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News! #18 - Through the gradient

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Good evening gents!
It's been a while since the last topic, wasn't it. We're truly sorry about that, but posting is quite difficult when you don't have the functioning forum. Hopefully, we can make up for that with the amount of good news we're bringing you tonight. 

We're kicking things off with what we'd like to call our biggest achievement of this year - winning "Lucky Seven" tournament. Three seasons in a row we've been left with the disappointment of the 2nd place holders but it's finally over. We pulled off insane plays leading ourselves to a flawless season win without a single game lost. Arguably one of the best clan performance in the history of L7.


We'd like to thank organizers, all of our supporters, streamers and especially, the WFF team for breaking the 2nd place curse and leaving the mark in L7 history. To sum this all up, we'd like to announce that we're not done just yet and we are still determined and ready to give our best. On top of that, we're not planning to implement any changes to the victorious squad. Therefore you can expect us to give you a good show in the upcoming season.


However, it doesn't necessarily means that we've abandoned the idea of bringing fresh blood aboard. We'd like to present the new members of the family:
1. @WazeR
2. @nX_
3. @Cykz

And greet back the old faces who decided to reunion once more:
1. @Lu1s
2. @Flexxy

3. @TemptatioN

Congratulations! Hope to see you serving your duty well and not let us down ❤️

So happy to say that our 5 trials have passed their period successfully! They are:
1. @Gteatero
2. @KenZo
3. @NeiT
5. @WinD



I don't have much more to add here, just to thank our developers for bringing our forum back to life, especially @Despik for working practically alone on most features, and @SoloRed for creating our Clan Roster, Clan Wars and more. Also thank each of you who visits our forum daily. There is a lot to work on!
t forget that you can report any bug you have experienced here.



As some of you may have noticed already, we brought our old server back due to the demand for spending time together after Vultaic closure. Of course in consequences of the sudden revive, it lost some of it's properly working functions. That's where your role begins - We would like to ask you to report any kind of issues you're experiencing on the server here. Also, we highly encourage you to submit here any suggestions of what should we develop to make it better.

Visit us! Server IP: mtasa:// or simply click on the button below to join immediately!



Winning the L7 was a great achievement and a relief for us. Because the beginning of this year was something difficult for our clan since we didn't have a server and a forum that is the most important base. We are surprised by the faithfulness of the majority of our members, and today we will not let them fall down and we will work with dedication to improve and offer fresh things to this community.
We expect that for News #19 we will provide you with more updates about our forum and server.

A huge thank you to my partner @RoNNiE# for helping a lot in Writing ❤️

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day everyone!

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Can't wait to see XpR in next L7 season!

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Congratulations to the new trials!

Sad that my buddy @Rhae didn't make it this time :c

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41 minutes ago, RoNNiE# said:

Once more with @Cykz in the same team..


Congratz to the new trials. Really nicely written news! 🤭

Uff, 3:01 on Ukrainian style inc.

Also thanks for this opportunity and gz to the other guys. 😄

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Taban de la volver a XpR, faltó qué pasará mi trial con mención de mejor Streamer... Pero te la perdono. Gratz to the new slaves

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      Greetings to you our dear members! 
      These three months since the last News topic was posted passed already so quick like the lightning. Nothing stands still so we are here today to prove that Xtreme Pro Racers clan is also developing and ready to demonstrate you for new updates and changes including our new recruits and much more!
      Intrigued? Therefore let's skip the prelude and jump to the alterations themselves:

      As you guys can appreciate, we have launched our new theme XpR 2.2.0, theme that has been made by our current Web Developers @Rul3zZ and @Furious, a self made design that includes many new features that I will list below:
      The page for Former Members has been updated.
      A new and clean navigation bar.
      Reactions for each post and comment.
      Top funniest video of the week (visible on Forum)
      New functions on our Shoutbox: Xtreme pro Racers Bot and Announcement for new posts and replies.

      Upcoming updates:
      A clean and completely new page for our clan wars. Guide. A special mapuploader.  

      New recruits!
      We always appreciate the dedication and loyalty shown by people. @XeraH and @KristiaN are players that have been trying hard to join XpR which despite not being accepted in our team multiple times, they continued to try, so we ended up valuing much their act of loyalty. Welcome, you both deserve this opportunity!
        The player who has been considered as one of the most active on our server was @Xerath, undoubtedly a deserved opportunity. Welcome boy! @R1KUZ is a player who has been very active on our server and has shown that he has enough skills that could be very useful in our future clan wars!
        Welcome @CascaDe! A skilled player who would never look bad on any team.
        XpR has been looking for a good designer for a long, long time. We are too proud to announce our new member @SuhaibZ, a designer who has been helping us these last months, which has not stopped surprising us with his fantastic designs and will certainly be very useful in our team from now on. Welcome!
        @PheniaN - An active player who undoubtedly caught our attention for his dedication and of course with his skills as well, welcome!
        @+TimeZ! and @RockZ! are two players who have attracted attention because of their abilities within the game, their ways of being active and skillful led us to the conclusion of accepting them to our team!  
      Have passed their trial period:
      @AudiMTA01 @PowerRulez @ChRiS#^ @RACER @Rul3zZ Kicked members:
      @XptO (rank: Clan Member) @SOUNDBEATS(rank: Trial)  
      Left the squad:
      @^WuW (rank: Clan Member)  

      We finally got Skins for our garage! (more skins are coming) (Thanks to @ALw7sH, our current scripter, that in spite of being inactive, always tries to bring us new updates)
      Our server is growing more and more, and we highly value the fact that more than 20 people visit us per day, so we are willing to do whatever is necessary to make our people stay on our server, so I will insert the following link that consists in new ideas for our server, feel free to comment anything you have in mind! (we would appreciate it) Link:
      Don't forget to visit our server! Server IP: mtasa://xpr-gaming.com:22003 or just click the below button to join immediately! Click here to join  
      That's all fellas, see you next time! 
      All designs seen in this post were made by SuhaibZ.
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      It is really surprising to stop and look back, to realize how many years have passed and how much things have changed, thankfully positively for our team. I want to start this post, particularly wishing everyone a very happy and successful 2018 ahead, may the New Year give you the strength to face the challenges of life, with new aim, new dreams and new achievements!
      This announcement is important, because undoubtedly 2017 was one of the best years we have had; It's never too late, we decided to structure our squad completely, freeing ourselves from small things that were also messes, that all they did was to stain our equipment gradually.
      Without further preface, let's start!

      Little by little new things are being included, which are being managed by our Developers, who have done an impeccable job. Unfortunately, there was 1 month that was catastrophic for them; the forum had to be closed forcefully and this set back the work, so now I will give you a list of what is to come:
      Global Ranking System A new profile layout A complete new forum design layout Server monitoring Achievements  

      The server was one of the topics most discussed by us.
      To summarize that, I'll just say that a totally new design for our server is coming. This means that we will re-design the following: 
      Login Panel User Panel Notifications Toptimes Race Interface Podium We always liked to release our projects without giving "spoilers" with sceenshots to people days before. So I can only give you, for this time, a blurred picture of one of the designs:


      Before announcing the fundamental changes that our internal team has suffered, I would like to say that what stands out most in XpR is the loyalty that each one of us has with the other. All the members that are accepted in this clan from today onwards have to feel grateful, because today more than ever we are using our "eye of eagle" to try not to make mistakes, that the only thing they would do is to reverse our project.
      @Rul3zZ is now Head of Community, thanks for your dedication, you deserved it. Congratulations!
      @RACER is now Forum Manager.
      @CHRS is now Server Manager.
      @Anwix is now WFF Manager.
      @Mixhet is now WFF & DM Manager.
        New members
      this time, @Nissan, @HawK# and @Rexon were the only 3 fortunate ones to join our family, congratulations to each one of you!  For those who could not join, we are really sorry. But this time, you will not have to wait until News #18 to check if you were accepted or not, because from now on we will be accepting members when we think it is necessary.
      Have passed their trial perdiod:
      Kicked members:

      That is all for today, fellas. We really can not wait for our ideas to be officially launched, we hope you are as excited as we are! Thank you all for staying with us throughout the good and bad moments, we will always try to offer you the best for you, because thanks to you we are where we are today.
      Have a wonderful day, peace!
    • By Maci
      Maci's Join Request
      - What's your nickname(s), age and location?:
      My Nickname is: Maci^, I'm 19 years old and currently live in Hungary.
      - Your history in-game: 
      I'm playing this game since 2012. It all started when i was a little kid, and my brother told me, " Hey bro there is a game called MTA is so good, You should try it! And then it all started, i first played at DD servers until 2014 when i found this awesome gamemode called: DM/Deathmatch.  I tried a lot of servers, and now i play at this awesome server called: XpR aka. Xtreme Pro Racers. Now i play here, and i got a lot of friends, it's a big family with good peep's. I'm mapping a lot if i have free time, i can play 6-8 hours in a day, at weekend i can play 10-12 hours too.
      - Have you been in any clans?
      Gladiators of Darkness // [GoD] Senior Member / Left (bad community)
      I wasn't really in a lot of clans
      Why do you want to join XpR?:
      As far as i think, it's a really strong clan, with friendly people, i've met so many good people, and i know there is a lot of good people in this  awesome clan, it's like a family and i feel like at the moment, i want to be a part of a family. XpR seems like a really friendly clan in my opinion.
      - How can you help our community?:
      I'm really experienced at mapping, and i can test maps if its required.
      - How can we contact you?
    • By Nitrix
      Nitri says bye-bye :)

      Hey everybody!
      I thought I'll stay as inactive but then I released that I will not be playing as frequent as I had been. It was the main reason for my choice. There's no way back anymore.
      The text here is something like introduction and farewell together. Here I'll be trying to explain how the things in my brains had been working all the time and why I decided to leave completely.
      MTA was something more than just a game for me. It's a special part of my life.
      It has totally changed my life. To the brighter side.
      In far 2012 my IRL-friend recommended this multiplayer for GTA:SA to me. We had been playing together. Then he left the game and gaming in overall. At that time he had been already studying in college so he had no time for games.
      I was alone since then. No English knowledge, no desires. Just a curious person who was interested in intense gaming life. After school, I've always come home and had been playing for like 10 hours per every day. I could miss lunches, suppers just to keep playing MTA maps. I was just crazily nolifing. Obviously, it has affected my health later.
      But such harmful life has given some good results in the game for such nerd like I was. I had been playing MTA all the time. A day without MTA for me was like a day without cigarettes for a smoking person. Once, my friend told that CW is going to start in 5 minutes (I've only come home by that time) and I've even eaten my lunch within 2-3 minutes although there was a lot of food to eat.

      I could only join Russian clans at that time because my English was not good enough to understand any words. And I decided to start learning English. Yes, because of MTA. I couldn't even suppose that it could help so much in future. Even this reason is enough to say that all the period of time I've spent in MTA wasn't just a waste of time.
      I left the game in 2013. I wasn't satisfied with myself and was always stressful because of the game xD.
      I had been taking the game not as for fun but as for something serious. This mindset had been with me for a long time.
      I was always an impatient, anxious person, very emotional. Probably it's because the life I have. It's so tough and nervous that it's even hard believable.

      After I left, I had been nolifing Dota 2 (more than 1300h+ during the year...was I even visiting the school?...). But I totally regret I've met Dota 2 on my way. These 1300 hours are just waste of time. I always remember this now as a bad experience and it still shows me that these 1300 of hours that may look not much I could use in something very useful.

      I'm back at the end of 2014, I could at least understand something in English. That year I released I had no any skills so I started to nolife as much as I did in 2012-2013. I changed a few clans there but it's not that important. Soon I found a clan I wanted to join for a long time ー XpR. Joining the clan with not my native language as main was a real problem for me. I was really worrying, I was sweat and wet. I said myself that time: I can't stop, I must join the clan I was dreaming for a lot of time.
      I was very active, sociable. As a result, I got accepted in XpR. I was very happy. You know what euphoria feels like? At that time the game was everything for me. The feeling of victory was too damn tasty. I was very happy. It was probably the best moment in my entire life.
      The time I've spent in XpR was fabulous. When I think of MTA I mostly think of XpR. Not lying, asslicking, the truest-truth. 
      The time I've spent with every one of you, XpR, was absolutely pricelessly. I remember all our private conversations with you guys as it was yesterday, thanks to my memory. Starting from CP-conversations with Yuuta (I hope it ain't a secret xD) to Mixhet raging why he can't pass SymoN v9, when I told him: OK, ain't a problem. Let's go train. And we trained (It took him a lot to pass it but he did, now he can pass when he wants, maybe). Don't take it too close to heart, Mixhet xD.

      You can ask me why the #!@k did you write so much stuff about yourself? Who the hell cares? Well, nobody, probably. It was only to let the reader know what was the game for me and how serious I was towards it. Leaving the community with just two words bye-bye would be very impolite and disrespectful towards all the people who know you. 
      Later, after I started my inactivity period, I found myself in drawing, studying, learning, sports and much more. The things I hated before. How funny. I started playing games only for fun, and competitive ones stopped being interesting for me.
      The tomorrow day will happen not in years, it will happen tomorrow. That's why nowadays I spend much time studying the shit and preparing for 'tomorrow' exams because I want to get accepted in the Moscow State University which is 3000kms away from my home. It requires insane hard working. And I'm ready for it. I can give myself to it. I mean that my goal is something really above such a retard like me...and to reach this goal, make the dream come try I should hard work like no-one else. 
      Thank you really if you've read it all till this. I didn't edit the text anyhow so it may have the missing logical consequences and simple grammar mistakes. I hope you can close your eyes on this
      2018 is already going, I didn't want to leave during the celebrations to keep the atmosphere cheerful. But now I think it's the time I need to make a move.
      If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'll answer all of them.
      Thank you MTA, thank you XpR!
      Sometimes when I have time I'll be visiting you to see how the clan is living :).
      Thank you one more time for being with me guys and making such warm memories.
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