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News! #19 - Ending the decade

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Good evening everyone!

Half year, that's how much time passed since the last news but oh man, what a time has it been. We're ending the decade with a possibly the best year in XpR in its history, in terms of events and competitive games. Starting off with our performance in Lucky Seven WFF event. Yet another flawless season with no loss from our side (8-0), that will be two in a row so far. This time we broke so many records that I don't know where to begin with. I'll kick this off with a record of points gathered in a single game (119-21) that remained unbeaten since the very first season. We finished all games with over 90 points, which gave us 807 points total in just 8 games. That gives an unbelievable average of more than 100 per game. But let's not forget about our individual, @Naval, who scored the astonishing number of 234 points during the season, which is nearly 30 per game - a beast of a man.

WFF is not all we have up our sleeve though, our DM team also pulled out insane performance this season, in Lucky Seven DM tournament we have started off strong and continued to dominate throughout the whole season. Our worst result was a victory over 7m with a score of 9-4 , rest of the matches were 10-3 or better. It is really nice to see these scores as it probably is the new record of total points throughout the whole season, we weren't very lucky last season as only 1 point (in cw) cost us the trophy of L7 DM Season 2. So this time we managed to bring out our potential and grasp the victories. nTL's performance was very surprising, having 0 defeats in the first several matches, it was the favorite team for some people and the squad was very scary. We had to face them at the end, it was a clash between 2 undefeated teams in the season, yet what happened was completely different from what we thought, the score was 11-2 for XpR at the end, though we can say that nTL gave us the "toughest" time. So with all being said, we have won this season with 0 defeats and our total outcome of all points (13 rounds clanwars) is: 84-20, an amazing achievement.

Considering all the above, let's not forget to thank each of our team that took the time of their day in order to help the clan!



You have all noticed that our forum has not undergone noticeable changes since our last News, but still, it is important to mention some small changes/updates:

  • Former members has been completely updated. However, who knows if we have forgotten someone 😑 so send us a message if you think someone is missing.
  • Background image has been updated.
  • Sliders have been updated.
  • We have decided to close the join requests section. There is no specific opening date.



We have decided to close our main server temporarily while we work on a great new update for it. As noted, there is no release date, but we promise you that we will be working hard for it to offer you the best quality and experience possible. Thanks for playing! We appreciate it very much.



Dissociation of members

It may have been the year in which more changes have existed within our community - numerous members left, as we have also decided to get rid of some members in which we assure that they would not contribute to our progress as a clan for the future.
We will mention each member who stopped being part of our team, which were not announced in our Team Updates. They are:


You can check who was kicked and who decided to leave on our Former Members page.


@RoNNiE# is now Head of Community (Administrator).
@CresPro has passed his Trial period and he is now Full Member.
@Krlos has passed his Trial period and he is now Full Member.
@Marque has passed his Trial period and he is now Full Member.

Incorporation of new members to the family

In our entire career we have learned a lot. Today more than ever we believe in our progress as a clan, and for this, we need the precise members in which we believe they can provide us with a remarkable help and give us a hand for whatever we plan, without fear of disappointment. Keeping in mind our current state of strength in the events, the focus goes to utility and loyalty rather than skills this time. Let's congratulate @Miha, @Irons, @Rampage for becoming a part of the family. To all who didn't make it this time: We're planning on opening Join Requests soon and do another small recruitment before the next news. Your dedication will not go to waste. 



To prosper the activity, we must communicate with each other and share every detail with you.

  • Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We will be uploading some videos very soon and also make sure to watch us live in upcoming events!
  • Join our Discord channel. Do not miss our announcements, share your ideas, encourage feedback and much more!



We have never made a Conclusion before, but we believe that this time it is necessary to give you a few words. As mentioned, this year was immense and perhaps the best for XpR in everything related to the competitive; the victory in the L7 WFF and L7 DM tournament, 3 members of XpR reaching WFF finals and first place taken from one of our members, also 3 of our members reaching the finals in WFF OS. But in the end, we realized that we forgot other important things too, such as the union between the members, our main server and a couple of more important things. That is why we have learned a lot from it and we will try to give our members and you what is fair to enjoy in this game. We have a perfect team for this, with developers and people motivated to help, so we will not wait any longer! There is an incredible year, perhaps a decade too, that is waiting for us!

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hi im not wind, definitely.

basically i not want wind leader, definitely.

im from rhae mom house but not lie, definitely.


Edited by yani
cus I can like my own comment :P
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Congratulations to the new trials @Miha @Irons and @Rampage
Also congrats to @RoNNiE# for your new position, I'm pretty sure u'll do fine. 
Happy holidays already to everyone, and for the people that didn't make it this time, don't lose faith. Dedication and loyalty pays off.

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Remarkable year, great job guys! Gratz to everyone for the promotions and to my new fellow trials :3  Lets hope next year is going to be even better! 

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Congratulations new trials. Unfortunate that my nigga Canky didn't join.


P.s @WinD for leader imo

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Congratulations boys and good luck in the future.


Gz wind for becoming a leader of this team 🙂

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Incredible performance from XpR side throughout whole year, It's just amazing what all have you achieved.

Congrats to RoNNiE for your new role and also congrats to my fellow trials.


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Congratulations to XpR for achieving almost everything (if not everything), it's been a hell of a year for us and I'm lucky that I've been part of it. I hope we continue with our success for a much longer time.

I'd like to congratulate my teammates for passing our trial period and congratulate Ronnie aswell, for becoming one of the heads of XpR. Also, big congratulations to the new trials! Expecting to have a great time together.

Happy christmas everyone! 🎄

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Congratulations XpR, picking RoNNiE for this role is a great decision. Also, @Rampage shtz 

Great team you got there Naval, props to you for keeping it as good as it always should have been. Take care ✌️

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    • By Thenico
    • By |-XpR-|Naval
      Good evening gents!
      It's been a while since the last topic, wasn't it. We're truly sorry about that, but posting is quite difficult when you don't have the functioning forum. Hopefully, we can make up for that with the amount of good news we're bringing you tonight. 
      We're kicking things off with what we'd like to call our biggest achievement of this year - winning "Lucky Seven" tournament. Three seasons in a row we've been left with the disappointment of the 2nd place holders but it's finally over. We pulled off insane plays leading ourselves to a flawless season win without a single game lost. Arguably one of the best clan performance in the history of L7.

      We'd like to thank organizers, all of our supporters, streamers and especially, the WFF team for breaking the 2nd place curse and leaving the mark in L7 history. To sum this all up, we'd like to announce that we're not done just yet and we are still determined and ready to give our best. On top of that, we're not planning to implement any changes to the victorious squad. Therefore you can expect us to give you a good show in the upcoming season.

      However, it doesn't necessarily means that we've abandoned the idea of bringing fresh blood aboard. We'd like to present the new members of the family:
      1. @WazeR
      2. @nX_
      3. @Cykz
      And greet back the old faces who decided to reunion once more:
      1. @Lu1s
      2. @Flexxy
      3. @TemptatioN
      Congratulations! Hope to see you serving your duty well and not let us down ❤️
      So happy to say that our 5 trials have passed their period successfully! They are:
      1. @Gteatero
      2. @KenZo
      3. @NeiT
      4. @Pure501
      5. @WinD

      I don't have much more to add here, just to thank our developers for bringing our forum back to life, especially @Despik for working practically alone on most features, and @SoloRed for creating our Clan Roster, Clan Wars and more. Also thank each of you who visits our forum daily. There is a lot to work on!
      Don't forget that you can report any bug you have experienced here.

      As some of you may have noticed already, we brought our old server back due to the demand for spending time together after Vultaic closure. Of course in consequences of the sudden revive, it lost some of it's properly working functions. That's where your role begins - We would like to ask you to report any kind of issues you're experiencing on the server here. Also, we highly encourage you to submit here any suggestions of what should we develop to make it better.
      Visit us! Server IP: mtasa:// or simply click on the button below to join immediately!
      Click me  

      Winning the L7 was a great achievement and a relief for us. Because the beginning of this year was something difficult for our clan since we didn't have a server and a forum that is the most important base. We are surprised by the faithfulness of the majority of our members, and today we will not let them fall down and we will work with dedication to improve and offer fresh things to this community.
      We expect that for News #19 we will provide you with more updates about our forum and server.
      A huge thank you to my partner @RoNNiE# for helping a lot in Writing ❤️
      Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day everyone!
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