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Marque's join request

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- What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Marque, 22 years old, from Spain.

- Your history in-game: Well, briefly, I'm playing this game since 2011, I started playing on freeroam and stealth servers and then, I discovered DM, I liked it and I'm playing it for 5+ years already, if I remember correctly. Recently (1 month ago) I left FFS and also, with thoughts of leaving the game but, well, I felt like I wanted to give it another try. In my mind, I wanted to re-join XpR and that's why I'm here posting this application.

- Have you been in any clans?: Yes, I have been in:

  • Xs// (2013, reason: closed)
  • |ERU|* (2013, reason: closed)
  • >FfW< (2013, reason: closed)
  • |-Cs-| (2013, reason: closed)
  • SHC// (2014-2015, reason: left)
  • eP! (2015, reason: left)
  • |-XpR-| (2015, reason: left)
  • SHC// (2016-2017, reason: left)
  • eP! reopened (2017, reason: left)
  • TC| (2017-2018, reason: left)
  • -ffs- (2018-2019, reason: left)

- Why do you want to join XpR?: I was in XpR back in 2015 and I had a very good time with the people in this team, so I thought about "coming back". I remember this clanwar as it was played yesterday...

I had so much fun and I really want to relive these moments again, even tho the game has changed a lot and so the people has. Also this community is loyal to this team and knows what it's capable of. It's a strong team that has one of the best squads out there and it's known for accomplishing big wins in its history.

- How can you help our community?: Mainly in DM/hunter clanwars, I've been playing this gamemode since years and I'd like to contribute the team by playing in any event. There are other things that I can contribute to the team like help in the CW managing, being active in forums and so on. I can also play WFF but that's not that much of my style so I'm stick to DM/hunter.

I can adapt to anything I could be asked for, there is no problem for me in getting into new adventures.

- How can we contact you?: Skype: josemarque97

- Additional information: I speak Spanish (obviously) and English, and I get along with the people quickly. In my free time, I'm hanging out with friends, with my girlfriend, playing games and currently I'm looking for a job as I finished studies this past June.

Thanks for reading my application.😄

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