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Cykz's Join Request

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- What's your nickname(s), age and location?:

My name is Vitor and i use Cykz as ingame nickname. I'm 20 years old and I'm from Belo Horizonte - Brazil.


- Your history in-game: 


 It all started back in 2011, when I wanted to play GTA:SA online because I was tired of single player, so I searched for any possibility of playing it online and found MTA:SA. My very first server was FFS, and it took me a while to learn the basics of DM. After some months playing, I got invited by Kane to make a Join Request for RedBull (-RB-), which became my first clan in MTA. I stayed there for some months and left due to the lack of interest of the members in improving the team/server. Few months after that, I applied to for the win (-ftw-) because i enjoyed my experience in a Polish team since RB had a really nice atmosphere. I got succeed and had the pleasure to be in the same team as Lordekk (prolly one of the funniest persons in this game), but unfortunately i had a fight with one of it's members and left because i didnt want to create a bad atmosphere. I stayed clanless for almost 5 months and then I applied for Alien Racers (aR//). Sadly I was a child back then (had 13 y/o) and I couldnt accept the fact the team wouldnt let me play a cw after all the hard train I had, so I left the team because of a "rage moment" and I always regret leaving it because it was a team with friendly and funny people. After that I started playing on Very Important Player (VIP) server and after some months I decided to make a Join Request, but when i was about to do it the clan died. 2 months after Diesulke reopened it and due to the fact i really wanted to be a part of that team even before it gets closed I didn't mind that it was a "fake" VIP and decided to apply for it. I got succeed and stayed there for almost an year and unluckily the team closed. It was June 2013 when I first applied for The Favoured Few (/TfF\). I got the declined the first time but didn't give up, so it was in September 2013 when I made my second Join Request and got accepted in December 2013. After an year being a part of TfF I got kicked due to being inactive. I stayed clanless until the beginning of 2015 when i got invited to join sKilled (-sK-) which was a team of brazilian players only, it got closed because we couldn't afford the money to keep paying our host. After that i decided to take a break with MTA in June 2015 and came back to it in January 2017 with an invitation to rejoin TfF. I stayed there till July 2017 and left due to the lack of motivation from most of the members. Then I applied for Sixth Sense (|6s) 2 weeks after leaving TfF and got accept on 09th of August. Stayed there for 10 months and left due to personal reasons. After that i got invited to join Exentric (Ex.) which was a team meant to be for friends only, sadly it got closed due to some internal problems. Joined Seventh Miracle by July of 2018 and I wore their tag for almost 8 months. After that i joined Unlimited Power (UP), stayed there for a month and 2 weeks.


- Have you been in any clans?: 


RedBull (-RB-) - Left

for the win (-ftw-) - Left

Alien Racers (aR//) - Left

Very Important Players (>VIP<) - Closed

The Favoured Few (/TfF\) - Left

sKilled (-sK-) - Closed

Sixth Sense (|6s) - Left

Exentric (Ex.) – Closed

Seventh Miracle (7m) - Left

Unlimited Power (UP) - Left


- Why do you want to join XpR?:


 I want to join XpR because it's one of the strongest teams in MTA, because it seems to have a really good atmosphere inside the team and because i've friends on the team.

- How can you help our community?:


 I can mostly be useful on DM clanwars since I'm a bit experienced on it, but i can also help with WFF and with stuff that need organization since i've helped on organizing few tournaments back in the past.

- How can we contact you?:


Skype: vtr100.show or Discord: Cykz#0316


- Additional information:


If you want to clarify anything about the reasons i left from my previous team we can discuss about it privately.

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