretted it when it was too late. I would wanna join this clan because I feel like this is the clan I belong, I made most of my friendships in here but mainly because... I had an amazing time here. How can you help our community? I can help you organizing stuff in the future, also helping on the clan wars if needed and once we will be able to revive the server I'd gladly help you by administrating it. How can we contact you? Skype: jaczenko.benci Additional information: Some of you probably have seen my join request which I made a few weeks ago. I decided to completely delete it and make a new one because I felt like it was rushed.
  4. Last week
  5. - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello, my name is Sylvain and my ingame name is LuFFy. Im 21 years old and I live in The Netherlands - Your history in-game: I started playing mta back in 2009. I started on a DM server called PSR which I really liked. after 2 years I had a 1 year break (due to pc problems). When I came back to MTA a lot have changed new server were online and a lot of new people. I have Always been searching for a challenge ( I still am) and searching the limits in DM. I`m still mapping but more for fun and when Im bored, I only upload them when I like them. I would like to make some troll maps in the future. The most time I spend in NTL, I was in there for a couple of years (without closing times). - Have you been in any clans?: PSR - Pro Street Racers - Left - Pc problems DG - Dutch Gaming - closed ESR - Empire Street racers - closed UP - Unlimited power - left NTL - Nothing To Lose - Left - Why do you want to join XpR?: I want to try a new challenge, set new limits and achieve more in my career, but the most important thing, I want to make fun with people. - How can you help our community?: I can play clanwars and Im learning to script (slowly). - How can we contact you?: Discord: LuFFy #9235 Thank you for taking your time to read my Join Request.
  7. WOOOOOW vamooooooo spacy brooo good luck lovee
  8. - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Enis,Spacy in-game. I'm 21 years old and I'm from Turkey. - Your history in-game: I started to play MTA at 2012.My first server was called"Default MTA Server". I played there 1 years but got bored from there because it was os server. Then I found many servers. One of them was Empire Of riders. I played there for 2 years that was really good server especially its atmosphere. My first clan is called "Pro vegiled Skillers". I stayed there for 1 years but the leader kicked me for a reason. My second clan was From Hell. that was so friendly clan. I stayed there for 1 years too. After 1 years I left because many players was inactive.After from hell I joined Very Important Players. I stayed there about 3-4 months. I left from there too because everybody was WFF member and I don't train wff so I had to leave from there. My last clan was International team.That was good clan but i had to leave from there because I have left from MTA. After long time break i decided to try to join nTL and they suprisingly accepted me.Probably that's the best clan i have ever seen and joined because they are like real family.You can't describe it you have to be part of nTL to understand it.I gained a lot of experience in nTL so i can clearly say my best year was 2017-2018.Sadly i had some issues in clan and left it.That was worst mistake ever.I was planning to stay clanless but Every wanted to see me in UP and i wanted to give a try.I knew that i wont adopt them and that's what happened.Everything was wrong with me.I should never have entered there.Anyways then i back to nTL but sadly It's closed and i tried my luck with TfF.I knew TfF was falling already and a friend wanted me to join there so i listened him and join.I had to go inactive due of university for like 2 months when i back the clan felt me inactive and i decided to leave.And then i was bored of waiting for jr's and stayed clanless for some time.Then i got invite from a clan called"Unstoppable Fighters".It was quite skilled and friendly clan.I had good cw times in there but sadly it got closed.I knew ntl was going to reopen so i didnt join any clans because i thought ntl is best clan but it wasn't old ntl sadly.I stayed there like 1 2 months and then left because like everyone was inactive.Then i joined TfF again.I really spent good times there people was so nice.I can even call that was best community so far.I had some rough times in real life in that time so i gave break to mta like 2-3 months After some rough time in real life that's why when i back to mta i wasn't good on dm and hunter.But now almost got them back again and I'm ready to start my journey with a new clan. Have you been in any clans? Pro Vegiled Skillers - Member - Kicked From Hell - Member - Left Very Important Players - Member - Left International Team - Member - Left Unlimited Power - Trial - Left Nothing To Lose - Member - Closed The Favoured Few - Member - Left Unstoppable Fighters - Member - Closed Nothing To Lose - Member - Left The Favoured Few - Member - Left - Why do you want to join XpR?: Well,I want to join XpR because i think this clan fits me.Also most of players are active and quite friendly and I want to contribute this clan. - How can you help our community?: I have Clanwars experience,so I believe that i can be useful for XpR.My main gamemode is DM and HUNTER but I'm trying to improve my WFF skills.I am also friendly guy i can make good atmosphere in teamchat. - How can we contact you?: Skype: ertanrikulu1998 Discord:SpacyPJA95#7877
  9. Hello ladies and gentlemen! I hope you like
  10. Thank you SrK. Thank you for all that you've done in the past couple years, the friendship we built and the numerous moments we had together. I wish you nothing but the best with whatever you plan to do. Cheers brother
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