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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Known as RedBull, LamzoR and now, Irons. I'm 23 years old and I'm coming from Osijek, Croatia. - Your history in-game: I started playing this game back in 2010 on the race server called Mr.Green. Then in, I think 2012, I switched to DM. My first DM clan was TS, can't remember how I got there, that part is kinda blurry for me. Later on I started playing on the server called VIP. Had lots of fun there, joined the clan, been there for some time but then things started to go really bad, long story short, clan fell apart. After that, my next destination was TfF. Server was nice, players and staff as well, I liked it a lot. That's why I decided to test my chance of joining them. Been in that clan for 3 years or so, it was great, but things after some time changed and I decided to go. That was probably the hardest decision I made in my MTA career. After that I decided to take a break. Then, after some time I joined FOTL, been there for couple of months and then I left, it just wasn't my thing. Back then it was kinda hard for me to find a place to stay, the "main server", after TfF. So I decided to start playing on ffs more regularly. Made a Junior application which got accepted, and later on JR as well. I really enjoyed my time there. Had a lot of fun with my teammates. After about a year, a bit more, I left cuz I had some personal problems, had no time to play. To be honest at that time I thought I'll stop playing MTA for good. I was inactive for some time and I came back because, this game is just too addictive... And here I am, still playing this game and testing my chances. - Have you been in any clans?: =FoX= - left ~TS~ - left >VIP< - left /TfF\ - left [FOTL] - left -ffs- - left/retired - Why do you want to join XpR?: I want to join XpR because I think this is the place where I can have fun, relax, spend some quality time in a nice atmosphere surrounded by good fellas. After some time of being clanless, desire of joining somewhere came back to me and I see no better place than XpR. After all, I already got some friends in here. - How can you help our community?: I can help in clanwars, I'm pretty good in DM, WFF as well. - How can we contact you?: Skype: misel.zukic Discord: LamzoR#3716
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    New Trial He could give us a helping hand in future clanwars especially in OS area and his long term reside in his past clan shows us he is loyal - @Kamen
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My real name is Igor, in the game known as Tsukyom!, I'm 23 years old (I'm 24 next month :D), I live in Brazil - Belo Horizonte. - Your history in-game: Important is to add "how long I've been playing." My MTA journey started in mid-2013, playing on a Brazilian server called Terra which was the best time for me when everything was new so far, but as I had a bad pc I was more frustrated that I couldn't finish a map than I was, is having fun haha ;-; , but in 2014 I upgraded my pc and that's where everything started to change, where I improved my overall gamer skills and consequently joined some clans. 2015 I consider it to be my peak in the game where I was horny XD wanting to be good at the game but for some reason since then I started losing interest in playing the game and the tense of wanting to be good. So in 2015/2016 I stopped playing and since then I was no longer a shaky player in both skill and play. In 2017/18 I was part of the FoXX family where it was something remarkable for me and it was a good time, and in 2019 I was stopped for a while and came back in June is now I'm looking for new challenges and who knows not to be the XpR ?? - Have you been in any clans? Thug// - member - closed (2013) /AiR\ - member - closed (2013/2014) EAP/BG - member - left (2014) SwC~ - member - left (2015) Uns/UP - member - left (2016) [FoXX] - member - left (2017/2018) - Why do you want to join XpR?: I have always admired the clan and it is a well respected clan with good image in the Deathmatch community and I intend to help maintain that good image. - How can you help our community? I am a kind of person who likes to is always learning something new, so who knows in the future can not help the clan beyond gameplay? It is also if help is needed in cw or tournaments. I'm very friendly too and I like to make a difference somehow. - How can we contact you? Discord: Tsukyomi #5519 Skype: Tsukyomi - Additional information: As I have few friends / acquaintances (so far) in XpR, I think it would be nice to talk a little about me. I am a very quiet guy and I like to have fun, but also serious when the moment asks to be. In my free time I try to practice some sport, read a book, watch series, animes, hang out with my cousins and etc...
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My real name is Jacob, I am 17 years old and live in Cracow (Poland) I love play fotball and meeting with friends and gf I am someone who really cares and thinks about others, and if someone needs help I am ready to help him in every way can.My dream is to learn as many languages as possible, because they can give you many opportunities. During my whole life, *visited many countries and I hope I can visit many more in the future! Your history in-game: My GTA History started in 2011 , where I*started with Pylife and Drift servers,*it wasn't my favorite, but even though i didnt like it, i still stayed and played, because of my friends.*One day, my friends showed me DM*, i liked it and that's why I started to search for good DM servers. I*started to play on |PPS|*(Polish Pro Server)*where i mostly played DM, and at the same time looked for a DM clan to join.* When i found**Fc|*(Fapping Club), then i played*there for about two*years, some time after that Fc*closed and i moved to less-known clans, such as*[SMD]*(Suck My Dick). I mostly trained there*where i got to know older*map's. Some time after that i decided to moved too |-mDs-| (Most Darking Skills), because my friend recommended it sometime*before the server closed. Some time after that i*got accepted to*[PMC]*(Poli$h Mon$ter Clan), and started play in their server. Fast forward a few years and*I found TfFs server where i play until today.*That is also where i created my first own clan *uG| (Ultimate Gaming). We were a pretty good team but i had to close the*clan because of private reasons. Little bit after that and i found a new clan*|iO* -*Illuminait Order, and when i joined to clan i became a Leader & a Recruiter.*Sometime after that, the clan closed and i went on to search for yet another clan. I*found*'AP! (Atroctious Players)*and this clan really looked good , but unfortunately broke up once again. Sometime after that i got invited to join*DG (Divinity Gamers). It was a bad idea and i left 3 days later reasons because of bad leadership and bad behaving players. My friend (Soundwave) want to create new clan,*called NsA (National Skilled Area)* where i recived a Co-leader status, but unfortunately did not succeed Jil then decided to create a new clan*called mP (Master Players)*i wrote my first request, and i got accepted.*Four months later i recieved the status of CW Manager but unfortunately broke up, DLF tells me try chance to join Seventh Miracle (7m), when i got accepted i was very happy, here i met many friends for another country*I found out what real emotions means in clan wars, 2 months ago* through unnecessary hangers i decided too leave and try too join Zenosyne (best clan in my mta carrer) Breaker gives me chance to show my skills in cw matches, i think i will be good too get some points and carry team with my best team mates*(Skreepy, Trend) month ago Breaker gives me big role in clan "Designer" made a lot of design for Zenosyne. Some months ago i try to join my big mta dream was join The Crew TC I waiting Half a year but i got chance to join The Crew, but Unfortunately i decided to leave this clan becuse very inactive players and leadership. Have you been in any clans?: 7m - Seventh Miracle - Member - Left some arguments Z - Zenosyne - Designer - Closed TC - The Crew - Member - Left iW - Iron Will - Trial - Left (have break) Why do you want to join XpR?: I'm ready to do anything for this clan. i'm an active in game I want join because i can help for clan wars it's a very futured-oriented clan for me. In my opinion, This clan has very good leaders and delightfull members. I like members and i can help with graphic design How can you help our community? I would say my DM aspect is the best. Im a decent hunter player that could strenghten the DM squad. Im also very active which would mean that i would take care of the server whenever the arent any admins online. i now learn WFF , I know a lot of cuts In the future, I plan to be a DM / WFF player How can we contact you? Discord / Skype Whatsapp Additional information: I am a beginner graphic designer. I am not the best but i could definitely help developer(s) if they would need me. Since im active a lot, i could help them whenever they would just need me! I can train a lot of time too Clan war (DM or WFF) when they really needs me
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello, my name is Justin Riebeek I'm 17 years old and live in The Netherlands, Den Haag. My nickname is Zenya. In my free time i play videogames, hangout with my friends and sometimes doing school stuff. - Your history in-game: Well i think i started to play mta since 2015 and my first server was a Role Play server it was really nice for me because it was a new game for me and there were a lot of people to play and talk with, after a long time i decided to leave this server and this gamemode, i started to play the DM gamemode. After a long time searching for a nice playable server i found 3R, it was a nice server a lot of players and some nice people. I was trying to make some friends to play with everyday but, it was really hard for me because i was not very good at DM but i was trying my best. After some time someone was trying to help me, I cant remember his name but he was really helpful and nice, After some time I became better in DM i also made my first toptimes and it was much more fun to play. After some weeks when i was a little bit better in DM i also tried to play Hunter, to be honest it was really hard for me because i really didnt know how it actually worked well after some time it became better but i'm still trying to get better in hunter. When i played there for a long time i found a new server DDC. It was really nice i was trying to play on more servers so maybe people started to recognize me. After a long time playing there, i decided to play on more servers like: TG and TfF, it was really enjoyable because i saw some new people and new clans. After like 1 year of just playing in servers i decided to search for a clan. After some weeks i found a clan that i liked. The clan tag was UAP it did not had a Server but they had a Forum, I wrote a Join Request and was Accepted the second time. It was really nice to be in a clan and play with my mates and i also played my first clanwar, i was a little bit nervous because i thought it went wrong, but it was going fine i cant remember how many we won and we lost. After for being a long time in the clan the leader decided to change me to a Manager in the clan, it was a big step for me because it was my first time that i really had a job in a clan. I think i was in the clan for 6 months but after those 6 months the leader decided to close the clan. Well after a long time i have been away from mta for about 1 year because of my school i wanted to focus more on that. When i came back i was searching for some new servers but i went back to 3R. After a long time playing again i'm now more active in FFS and TFF. - Have you been in any clans?: I've only been in 1 official clan: - UAP, Manager - 6 Months , Closed. ( Cant remember the clan name ) - Why do you want to join XpR?: Well since i'm playing a lot of MTA i often see XpR members playing, I like to play with some experienced people and also active people. They are also very friendly and helpful to other people and i want to be a part of a clan like that. - How can you help our community?: I'm always able to help in clanwars especially DM also WFF but i'm not really good at it but i can always give it a try and events. And i'm experienced in organizing stuff. In real life i'm trying to be a Web Designer so maybe i can also help if necessary. I'm always open to help people in anything. - How can we contact you?: I'm only using; Discord: Zenya#3340 - Additional Information: If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thanks for reading my Join Request.
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello guys, my name is Paul and I am 20 years old. I currently live in a town called Essen, Germany where I study business computer science at a renowned university of economics in the fifth semester. A new life chapter began for me when i finished my school and moved over to the city i am studying now. My hobbies are definitely going out at night, having some fun. In addition i played ice hockey for a long time. My team was not very sucessful but at least i could call me a captain. Your history in-game: I have started playing MTA in 2012 on a server called Team-NeO. It was definitely a great time. Team-NeO was a wide spread DM/DD/RACE and CnR server with many active players per day. I played like 2 years as an active player on it. I became slowly better and as a result of that my join request got accepted. Sadly the server closed and I forcedly moved to FFS Gaming. At this time I was impressed of the multi gamemode script but I got more and more the feeling that the time stucked. I could not really see a development on the server, contrasting happened. FFS Gaming did mistakes and lost many players, sadly new servers overtook them. Anyways the server inspired me. I learned mapping, scripting and least but not last racing. I moved on and found DDC. I would like to keep this short, you all know what happened with FOTL and the story behind it. As the next importand milestone I'll mention this team. I am pretty happy that my mta buddy Skidrow showed me this team because i met alot of new friends here. I had a lot of fun here while playing the first wff matches with Nitrezi and Mixhet. I left because i tried to reopen What The Fuck with some realife friends but it was clear to see that we hadn't enough time to lead a whole clan. Next stop in my in-game history was Kubas and Daniels clan named Unstoppable Fighters Force which they sadly had to close cause their lack of time. These days I am playing most on FFS and Vultaic. Have you been in any clans? Team-NeO (NeO_) - closed What The Fuck (WTF//) - closed Firestartes Of The Land ([FOTL]) - closed Xtreme Pro Racers (|-XpR-|) - left What The Fuck (WTF//) - closed Unstoppable Fighters Force (Uff.) - closed Why do you want to join XpR? / How can you help our community? After a long time playing this game I would like to comeback to an old stable community and i think XpR could be the right one for me. In this clan are some old friends of me but also many new players who joined after i left and who i don't know personally. I hope that this clan gives me some motivation to come back as an active mapper & player. Playing in a team makes defenetly more fun than playing alone and I hope that this team trusts me enough to give me a task to help this community. My most striking ability is loyalty. As you can see I've not been with many teams till now. I would never give up my team, I remain loyal untill it closes. As an example i will mention FOTL. I saw people quitting this team after Relax left but i stayed. We tried to bring this clan back but FOTL still did mistakes/decisions which i disagreed with and as a result we had to close this clan. XpR is the only team I ever left because i prefered playing with my reallife friends but you guys did read my leaving meassage. How can we contact you? skype : paul.naebers Additional information: I give my best to keep this game alive with my maps and I am "modo funny" as you guys called me :D I made this high quality trailer : http://teamxpr.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/1192-xpr-squad-trailer/
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    Hello everyone, I have been free for a long time so I just thought I'd make another MTA theme/skin, I hope you guys like it The theme has 2 versions which have 2 different backgrounds so whoever wants to install might pick their taste of colors! Below are some images Click the button beow to download ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to install? Copy the images folder inside the folder of your color choice (included in rar file) to C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\cgui Copy the Team XpR by SuhaibZ folder inside the rar file to C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\skins Open MTA and go to Settings > Interface and change Skin to Team XpR by SuhaibZ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let me know what do you think about it, Have a good day everyone!
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    sorry closed,personal reason
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    Oh my god YES ! Best of luck my good old friend
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    I've been waiting for this... Really glad to see your join request mate. Best of luck brate!
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    Man, Long time Lam-man, best of luck man... Man.
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    A really great person you'd rarely find who would just come and randomly speak to you just to entertain each other, good luck my friend.
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    https://ffs.gg/threads/94730-M-NiNjA-s-Join-Request DECLINED
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    Nickname's Join Request Xevadish About me: My name is Alekander, I am 18 years old. Originally from Poland, I live in the smal town called Racibórz . Interested in football, volleyball and computer games.I am a very positive person to meet new people and help them in difficult situations. My MTA career : I started the game 8-9 years ago, initially I played on RPG servers. After some time I found out about other types of gameplay. My good friend Kube, with whom I have known for years, showed me the Fc(Fapping Club) server where I learned the basics of DM. With time I found a PMC (Polish Monster Clan) where I met a lot of nice people from Poland. After mastering the basics I decided to write an application to -nFw-(NoFuckingWay) over time I got a chance from members to show what I can afford. It didn't last long, however, and Clan was closed. Half a year later I got an invitation to VIP (Very Important Players) Since xXEduxX.The reason for leaving was a problem withcontact with other members of the team.Then I was interested in clan mP( MasterPlayers) , I decided to join the team in order to acquire new skills that would allow me to get as close to perfection.At the end of 2017 I joined SHC (Small Hustlers Crew). at first it seemed that I found myself team in which I would feel like in a family , but I had problems with the Leaders and the whole team and I decided to leave.For a very long time I was looking for a team I was trying to find a team that would allow me to be myself and would not demand from me anything I can't. I was trying to find a team that would allow me to be myself and wouldn't demand anything I can't do. I decided to write for nTL ( Nothing to Lose ) the whole team was for me like a big family and I can safely say that it was the best clan I had ever been in. Clans I've been in before : -RB- RedBull -nFw- No Fucking Way >VIP< Very Important Players mP - Master Players SHC// Small Hustlers Crew |-nTL-| Nothing To Lose UP| Unlimited Power My reasons to join XpR : The reason to join is that I would like to develop with the best, and I think joining the team will allow me to practice my skills to perfection. I would also like to find a team in which I will feel like in a family and will be able to stay in it for a very long time. Why me and not others? : I stick to the rules, I can create a good atmosphere. I can pass most of the maps that I like, I am active on a daily basis for some 2-3 hours I can bring a good atmosphere to the clan. I also think i will be a good Moderator on the team forum. How can I contribute the most? : The biggest contribution I can give is to help in clan wars in dm/wff modes.
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hi! My name is Damian known in the game as Ticker. I'm 21. I live in Poland, more specifically near town called Poznań. My main hobby is geography. I play some games. Your history in-game: I started playing at the turn of 2009 and 2010. I wasn't aware of the game so I picked random server. Turned out that it was DM. The more I played the more I was into the game, I simply fell in love with it. Sadly I had to take a few-month break from the game and when I came back this server was gone. I found another one and that was russian server (called gta.ru). I spent there around 5 years. On this way of my history I was also playing on >FfW< server and I consider this as the best times of my MTA life. As you know, things come and go and both of this servers died/were closed. After all of this I came to Tff server and I met amazing people there that made me stay in this game. When Tff ended its life, I joined Vultaic community and I am in it to this day. During it all I took some breaks from the game. On the way I played also some other servers, like Ffs for example, but those server didn't make impact on me, didn't impress me and was playing there only several days. Have you been in any clans?: Of course, I've been to some clans. Below is the list of them. BpB - closed FfW - closed ReV - closed bR - left(inactive) HsK - closed Why do you want to join XpR?: The reasons, why I want to join, are; I want to help your team with clan wars, I have a lot of time these days and I can easily spend a lot of hours on training. I am more DM than HDM player. I can also help with modering the forum. Your team can make me being more recognizable in the MTA as Im going to release my maps very soon. I want to spread a positivity around the clan, and to make everyone happy. I wish I will create a good atmosphere and I want to keep up the good name of this team. How can you help our community? I mentioned a little of it above already. I can help moderating server and forum. I might drive in a wff and other clan wars. I am on the call whenever you need to test something or ask for a opinion, I am loyal and friendly as well. How can we contact you?: I am mostly online on discord: Radzym#0869 You can message me anytime you want. Additional information: I hope I made this join request very clear to read. Sorry If there are any grammar mistakes. Thank you so much for reading. Wish you a good day or night whenever you read this. Cheers!
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    Hey guys, I want to share all of my maps here. What does the pack contains ? *Volumes Arrow - v1 - Freezing Ability Arrow - v2 - Lost Highway Arrow - v3 - Lack of Ability Arrow - v4 - Close to Perfection Arrow - v5 - Decadence Arrow - v6 - Payback of Perfection *Features NikotiN ft. #TREMOR ft. Arrow ft. Tx! - Curtain Falls III Arrow ft. Gonzi ft. Hybris - Freezing Ability II Arrow ft. Chipy - Crash Report Arrow ft. HyperioN - Stairs of Impossible Ability Arrow ft. CzerkA - Euphoria Arrow ft. ShondeX ft. BrighT - Anxiety Arrow ft. SemiSun ft. Karnikki ft. Ceeser - Rough Occlusion (RMS-v1.11) SymoN ft. Arrow ft. DarkyZ ft. D4sjokeR - On The Edge (RMS-v1.13) *Projects Arrow - Compelling Ability Arrow - Compelling Ability II Arrow - For the love of Pastanistan Skills Arrow - GNARLY BASTARD *Download https://mega.nz/#F!3V1iBSbT!fRzrdHfrEXmgDnT8MF0hfg Thanks for creating a time to read my Post. Best Regards - Arrow.
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    Hey guys What's going ? This is Darkbio and today I am bringing you another video more like "An Update" about my new setup. The only thing that I could say is that Im proud of myself for having this beautiful setup which I always used to dream about it when I was a kid (still I'm) but I'll let you watch video so you can find out!! Leave a like and suscribe boys!! peace out! https://youtu.be/DqaEDX6fkj8
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    MAPACHE'S JOIN REQUEST: Nickname, age and location: Hello, my name is Roni Josafat, some friends call me Joshi (feel free to call me like that if u want), but in game my nickname is Mapache, im 20 years old, and im from Veracruz, Mexico History in game: I don't remember when it started, but im pretty sure it was on 2011, there was a gamemode called "Zombie Mod", i used to play on chaos.de.to server, but it didn't take more than 6 months to dissapear after the updating of MTA. As a lover of the server i decided to play the DM gamemode, i really liked it, but server wasn't as popular as others were, so after a few days i started looking for DM servers, i think it was on 2012 when i found SKC Team-NeO, gta.ru, Ownage Owls, Mr.Green-MTA:SA DM, sincerely i don't remember have played on them constantly, my schedule was too busy, so in my free times i joined in the one that had more players online, i played like that for almost 1 year, besides i was a lonely player, i didn't make any friends during that time. It was until 2013 when someone told me about ERU, i joined in the server and i can say i fell in love immediatly, more than 30 players all the time, and most of the players were spanish speakers, i think ERU was the server i most played in, but in 2016 it closed (there i met Wonde|R|) :(. During a short period of time i played on Saints Gaming, where i met WazeR and ShakE, but i passed, again, looking for a comfortable server i found -]alw[-, in which i played like 1 year, there i met AnUs, z/\/azz and xKutor, some time later it closed. Again, i found an active DM server, not full of players, but they were constant, it was BOSS CLAN, there was where i met CristiaN^^, L!nK, beatZ, GonZa, Maxspeed, Sendy, ZerkoM, Gteatero and Chipy, UndeR and Dioni (some of them are recognized mappers). I think i have bad luck with servers, because it closed in 2017, so i continued playing on ffs server, in which im very active since then. Clans i have been in: SG - Not an oficial clan, just like 4 members The BOSS Clan - 3 months, closed FR7 - "Co-founder" with L!nK and other members but left 1 week later for inactivity UR - Less than 6 months, kicked for inactivity Why do i want to join in XpR: Since i play mta i have met lots of XpR members, and they are very kind, i always wanted to join XpR but never tried to leave jr cause i was yet noob for it, but now i think i can handle with it and do my best, every clan i joined in i was very loyal, and maybe it is in part because i dont want to be a lonely player anymore Community help: As a basic graphic designer, i can help the team to innovate and make several changes on the logo, helping them managing the forums, provide the new players information about MTA and the clan, create exclusive map for the players, etc. Contact: Discord: Mapache#4478 Skype: joshiponce1 Other social media ask me for private Additional information: Im a creative guy, innovator of new stuffs, MTA amateur mapper, basic knowledge on Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, studying mechatronic engineering, almost bilingual, casual gamer, i play competitive games such as apex, league of legends, paladins, minecraft lover, i love watching videos on youtube
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    Hello, I'm back with a map by: Arrow - ShondeX - Goku called: The Deep Abyss I hope you like. =============================================== MY PC Procesador: Intel® Core™ i7-9750H Memoria: 16GB DDR IV 2666MH Tarjeta Gráfica: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6 HEXA CORE
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    Kicked members: - @Geass Ranks: - @CenSoR is now Forum Manager. - @Flexxy is now Forum Manager.
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My nickname xiRace I'm 14 years old , I'm from Israel. - Your history in-game: I started play MTA since 2014 when i was 10 years old I was play Robbery and RPG servers , those servers was just a little fun for me and i wasn't have friends I was alone just play with my self , In 2015 I started a new gamemode the name was Tactics I was play it alot of time like 2-4 hours in the day but i thought i see that was boring becuase i was just kid and then one of my friends told he take me to gamemode his name is DM and HUNTER it was hard for me to play it but was very funny becuase i started with the Race it was easy but in late 2015 i changed my gamemode to DM becuase i started know about the keys in the DM and HDM , I stay play DM servers like ffs and TFF , I was play alot of time becuase that was very funny. - Have you been in any clans? Yes I have been - Synergy ( Left ) , Aurora ( Kicked ). - Why would you like to join XpR? Becuase I like XpR i want join in XpR since 2017 but i was can't becuase i was have a bad skills in DM but now I want try to join in it. - How can you help our community: I will be useful in clanwars becuase i can see my skills will help the clan , and help the new peoples , and becuase I'm very loyal with all MTA players. -How can we contact you?: Discord xiRace#9929
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My nickname's Kamen or recently you might see me using balkamen as I am a proud representative of the Balkan team. I am 21 year old, from Bulgaria, living and studying Computer Science in Bristol, United Kingdom. - Your history in-game: I've been playing this game since 2009 so the history is quite long. I started out thanks to my cousin who introduced me to the game. At first we used to play in DD and/or freeroam servers. Eventually I got bored and started looking for a new challenge. My first DM server was EPP I think, then X5, a community lead by TARA at the time. He himself invited me after some time, I was learning quickly, topping them Mini Hards. Further in time, I went to FoX, today a well known racing community. I enjoyed the time there, but eventually people changed and I went to pS, a small team lead by Rextox. We were powerful but I think the members moved to TG and the team closed. Then I found the Czech community SMT, I joined them but the laziness of the leadership forced me into double-clanning (I played a few clanwars for Emp (with FiNN and Ekrem I remember) - first revealed here by the way hh). Obviously I left SMT, and it was about time I visit DDC. I joined their best clans back in 2012(nBo (with Shokkz) and RcR (lead by Royce), which both got closed) and when OP split and created their own community with the leadership of WhiteWarrior, (aka WW) I went with them. It was closed unfortunately, so I decided to go somewhere safe. TG it was in 2013. I joined them later that year, had an amazing time with them legends. However, I was then invited by Leo and Mandy to reopen OP. It ran well but not for too long as I think we expected we'd have more time to dedicate to lead a team. Also the atmosphere was not the same as under WW. Then it was time to switch communities again. I went to the growing at the time ffs. I was accepted and promptly kicked which could be vastly discussed. Later in 2014, Boost (NL) offered me a leadership position in the brand new SoR. I was inactive so it brought me back in the game. Not long after he decided to leave so I was gone with him. I went back to DDC and this time joined FOTL. There I lead the OS team, got invited to the Allstars(a small group of the best players in DDC) and organized Relegation Tournament (RT, which is today known as lucky seven (L7)) . Overall, quite enjoyable moments I had there. I left it at some point to try to rejoin ffs but I did not succeed, I was then looking for a friendly atmosphere rather than competitive and I found the best team that will ever exist for me - MAD. It was lead by mature people from Monday to Thursday, and the rest were the funniest time I ever had. From selfies in ambulances to sending dildos as birthday gift, it was a time I will never forget. I grew up with them, nearly 4 years I spent with them. Unforgettable time. I left because I felt like I needed some sort of a change due to real life happenings. To this day I was considering where to go and eventually I made up my mind. - Have you been in any clans?: Xtreme Five |X5| -> member -> team closed Red FoXes =FoX= -> member, reports' manager -> left because roster changed significantly Pure Skills pS~ -> trial -> team closed Serious Masters Team [SMT] -> DM co-leader, map fixer, reports' manager -> left due to lazy main leadership Twisted Gamers -|TG|- -> member, map tester -> left to reopen OP Over Powered [OP] -> member, clanwars' manager -> team closed For Fuck Sake -ffs- -> trial -> kicked for abusing Squad of Revolution SoR! -> leader -> left when the people who invited me were gone Firestarters of the land [FOTL] -> OS leader, map tester -> left to try to rejoin in a changed ffs team Mafioso Auto Drivers [MAD] -> council position, DM and OS manager -> left to look for a new challenge : ( : ( Community clans: DDC: RcR, nBo ; ffs: Sirius Bauss, Essence of speed, Liberators, currently at fap-friends - Why do you want to join XpR?: To start with, there were only a few teams I considered to join and what I was looking for was friendships, atmosphere and ability to compete in the OS sector. Eventually, I decided to join XpR which is the team I have the least friendships, the atmosphere inside is absolutely unknown to me, and your OS team more or less does not exist or at least I'm not aware of it. This perhaps doesn't make sense but all this mysteriousness motivated me to eventually pick XpR ahead of the others. I literally couldn't find negatives, except for the existence of Zeke, but I'll deal with it. I am looking forward to the new experience and I think this could be the right place to settle down for another while. - How can you help our community?: I've learnt a lot about myself in the years I spent in the game and what I value about myself the most is the realistic point of view and my loyalty. Aside, I consider myself average in the WFF type of DM, especially in older maps which can bring me back to my primes of 2013. I am also keen on organizing events and keeping different statistics about clanwars and players' performance. Other than that I am a friendly person with a specific sense of humor and quite interested in a diversity of topics, or in other words, quite communicative. - How can we contact you?: I hope you're using WhatsApp. I can provide you with my number if necessary. Other than that Skype I guess but I don't prefer it. - Additional information: I spent some time not long ago to prepare this list of MTA achievements throughout the years and some friends of mine told me it's impressive. Not gonna lie I quite enjoyed it. So there we go. I included this as a picture because I was not sure if BB code is supported. Will try and figure out in an edit later. I am able to provide reference to any statement included in the lists if needed. Thank you for your time, Best regards, Kamen
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Eray and in-game I am called Moon. I'm 16 years old and live in Switzerland. I was born and raised here in this beatiful country. Your history in-game: Important is to add "how long I've been playing." My MTA-Jounrey approximately started in early 2013. I first played on a rather unpopular, Turkish DD-Server. If I remember correctly, I was there for a few months and then left because I discovered FFS-Gaming. Since I was a Destruction Derby player at that time I continued following my passion and tried my best there everyday. I did this for the following 2 months before I got disinterested in my gamemode so I switched things up. Afterwards I started experimenting with all gamemodes and wanted to see which suits the most to me. I ended up favouring Shooter. It wasn't the most favoured gamemode but I loved it and got really good in it aswell. Anyway after another 4-5 months of playing MTA I had to take a long break for school. I can't remember the exact day I left but It was around 2014. Precisely on 26-10-2018 I rejoined FFS and have been active ever since playing Shooter and also Oldschool. Summarized I've been playing for about 6 years. Have you been in any clans?: If yes, you can list the clan and write a short explanation of your departure. Art of Gaming ¦ ArG| ¦ 23.02.2019 - 23.03.2019 ¦ Closed Art of Gaming was my first ever official clan but sorrowfully the founder decided to close it a month after I joined. Due to that I wasn't able to gain as much experience as I wanted to. However I was capable of participating in two shooter, and in one Oldschool clanwar. Why do you want to join XpR?: Quite frankly, I admired this clan for a very long time now and always had thoughts on applying here. And I came to the conclusion that this would be the right time. I just want a place with a lovely environment and great members to spend a long time with. I would also like to assist with the things I'm good at. How can you help our community?: e.g clanwars, mapping, organizing, as designer, webmaster, scripter, etc. I previously brought up that I'm a Shooter and Oldschool player. Although the gamemodes I'm interested in don't completely match with the ones from the majority of the clan, I still think I could support the clan. For instance: I recently became a referee in FFS-Events such as L7 matches, WSF and more. I like organizing events even in real life. Another thing is my personality. I'm a mature and talkative guy and I'm also fun to have around. I would also like to point out that I am a very loyal person. I planned to stay in ArG for a very long time since the atmosphere was lovely there but it didn't go as expected. How can we contact you?: Skype, Facebook, E-mail, etc. Discord: Moon#3189 E-Mail: eray17@gmx.ch Skype: live:eray17_5 Additional information: You're not forced to write here, this is a voluntary act. I love playing football with friends and also in my club where I go training twice a week. In my free time I like to hang out with friends and go to the cinema or watch TV series at home. One of my favourite things in life are languages. Im interested in different cultures and love to communicate with people all around the globe which explains why I speak alot of divergent languages. Here is a list of all my languages: German ¦ I learned German in school and also just by growing up in a German environment. ¦ I also speak Swiss-German which is a almost extinct dialect but in Switzerland we use it daily. English ¦ Growing with videogames and television I was able to master English very fast and mostly by myself. ¦ I have a Cambridge English (First) Diploma which I took two years ago. Turkish ¦ As mentioned before, I live in a Turkish family. We only speak Turkish in our household. ¦ When I was 12, I went to a school here in Switzerland every Saturday to get a Diploma to prove I mastered the language. French ¦ Our school-system starts to teach students french in 5th class to 9th class. So I was able to comprehend the basics of French. ¦ I will go to a school in France for 2 weeks to improve my knowledge there. Dutch ¦ As my final school project I decided to start learning Dutch through online learnplatforms. I just started but I already got the first steps covered. ¦ Daily I learn for 30 minutes so I won't give the language up that fast.
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    Top 10 JR de Darkbio
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    hihihi evil plans muhahahahahah
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    SwoRN's Join Request - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Ali and my nickname is SwoRN. I am 21 years old. I live in Turkey / Gaziantep. - Your history in-game: I began playing MTA in 2011 , at the beginning I tried to improve myself on playing and I tried to create my own server I watched many videos on creating the server. Finally I was able to create my own server to make my own map. After a while I improved myself on mapping. Later I started creating my mini maps to play with my neighborhood friends. They were Vakkas and Sonkral. At the beginning it was very funny for us. After a while I was very skilled on mapping and i started to share them with other servers. I played on many servers(LxG , DST , FFS , TFF ,EPG ,SHC,MTA-TR SERVERS ETC...) Later I joined LxG after that I stayed in it like 1 year until we think to open |ED|'s server. After a while I made all of scripts and settings of the server. I was with Vakkas And Sonkral in the clan and with many members. Later Vakkas won police academy and Sonkral left the game. I started to play on DST's server and I joined their team I was with them for 3-4 months. I left everything excluding mapping. I did +20 maps until 2016. I started to work in gym as armwrestling coach (I am Turkey Armwrestling Champion ) and Im back to game in the middle of 2018 and I'm thinking to back mapping for my volume 11. Have you been in any clans?: I have been in many clans since 2011 and I dont remember all of them but I will try to write them. LxG ( Latin Xtreme Gamers ) / - Closed. |DST| (Dangerous Skillers Team ) / I left. |ED| (Eski Dostlar ) / Closed. Sir. (Sirius Bauss ) / I left. RoH| (Real of Horrors) / I left. -DG| (Divinity Gamers). / I left -Why do you want to join XpR?: I wanted to join the clan since years. This clan the best of all as members , as clanwars.. Also I know many of the members and they are very skilled and good players In short , there is many reason to want the clan - How can you help our community?: I can help you in every respect ; Mapping Scripting Clanwars HTML - Javascript. And If what you need. -How can we contact you?: Skype : ali.sworn_1 -Additional information: Firstly Thanks for reading my Join Request. And I want to share my last map. [DM] SwoRN vol.10 - Just For Enjoy II BEST REGARDS!
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    What's your nickname (s), age and location ?: Hello, my nick is hUGAOXD, I have 17 years old and i am from Brazil. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your history in-game: I started playing mta in 2012, in the server (UNG) Unit games when a friend called SonG showed me the DM mode in MTA. Back there i dind't like to play MTA so I stopped play and returned to MTA in 2016. This time was when I said, it's time to left minecraft and stay in MTA my favorite game actually. The most worth thing I ever did was to back in mta because I did really good friends like nX_, Onwed, SonG and NeiT, that are like family to me. Have you been in any clans ?: I have been in -sK- Skilled gaming for 3 years. I left because the clan died. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Why do you want to join XpR ?: Because I love most of the members of XpR and I would love to be part of this family. I am seeking a clan to join and stay until my last days in mta. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How can you help our community ?: I am a mapper and I can always help members in their maps, I also like to play HDM maps, And last times i've been training a lot. I can help a lot since I have a lot of free time, I can help in clan wars, and anything necessary. I also characterize a lot by being loyal to a clan. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How can we contact you ?: Discord: hUGAOXD#6680 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional information: Thanks for reading my join request.
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    BomZ's Join Request - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: BomZ. 22 years old, born USA, Chicago. I tho live in Spain 14 years now. - Your history in-game: My first touch was MTA:VC on 2008-09's, then on 2010 I jumped into MTA:SA for the first time when a friend introduced me to European Pro Gamers server and yeah that was definitely the MTA gold times. Although, I've been playing RPG-RP gamemodes mostly, I could easily say I have sticked the last 8 years to a single RPG server, but this gamemode for me has lost its spark and grace so I just play DM now. - Have you been in any clans?: I was part of ~[EPG]~ on 2010 until I basically got kicked for inactivity, as I lost contact with the majority of the clan when real life also turned in. Apart from that I have been clan-less for the rest of my game-time. - Why do you want to join XpR?: Honestly, because of the quality of people. I want a place where I can stay cool, and I feel like XpR just does it for me, I never had a single argument or have come across a XpR player that has been toxic or offensive, so that's one solid reason. The mature and friendly attitude of the members is what draws my attention when choosing a clan, so this way I know it's a place where I'm staying for sure and I'm not gonna have to run through any pointless situations of having to hop. - How can you help our community?: I'm an active player but in terms of contributing with game development I have very basic knowledge of coding and mapping. I've had experience with 3D modeling past years, and I'm definitely looking to start to creating my custom maps, I already have someone teaching me how to properly map, but until I get experience I don't see myself suitable to help this way. I consider I can contribute with my quality of person, I think what greater helps a community is the amount of non-toxic members and so I consider myself one of them. - How can we contact you?: I prefer Discord, you can find me in the XpR Discord server list. - Additional information: You're not forced to write here, this is a voluntary act.
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    Greetings to you our dear members! These three months since the last News topic was posted passed already so quick like the lightning. Nothing stands still so we are here today to prove that Xtreme Pro Racers clan is also developing and ready to demonstrate you for new updates and changes including our new recruits and much more! Intrigued? Therefore let's skip the prelude and jump to the alterations themselves: As you guys can appreciate, we have launched our new theme XpR 2.2.0, theme that has been made by our current Web Developers @Rul3zZ and @Furious, a self made design that includes many new features that I will list below: The page for Former Members has been updated. A new and clean navigation bar. Reactions for each post and comment. Top funniest video of the week (visible on Forum) New functions on our Shoutbox: Xtreme pro Racers Bot and Announcement for new posts and replies. Upcoming updates: A clean and completely new page for our clan wars. Guide. A special mapuploader. New recruits! We always appreciate the dedication and loyalty shown by people. @XeraH and @KristiaN are players that have been trying hard to join XpR which despite not being accepted in our team multiple times, they continued to try, so we ended up valuing much their act of loyalty. Welcome, you both deserve this opportunity! The player who has been considered as one of the most active on our server was @Xerath, undoubtedly a deserved opportunity. Welcome boy! @R1KUZ is a player who has been very active on our server and has shown that he has enough skills that could be very useful in our future clan wars! Welcome @CascaDe! A skilled player who would never look bad on any team. XpR has been looking for a good designer for a long, long time. We are too proud to announce our new member @SuhaibZ, a designer who has been helping us these last months, which has not stopped surprising us with his fantastic designs and will certainly be very useful in our team from now on. Welcome! @PheniaN - An active player who undoubtedly caught our attention for his dedication and of course with his skills as well, welcome! @+TimeZ! and @RockZ! are two players who have attracted attention because of their abilities within the game, their ways of being active and skillful led us to the conclusion of accepting them to our team! Have passed their trial period: @AudiMTA01 @PowerRulez @ChRiS#^ @RACER @Rul3zZ Kicked members: @XptO (rank: Clan Member) @SOUNDBEATS(rank: Trial) Left the squad: @^WuW (rank: Clan Member) We finally got Skins for our garage! (more skins are coming) (Thanks to @ALw7sH, our current scripter, that in spite of being inactive, always tries to bring us new updates) Our server is growing more and more, and we highly value the fact that more than 20 people visit us per day, so we are willing to do whatever is necessary to make our people stay on our server, so I will insert the following link that consists in new ideas for our server, feel free to comment anything you have in mind! (we would appreciate it) Link: Don't forget to visit our server! Server IP: mtasa://xpr-gaming.com:22003 or just click the below button to join immediately! Click here to join That's all fellas, see you next time! All designs seen in this post were made by SuhaibZ.
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