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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Luis Alberto Arellano (WazeR# for my homies), I'm 20 years old, and I'm from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. - Your history in-game: I started to play MTA in 2011, thanks a video in youtube called "Un día despues del 2012" by Gonzalo, but I just played the basemode, freeroam, RPG, etc. gamemodes... DM I started to play in late of 2012 in a some turkish server, I don't remember the name, there I meet and play whit Gasoil and RazoR, I growing and meet some people whit this two guys. In 2013 I released my first map and I didn't get any recorder for that, but one guy offer record my map, really bad map, this guy was Jetest and he looks my increasing level and he invited me to his clan, called TRD (The Revolution Dinasty), founded by Pablo:') A.K.A Baeza, whit these guys we got better and better level and I start to meet more and important people, I founded my own clan whit RuSO in 2015, called Saints Gaming, and we show to the world what can do a small latin clan, we won and lost so many clanwar but we got the love and support from so many players, recently I had personal issues and I decide to left MTA, that affect to Saints Gaming too, then the clan just closed. After being retired from MTA for 2 months, Athenian told me The Crew was interested in having me as part of his members, so I went back to MTA to join them and they quickly made me DM captain thanks to my great interest in the clan. So I stayed for a while until my friends left the clan and I stayed with very unpleasant and problematic people. Carlos told me he was interested in opening a clan with me and we did it, the clan was called "3AGLE" (founded by Nexelon, Carlos and me), but we got a proposal to merge with another clan and that's how I end up calling itself Unlimited Power. - Have you been in any clans?: [TRD] The Revolution Dinasty || Co-leader || 2013-2014 || Left |-XpR-| Xtreme Pro Racers || Member || 2014 || Left -|TFR|- The Fucking Revolution || Founder || 2014 || Closed [APS] America Pro Style || Leader || 2014-2015 || Closed St. Saints Gaming || Founder || 2015-2018 || Closed TC| The Crew || DM Captain || 2018-2019 || Left UP| Unlimited Power || DM Manager || 2019 || Left - Why do you want to join XpR?: Sincerely I have been interested in this clan, since I started my career as a DM player (around 2012). It has always been a clan with good players, competitive and admirables, that is why they have prospered and have remained, in addition to their incredible community. One of the most important things is that I like to improve as a player , that's why if I came to this clan I trusted that it would be very useful for me. And finally, I have several colleagues who are currently within the clan or aspire to enter (Subzero, Pure, Shine, etc..) , so I would feel in a family environment. - How can you help our community?: I'm mapper, scripter (basic knowledge), recorder, designer, web manager and I have a leader complex. I like support my teammates or my team for continue like a strong group, in clanwars everytime I stay to the finish it, no matter the score, I'm so loyal whit the clan, I never like tha idea of some members to be in diferent clans whit diferent nicknames, I hate it. - How can we contact you?: Skype: Wazon50555 Discord: WazeR#4179 - Additional information: I want to show you some videos to know me This is my last map My last hunter montage My last challenge accepted
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Vitor and i use Cykz as ingame nickname. I'm 20 years old and I'm from Belo Horizonte - Brazil. - Your history in-game: It all started back in 2011, when I wanted to play GTA:SA online because I was tired of single player, so I searched for any possibility of playing it online and found MTA:SA. My very first server was FFS, and it took me a while to learn the basics of DM. After some months playing, I got invited by Kane to make a Join Request for RedBull (-RB-), which became my first clan in MTA. I stayed there for some months and left due to the lack of interest of the members in improving the team/server. Few months after that, I applied to for the win (-ftw-) because i enjoyed my experience in a Polish team since RB had a really nice atmosphere. I got succeed and had the pleasure to be in the same team as Lordekk (prolly one of the funniest persons in this game), but unfortunately i had a fight with one of it's members and left because i didnt want to create a bad atmosphere. I stayed clanless for almost 5 months and then I applied for Alien Racers (aR//). Sadly I was a child back then (had 13 y/o) and I couldnt accept the fact the team wouldnt let me play a cw after all the hard train I had, so I left the team because of a "rage moment" and I always regret leaving it because it was a team with friendly and funny people. After that I started playing on Very Important Player (VIP) server and after some months I decided to make a Join Request, but when i was about to do it the clan died. 2 months after Diesulke reopened it and due to the fact i really wanted to be a part of that team even before it gets closed I didn't mind that it was a "fake" VIP and decided to apply for it. I got succeed and stayed there for almost an year and unluckily the team closed. It was June 2013 when I first applied for The Favoured Few (/TfF\). I got the declined the first time but didn't give up, so it was in September 2013 when I made my second Join Request and got accepted in December 2013. After an year being a part of TfF I got kicked due to being inactive. I stayed clanless until the beginning of 2015 when i got invited to join sKilled (-sK-) which was a team of brazilian players only, it got closed because we couldn't afford the money to keep paying our host. After that i decided to take a break with MTA in June 2015 and came back to it in January 2017 with an invitation to rejoin TfF. I stayed there till July 2017 and left due to the lack of motivation from most of the members. Then I applied for Sixth Sense (|6s) 2 weeks after leaving TfF and got accept on 09th of August. Stayed there for 10 months and left due to personal reasons. After that i got invited to join Exentric (Ex.) which was a team meant to be for friends only, sadly it got closed due to some internal problems. Joined Seventh Miracle by July of 2018 and I wore their tag for almost 8 months. After that i joined Unlimited Power (UP), stayed there for a month and 2 weeks. - Have you been in any clans?: RedBull (-RB-) - Left for the win (-ftw-) - Left Alien Racers (aR//) - Left Very Important Players (>VIP<) - Closed The Favoured Few (/TfF\) - Left sKilled (-sK-) - Closed Sixth Sense (|6s) - Left Exentric (Ex.) – Closed Seventh Miracle (7m) - Left Unlimited Power (UP) - Left - Why do you want to join XpR?: I want to join XpR because it's one of the strongest teams in MTA, because it seems to have a really good atmosphere inside the team and because i've friends on the team. - How can you help our community?: I can mostly be useful on DM clanwars since I'm a bit experienced on it, but i can also help with WFF and with stuff that need organization since i've helped on organizing few tournaments back in the past. - How can we contact you?: Skype: vtr100.show or Discord: Cykz#0316 - Additional information: If you want to clarify anything about the reasons i left from my previous team we can discuss about it privately.
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Luis Garcia (Lu1s in-game), I'm 22 years old from Sonora, México - Your history in-game I started to play MTA in 2011, my first DM server was ownage owls [O.o] it was a OS server like SG, X5, EPG and AG, the entire year i played there because the server was really fun and meet good players like RuSO, Ron1 and Naval. At the end of 2011 i found ePic and XpR by a post in Facebook (MTA comunidad latina), XpR was mi main server, so i decided to join, remember that was last week of 2011, after it, started a new part of my history in MTA with a loot of clan wars and time playing in XpR server, in 3 occasions i left (2011 - 2017), one of them was because ReaL (old leader) was leadering the clan really bad, the last 2 occasions was because I lost my interest in the server, so i startet to play in FFS , also there were players that i played in my starts, at the time when i was out of XpR, i joined in 3 good clans St, FoXX and MT, in the last few months i played just for fun in a crew called UR Underground Riders. - Have you been in any clans?: |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racers | (Leader) 2011- 2014 left | (Member) 2015 left | (Member) 2016 - 2017 left | St Saints Gaming (Member) | 2015 left | FoXX Force out Xtreme (Member) | 2017 - 2019 Clan closed | MT Midnight Team (Member) | 2019 kicked i think xd | - Why do you want to join XpR?: The truth is that i feel weird when i'm out of XpR, for some bad choices i decided to left the last 2 times, now i want a last oportunity to back cuz there are old friends and the high level of skils that has the clan. - How can you help our community? At this time i'm playing DM, so i can help with CWs, i could also record and streaming for cws, actually i prefer to play and interact with the comunity. - How can we contact you? Whatsapp: +52 6621244105 Email: luis_garcia_97@outlook.com - Additional information: I know isn't a big JR but i'm really bad writing things like this
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    In case someone missed it. I highly encourage you to check out more of my videos if you enjoyed this one.
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location? Hello, my nickname is SprayCaN I'm 22 years old from Portugal. - Your history in-game: Important is to add "how long I've been playing. Well I've been playing mta since 2012 with a DD server named 3lite Racers sticked to it until 2016 but during that 4 year period both the server and the team that ran it went thru some changes, it became a random map/gamemode server with diferent mode squads Examples:shooter/DD/FDD*which is Fun DD). With those changes I decided to change myself and start really trying hard to join the team which I did in 2014. Althought not as a DD player but a Shooter player, Since mid 2013 I had been playing shooter in various servers mostly pG so when I applied to 3R and got tested it was as a shooter player, which I passed. From 2014 to 2016 I stayed as a shooter player for 3R eventualy moving up in the ranks to co squad leader and finaly to Squad leader in 2015. At that point I set my mind on making the best shooter team MTA had to offer so i began working, talking and making connections until the roster was complete. The most dominant shooter squad in MTA's history was born. It consisted of various people of various nacionalities but all with incredible skill and good manners and luckily after such hard work I got recognized and promoted to Co-Owner of 3lite Racers. The squad maintained itself until a faithful day which I still don't quite understand, in April of 2016 I got allegedly kicked for abusing my rights which was strange to me because I just had recently come back from a month of kimotherapy since I had leukima. I was pretty shocked and angry back then so i lost all respect towards the clan and the members who helped getting me kicked. That fueled a wave of ddosing from 3lite Racer's leader "spAik" and harrassement towards my ex GF. At the time I was being so flooded with DDoS attacks that I asked the only people I could for help, Xiti and BriaN (thanks guys <3) Xiti on his own accord helped me since a fellow person that was being harrassed (Mazda a former 3R member and also hated) had applied for TC so they DDoSed TC's website as soon as I posted my join request to TC. This turned out to be perfect for Xiti since it gave him a reason to find out everything about "spAik" including his adress and all of his personal data which finaly stopped the DDoS attacks and harrassement, and so how it stood I had applied to TC and got accept in the summer of 2016 after Portugal won the European cup. In TC I i was still a shooter player until late 2016 after getting promoted to Shooter Squad Leader I started losing interest in the gamemode and focused on learning something new, DM. The process wasn't easy, and since TC had such a high standard I had to rise to the ocasion, with the help of RiseR,Simas,Ron1,Dast3r and NesoN I finaly joined TC's DM squad and sticked with DM ever since. Mid 2017 rolled around and TC was stale, I was having some IRL problems that forced me to become inactive so I decided to leave so that new players could fill the spot. I was clanless for pretty much a year with the exception of being in VIP for 2 weeks I belive, Althought I had applied for ER shortly before they closed and seem to would have been accepted. After ER closed and V opened my good friend Every decided on opening a clan and he invited me on to his project which would later be called Unlimited Power! I stayed in Unlimited Power until late 2018 when I decided I should leave and try for something else, something better, XpR. I applied and got declined but here I am months after trying again! Have you been in any clans?: If yes, you can list the clan and write a short explanation of your departure. |3R| 3lite Racers(kicked) Reasons still unknown to me. 'TC| TheCrewGaming (left) IRL problems VIP Very Important Players (kicked) Inactive UP Unlimited Power (Closed/left) Closed the first time around, left on the second due to trying to find something better. Why do you want to join XpR? XpR seems like the community any player wants to be in, it's fun, it's incredibly skilled and it can push me past my limits which is what I want in a clan. A place where I can evolve as a person and a player. How can you help our community?: e.g clanwars, mapping, organizing, as designer, webmaster, scripter, etc. Mostly due to my current work (I work as a licensed Lawyer) I can't be as active as I once was, I would love to do comunity based stuff since it's what I can do for right now also I could be XpR's private lawyer haha. How can we contact you?: Skype, Facebook, E-mail, etc. Skype:eddoomjr Additional information: You're not forced to write here, this is a voluntary act. Thank you for Reading my JR and leave a comment below on how and if I should improve on my JR!
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My ingame-name is LiXuZ. My name is Fabian I'm 20 years old and I'm from germany. I like to go out with my family and friends. I think about myself, I'm friendly and courteous to other people. - Your history in-game At the end of 2007 I bought GTA:SA and installed the multiplayer modification MTA:SA. After joining MTA the first time I found a pretty nice server called eG| Elite Gaming. I didn't know about the DM gamemode at this time and thought this would be some kind of Deathmatch with weapons and other things. After a short time I already liked the gamemode and gave it a chance. After a while Elite Gaming has been closed, so I must found a new server to play on. I started to play on many different servers to improve my skills and maybe find a new main server to play on. After I gained more experience and becoming more familiar with uprising communities, I found German Blue Race's server at the end of 2011, where I played for some months. The server had bad maps and a bad performance, but I had fun there. I made alot of friends there, one showed me a really nice server called iRace, where I played on for more than 6 months. A good friend of me "CiiNeX" asked me to start a new clan/community called Mistery Race ("mR!") and I accepted because I had improved my race skills so much that I could mess with other players and start my very first clan with them. After several months of playing on the server and beeing a part of the clan, they has begun to accept children, so I had decided to leave this clan. From this I asked myself to start my own clan. At this point I founded my own clan called Xtreme Overpowered Race ("XoR"), which I hold activ for about 3 months. After that I had to close the clan, because of the inactivity. After that I found a server called Kekz Gaming and I had a lot of fun playing there, which gave me reason to write an application, and after a short time they accepted me, but a few months later the server goes inactiv too as my clan. Kekz became inactive, which gave me the reason to leaving this clan too and finding a new one. More than a year has passed away until I finally found a new server that I enjoyed. It was called #MvP! Many of my friends have joined there, so it seemed like a good idea to follow them, but after a month as part of #MvP! I left the clan again because of many problems they were in this clan. I switched to a server called The favoured Few (TfF), which was a quite well-known clan at this time. I played there very activ for more than a year, but then I heard about a comeback..... The comeback of AMG (Awesome Mapping Gaming) and I asked their leader - XxEduxX - if I could be a part of AMG and he had invited me into the clan, but unfortunately I was thrown out of the clan because of an incident with a member. I couldn't be sad for long because MvP had his comeback and I decided to go back to MvP, but I couldn't stay long because of the problems witch where in the clan I had many problems with the members there and then I left this clan. After a few months MasTeR came to me and said: "Do you want to make a clan with me?" I said yes we can. So we started a clan named HsK. Me and MasTeR were on the leader position and after 4 months we made a fusion with the BestFive team, we thought it would be a good decision to go along with the clan, but then one of the founders had only thought of himself and led the clan go down. I was in nTL at the reopening when I was about 2 months in this clan, I went back out of this clan because I had some problems, then I was clanless 1 to 2 months and after the two months then I joined SHC for 2 weeks then SHC was inactive and come back that's why I came back. Then after 1 month I had an Idee open Unlimited Power and then after 2 weeks I left this clan because I had no time for MTA after a long time, I was active again in MTA. I started my next clan calling Universal Warriors for 2 months, we had a big fight in that clan and everything went to hell that the clan closed, I didn't know what to do, because everyone focused on one teammate and everything went out of that clan after the clan turned against me, I had an application for XpR which was accepted after a month. But 4-5 months later I left the clan with a reason that might not have been so well considered. A while later I met RockZ and we had a chat in Teamspeak and we played together for a while. At some point I got the idea to start my own clan and I talked to RockZ and asked him if he wanted to start his own clan as well. He said yes and shortly afterwards Rul3zZ contacted me and asked if he could join the clan. We said yes of course and then we thought about a clan name together. We decided to take Intravenous at the end. When the name was decided we started to build a team, we got LuxorioN and DaXx involved, sadly I already had many problems with LuxorioN in the past. I was afraid that it would not end well with LuxorioN. It got into trouble quite quickly and after about a month and shortly before the forum went online I was kicked out. A month passed and Every wrote to me and asked me if I wanted to return to unlimited powers. I accepted his offer and was promoted to manager of various areas of the clan... Months went by and I heard the rumor that Intravenous was closing, I wrote to RockZ and asked him what those rumors were all about. He wrote to me and said that this was not true, there was a misunderstanding with the developers. I ask RockZ if I can go back and he said yes to me. When I was back in Intravenous I quickly realized why RockZ had brought me back in. He left and wanted the clan to be in good hands. I continued Intravenous for a short time and took BlizarD as the new leader. At some point I decided to leave Intravenous and try it again with XpR. - Have you been in any clans?: #MvP! Most Valuable Players - Member - Left |-nTL-| Nothing To Lose - Forum Manager - Left HsK// Hard sTyle Klown - Leader - Clan Closed SHC// Small Hustlers Crew - Member - Left |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racer - Member - Left #UP| Unlimited Power - Management - Left iV' Intravenous - Founder - Left - Why do you want to join XpR?: I also have a lot of friends in XpR which is one of the other reasons why i want to join the clan. But most of all I want to join XpR because the clan is a family and something like that doesn't exist so often in mta anymore. - How can you help our community?: It's not really that easy to answer, there are a few things I can help with. Starting with clanwars or also with the forum. I'm not as good as a other good guy but with some little things I could help you at the forum. My acutally goals are to support you on the server with my activity and if users need help to be there and help them. - How can we contact you?: Skype: mta.lxz | Discord: LiXuZ#2523 - Additional information: My Latest Map:
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    What’s your nickname, age and location? My nickname is ^xTemp//, I have 19 years old and I live in Spain. Your history in-game: Below you can check some of my story during the beginning of my career in the MTA, at the end I add the story to the present years: From 2017 onwards I come back to XpR some time and it was my last clan until I deleted MTA to 'try to be able to continue my life without any interrupts', but I fail at keep MTA away from me. I return to MTA in the middle of 2018 and when I come back, my friend 'Every' told me he was going to make a new project called Unlimited Power, well I did consider it a good idea because we are good and old friends. From this moment we started the project and everything goes very well with active, mature and friendly players. But after some time during a merger some things started to go wrong and I will not expose what happened because it would be disrespectful of my part, but I decided to leave the clan because of the increasing number of 'failures' during these last ones months. Have been in any clans? LxG// Latins xtreme Gamers (4M) – Closed (2012) /AiR\ Awesome in Races (1Y and 2M) – Closed (2013) -sK- sKilled (4M) - The leader disparage me and I left the clan. (2014) |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racers (1Y and 3M) - *In game history* (2014\2015\2017) -DG| Divinity Gamers (7M) - Closed (2015 and 2016) *Q1. Quantum Singularity (6M) – Closed (2016) UP| Unlimited Power (1Y) - (2018\19) Why do you want to join XpR? In all my experience being an XpR member I can say that here was one of the only clans that I had so much fun when I join and this make me feel so good and wanting to get better and better. One of the things that I mostly like is that there is so much funny people and they make me laugh so much writing funny shits on chat that I feel so confortable being a part of this team. How can you help our community? When I see that things are bad I try to do everything to be able to help, even if it costs me a sacrifice, I want to see everything okay and right. I can organize the team the best possible way so there is no confusion in some occasions, help in some task if it is necessary (upload maps, rosters, etc.), in clan wars we can do some tactic before it, give some tip to finish maps more easily as we always do, etc. How can we contact you? Skype: Vinicinxd51 Additional information: I also have a YouTube channel (which I believe will not be active anytime soon) but you can check out my past in MTA from 2015 through the present years. "No matter how much you hit, what matters is how much you can handle pain and keep fighting, because only then you will be a winner."
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    'What's your nickname(s), age and location?: I'm Serhat and my nickname in game is iRobbie. I'm 24 years old male from Turkey. 'Your history in-game: I have started playing MTA in a deep 2010. I was playing FUN in my first times. I was interested about it because I found it fun. We had a clan named Pro Gamers. I found a family there. We had no defeat in clan wars. But then FUN turned to a child game and we didn't like that. Afterwards we left the clan and started to improve ourselves. While we are doing it, there was Black Hawk Down server. It was younger then Turkish Racers Fast. I’ve tried to join it, but i failed. Me and my friends are started to get bored of playing FUN. Than my friends taught me to play Deathmatch. It was hard to control Infernus but I improved myself and I've joined the Fast Fire Guys clan. I was Clan War Manager there. But I didn't stayed in it for long because clan was closed. I saw Knights of Red Nights clan was opening again. It had really good players. It was hard and took a long time to join. I learned everything here and I finally found my family again. Than I get kicked out of the clan because of the reason that I don't know. After all of this, I decided to be a Software Developer.Then I joined Knights of Red Nights clan again and helped them to have a website. But all of them were not enough for me. After them I improved myself Fireworks, Photoshop and Illustrator. After that I joined Xtreme Pro Racers clan and I've made new friends there so I'm very happy but Xtreme Pro Racers clan It's not for me. Because then I had some problems and I have been inactive.I moved away from the game.I stayed alone for a long time.Then I wanted to join Nitrous Racing clan and I did but there were some problems.Everybody's made mistakes just like I did and someone blamed me.(If you want to ask something about it add me on Skype.) After that I decided to leave everything design etc.. And of course I was alone during this time.I improved myself on DM/WFF and i joined Nothing to Lose. As usual, I had to leave here too. Because I'm really bored. I can't explain it word by word. After that I joined Project Beast and I felt so strong here because was the most suitable clan for me. Unfortunately this place is closed too. Everything started after this time because now I've decided that nothing is right. I just focused on myself and my real achievements will start now. 'Have you been in any clans?: -pG| - Pro Gamers ~]BHD[~ - Black Hawk Down FFG. - Fast Fire Guys |DST| - Dangerous Skillers Team [Korn] - Knights of Red Night |-XpR-| - Xtreme Pro Racers xN# - Nitrous Racing |-nTL-| - Nothing to Lose B# - Project Beast R# - Revenant 'Why do you want to join XpR?: I actually have many reasons to join this community but right now, my main reason is just to focus on myself. I think that there is no limit to what I can do here and if I can succeed, I will be helping both you and myself. I used to be a member of this team in the past as well, but back then, I was mostly interested in design and didn't have much to do with the game. Now things have changed and I improve more and more each day. Presently, I have a bad internet connection, but I can tell you that I will be better when I get a new one. I made a lot of friends when I was here, but after I left, things somehow got out of hand and we were through as friends in a way I was not able to understand. I'm sorry for this. I'm sure that you will remember me, even if a little. When I left here, I learned some lessons and some rises and falls, but I figured that there will be no more mistakes. Lessons are learned. Now I want to make things right and I'm ready to serve the clan and community as much as possible. 'How can you help our community?: At first glance, I can say that I can help with lots of things, however I had already mentioned that I quit dealing with these. My main goal is to be able to help with the clan wars and tournaments, even if I cannot do it now. I can help you with improving your community. I actually have many experiences in terms of management, but they cannot be compared with managing a large community. I can get back to work on the things I left when necessary, but I don't think that you need it. Therefore, my main goal is to help both myself and you. 'How can we contact you?: Skype: live:isim.yok17 Discord: iRobbie#6519
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hi! My name is Damian known in the game as Ticker. I'm 21. I live in Poland, more specifically near town called Poznań. My main hobby is geography. I play some games. Your history in-game: I started playing at the turn of 2009 and 2010. I wasn't aware of the game so I picked random server. Turned out that it was DM. The more I played the more I was into the game, I simply fell in love with it. Sadly I had to take a few-month break from the game and when I came back this server was gone. I found another one and that was russian server (called gta.ru). I spent there around 5 years. On this way of my history I was also playing on >FfW< server and I consider this as the best times of my MTA life. As you know, things come and go and both of this servers died/were closed. After all of this I came to Tff server and I met amazing people there that made me stay in this game. When Tff ended its life, I joined Vultaic community and I am in it to this day. During it all I took some breaks from the game. On the way I played also some other servers, like Ffs for example, but those server didn't make impact on me, didn't impress me and was playing there only several days. Have you been in any clans?: Of course, I've been to some clans. Below is the list of them. BpB - closed FfW - closed ReV - closed bR - left(inactive) HsK - closed Why do you want to join XpR?: The reasons, why I want to join, are; I want to help your team with clan wars, I have a lot of time these days and I can easily spend a lot of hours on training. I am more DM than HDM player. I can also help with modering the forum. Your team can make me being more recognizable in the MTA as Im going to realise my maps very soon. I want to spread a positivity around the clan, and to make everyone happy. I wish I will create a good atmosphere and I want to keep up the good name of this team. How can you help our community? I mentioned a little of it above already. I can help moderating server and forum. I might drive in a wff and other clan wars. I am on the call whenever you need to test something or ask for a opinion, I am loyal and friendly as well. How can we contact you?: I am mostly online on discord: Radzym | Ticker#0869 You can message me anytime you want. Additional information: I hope I made this join request very clear to read. Sorry If there are any grammar mistakes. Thank you so much for reading. Wish you a good day or night whenever you read this. Cheers!
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    Nickname, Age and Location My current nickname which I have used for the past 7 years stands as LeCC, recently all lower case however. I am 18 years old as of writing, turning 19 halfway August and I live in The Netherlands. History My life as an MTA player started in ~2008, when I as small kid decided to play a game well under the minimal age. This started in several random freeroam and DD servers, until I found a longer lasting home in Destruction Derby All-Stars (DDAS). I stayed there until around 2013 when I decided to take a break from the game. Upon return, the atmosphere there has changed and drove me away from it, and I went to the normie as fuck server called FFS. I played there for several months as well as there was not much else. Around that time I joined polish servers as PMC (Polish Monster Clan) and nFw (No Fucking Way), and spend 3 months and 1 year in each respectively. Both closed down sad enough. In 2014 I decided it was time to try out my own clan, know as USG (Ultimate Skilled Gamers, ironically enough I was a shit player). This clan did quite well for me with 25 people in it at some point. Reason of closure is out of my brain though. I then went to some Brazilian servers. BG (Black Gaming) and sK (sKilled Team). Both of these housed some pretty darn good mappers (think of nX_, C3z!kA, Every...). Both of those I spent several months in as team member. After sK I opened 05 (Omnidirectional Five) together with Paake in the first quarter of 2016. This was probably the highlight in my MTA history, as this clan brought me quite close with friends. This team ran on for an entire year, until Paake took a break (Paake still taking it as of writing this lmao) and we closed 05. In the first quarter of 2017 I spent some time in PiA, which died down fast again. For the entirity of 2017, I have kept myself quiet a bit, with no clan at all. In begin of 2018 however, I joined Vultaic, with the intend to help with server development. My motivation died down real fast though, and got kicked when showing an uninstaller of MTA in the team Discord (right before the opening of Vultaic server, July 2018?). After this I joined like 2 or 3 times per month in the game, until Risque wanted to reopen 05 with me in December of 2018. This went well until March 2019, when I lost motivation once again and went away quietly. To this day, I have no clue where other members went who stayed for several more weeks. That bring it to now. I barely play MTA anymore. 1 or 2 hours per day. That's what I have to offer. Past Clans Clan Tag - Clan Name (Reason - Total Time) PMC| Polish Monster Clan - Member (Closed - 3 Months) -nFw- No Fucking Way - Member (Closed - 1 Year) -USG- Ultimate Skilled Gamers - Founder (Closed - 5ish Months) #BG! Black Gaming - Member (Left - 2is Months) -sK- sKilled Team - Web Developer (Left and Closed - 4 Months) [OP] OverPowered - Member (Closed - 1 Month) AMG| Awesome Mapping & Gaming - Developer (Closed - 2 Months)* #MvP! Most Valuable Players - Developer (Closed - 2 Months)* nM| No Mercy - Member (Closed - 3 Months)* e! Epic! Family - Member (Closed - Several Days)* #HR| Hybrid Racers - Founder (Renamed to Omnidirectional Five - Several Days) /05 Omnidirectional Five - Founder (Closed - 1 Year and 8 Months) PiA| Pro's In Action - Member (Closed - 1 Month) 'i7 Important Seven - Developer (Closed? - Unknown)* V:// Vultaic - (Trial) Developer (Kicked - 2 Months) * My history in these clans isn't exactly interesting or I have vague memory left of it. As you can see, I have been in a shitload of clans, most of which have closed in my time in them (and please remember that this spans over a time of 7-8 years). Why XpR? Xtreme Pro Players is basically the only team I have respect left for. This team is filled with people I can enjoy the game with. In all honesty, I don't have much of another reason, if it weren't for XpR, I would fade out of MTA without a clan, being a loner as I am in reallife. How could I help XpR? Honestly, I don't think I could. This team has most type of players already. Even if there weren't, I am not skilled player. I have scripting skills, but no motivation. The only thing I do is map. And I don't think that counts. Contact The only way left for contacting me is through Discord: lecctsumiki#7193 Additional Information Sorry for this Join Request. Like the previous one, this isn't exactly serious, but still a try.... This time I won't cancel it, as I don't have a reason too. Just don't be too bold when denying me :v These days I just play mostly osu!, Minecraft or another crap game. Otherwise I'm doing school shit or watching anime. More info needed? Feel free to ask.
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    Why did you close your previous jr? Explain here, thanks
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    Hey CharmY I'm glad to see you want to be part of XpR but there are things that I dislike in your jr. To begin I feel like that you did not answer some questions, such as "Why do you want to join XpR?" Your answer seems to be based on "Why do you want to join to any clan"? Tell us why you want to join to XpR and not other clans where you could also make friends or play cws, we would love to know your intentions Also "How can you help our community?" Describing your DM skills how could help us? What is your contribution if your skills in DM are 8.5/10? If you play a lot this gamemode, how could this help us? You must keep in mind that there are applicants who also play a lot of DM. And I dont like the fact that I probably spend more time writing this comment than you writing your jr, you must show that you really want to join here. Nice maps, you have potential
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    una jr economica
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location? My nickname is *DLF, I'm 19 years old, I live in Ciechanów in Poland but during a week I'm studying Management on University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Your history in-game I started to play MTA around 10 years ago when I wanted to find some good game with my friends. I played on some random server and also I was in random small clans. My "growth" was started in RoH, I met sYku and Flash then, they are my friends till now and they also made me better. In RoH I improved my DM and hunter skills, I felt stronger. After RoH I decided to join eP with syku and flash. It was my best clan for sure. First time I saw teamwork like that and also team care. eP pushed me to train more. I was very good. Unfortunately leader decided to close it. After eP I tried to find same good clan so I joined SoR, then after few months i decided to leave, because it wasn't the same as eP... (Who could expect that 2 different clans can't be the same). After SoR I decided to set new goal, I wanted to join XpR and I did it after 5 months of effort. Sadly I joined XpR in some hard times, I felt strange and I was too scared to help team with surviving bad moments, I didn't think that I can help so I decided to escape... Someday Mystic fell to me from heaven. We opened clan together - Seventh Miracle. Mystic was the head of the clan and I was promoting it. I decided to play L7 with my team, it wasn't easy cuz we needed to play Pre-Qualifications and Qualifications. We won everything! It was amazing time but nothing lasts forever. I just started in my life some difficult time, I did a lot of bad decisions. I left 7M, then joined TC for 1day, then tried to go back to 7M, then I joined FoXX, left it and all of this shits in small time interval. I noticed that I started to behave like "kids" that I always tried to punish. After months of thinking I got invite to Zenosyne, they had some bad moments, I wanted to help them so I joined, sadly they decided to close clan. After few months I got message from d1kuba that he want to create new clan and he want to invite me as a co-leader, I had nothing to lose so I decided to help him but in same time i started to have some real life problems. I tried to help clan and be with teammates for almost 7 months but real life stuffs were becoming worse and worse everyday. I told Kuba that I can't lead clan anymore, he couldn't do it alone so we decided to close clan. I love my old teammates but I told them about shits in my life and I think that they understand my reasons. Now I want to join XpR again. I want to find a team that will help me with survive some bad moments in my life. I want to have team that I can improve by my specific character and I think that XpR can be good place for me now. Some of you can say "If you closed clan cuz you need time for real life then why you want to join another one?" I want to answer here. We didn't have anyone who can help us with managing team, that's why we didn't give it to someone else, just being in clan, without any extra rank is not that time-consuming as being a leader and cw manager in one. I hope that you understand me. Have you been in any clans? RoH// - Riders of Heart eP! - Elite Players SoR! - Squad of Revolution |-XpR-| - Xtreme Pro Racers 7M - Seventh Miracle Z* - Zenosyne [FoXX] - Force out extreme Uff. - Unstoppable Fighters Force Why do you want to join XpR? I would like to join XpR because I think that I need to prove that I changed myself. I'm angry that I wasn't able to stay in clan when some bad moments became. I want to find a place that can help me a bit with finding my way again. I played my first WFF game in XpR and I think that in XpR i can shine again. To be honest, I can't see myself in any other clan. I remember that XpR members always were helpful and full of energy, If nothing changed then it can help me a bit with surviving real life problems. How can you help our community? We all know that XpR is very strong team now on both DM modes, I'm not one of the best WFF or DM player but I can improve myself in XpR to someday be same good as your main players. I think that I still have some hunter skills and also I'm able to do some good score on wff games. I just need motivation and friends to train with. Also, I can help with tournaments if XpR would like to make one someday, I like to manage things, that's why I'm student of Management. Generalizing I just can be in clan, I can be myself and help people with everyday problems. How can we contact you? Skype: dreamland1414 Discord: DownLoad4Free#6878 Additional information If some of you want to talk about me about my history or things that happened in my life to make sure that I'm not trying to lie or something come priv, I'm opened for a talk. Thanks for reading, *DLF!
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    Dear @Gteatero The day I closed the application was a very hard day for me, when I wanted to finish the game in general, but I thought it over calmly and made a decision that I would do my best to strive for perfection.
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello guys, my name is Paul and I am 20 years old. I currently live in a town called Essen, Germany where I study business computer science at a renowned university of economics in the fifth semester. A new life chapter began for me when i finished my school and moved over to the city i am studying now. My hobbies are definitely going out at night, having some fun. In addition i played ice hockey for a long time. My team was not very sucessful but at least i could call me a captain. Your history in-game: I have started playing MTA in 2012 on a server called Team-NeO. It was definitely a great time. Team-NeO was a wide spread DM/DD/RACE and CnR server with many active players per day. I played like 2 years as an active player on it. I became slowly better and as a result of that my join request got accepted. Sadly the server closed and I forcedly moved to FFS Gaming. At this time I was impressed of the multi gamemode script but I got more and more the feeling that the time stucked. I could not really see a development on the server, contrasting happened. FFS Gaming did mistakes and lost many players, sadly new servers overtook them. Anyways the server inspired me. I learned mapping, scripting and least but not last racing. I moved on and found DDC. I would like to keep this short, you all know what happened with FOTL and the story behind it. As the next importand milestone I'll mention this team. I am pretty happy that my mta buddy Skidrow showed me this team because i met alot of new friends here. I had a lot of fun here while playing the first wff matches with Nitrezi and Mixhet. I left because i tried to reopen What The Fuck with some realife friends but it was clear to see that we hadn't enough time to lead a whole clan. Next stop in my in-game history was Kubas and Daniels clan named Unstoppable Fighters Force which they sadly had to close cause their lack of time. These days I am playing most on FFS and Vultaic. Have you been in any clans? Team-NeO (NeO_) - closed What The Fuck (WTF//) - closed Firestartes Of The Land ([FOTL]) - closed Xtreme Pro Racers (|-XpR-|) - left What The Fuck (WTF//) - closed Unstoppable Fighters Force (Uff.) - closed Why do you want to join XpR? / How can you help our community? After a long time playing this game I would like to comeback to an old stable community and i think XpR could be the right one for me. In this clan are some old friends of me but also many new players who joined after i left and who i don't know personally. I hope that this clan gives me some motivation to come back as an active mapper & player. Playing in a team makes defenetly more fun than playing alone and I hope that this team trusts me enough to give me a task to help this community. My most striking ability is loyalty. As you can see I've not been with many teams till now. I would never give up my team, I remain loyal untill it closes. As an example i will mention FOTL. I saw people quitting this team after Relax left but i stayed. We tried to bring this clan back but FOTL still did mistakes/decisions which i disagreed with and as a result we had to close this clan. XpR is the only team I ever left because i prefered playing with my reallife friends but you guys did read my leaving meassage. How can we contact you? skype : paul.naebers Additional information: I give my best to keep this game alive with my maps and I am "modo funny" as you guys called me :D I made this high quality trailer : http://teamxpr.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/1192-xpr-squad-trailer/
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    SwoRN's Join Request - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Ali and my nickname is SwoRN. I am 21 years old. I live in Turkey / Gaziantep. - Your history in-game: I began playing MTA in 2011 , at the beginning I tried to improve myself on playing and I tried to create my own server I watched many videos on creating the server. Finally I was able to create my own server to make my own map. After a while I improved myself on mapping. Later I started creating my mini maps to play with my neighborhood friends. They were Vakkas and Sonkral. At the beginning it was very funny for us. After a while I was very skilled on mapping and i started to share them with other servers. I played on many servers(LxG , DST , FFS , TFF ,EPG ,SHC,MTA-TR SERVERS ETC...) Later I joined LxG after that I stayed in it like 1 year until we think to open |ED|'s server. After a while I made all of scripts and settings of the server. I was with Vakkas And Sonkral in the clan and with many members. Later Vakkas won police academy and Sonkral left the game. I started to play on DST's server and I joined their team I was with them for 3-4 months. I left everything excluding mapping. I did +20 maps until 2016. I started to work in gym as armwrestling coach (I am Turkey Armwrestling Champion ) and Im back to game in the middle of 2018 and I'm thinking to back mapping for my volume 11. Have you been in any clans?: I have been in many clans since 2011 and I dont remember all of them but I will try to write them. LxG ( Latin Xtreme Gamers ) / - Closed. |DST| (Dangerous Skillers Team ) / I left. |ED| (Eski Dostlar ) / Closed. Sir. (Sirius Bauss ) / I left. RoH| (Real of Horrors) / I left. -DG| (Divinity Gamers). / I left -Why do you want to join XpR?: I wanted to join the clan since years. This clan the best of all as members , as clanwars.. Also I know many of the members and they are very skilled and good players In short , there is many reason to want the clan - How can you help our community?: I can help you in every respect ; Mapping Scripting Clanwars HTML - Javascript. And If what you need. -How can we contact you?: Skype : ali.sworn_1 -Additional information: Firstly Thanks for reading my Join Request. And I want to share my last map. [DM] SwoRN vol.10 - Just For Enjoy II BEST REGARDS!
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    el naval económico.
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    Hello my nickname is Samyz and my Reallife name is Pascal , im 19 years old and next week on the 19.04 i am 20 years old. I live in germany more exactly in Frankfurt am Main - Your history in-game: Important is to add "How long I've been playing." Actually, I've been playing mta for a few years, starting about 7 or 8 years ago. Initially, I had no idea about DM so I played almost 1.5 years only on a Reallife server called terratex until my account was hacked there and my whole fortune was gone so I played over 1000 hours of play for free. My DM career started on German Race under the name ShuX (not the mapper), I also played on other servers but I can not remember that exactly. 4 or 5 years ago I did not enjoy mta anymore and have deleted it and have been actively playing for about a year now, currently playing FFS and Vultaic. - Have you been in any clan ?: If yes, you can write the clan and write a short explanation of your departure. Under the name ShuX: -GR | : German Race (6-7 months) I left when the server was down -GF: German Flash (2-3 months) kicked because I had problems with the leader NICE | how long i do not remember but was in there until i left mta Under the name Samyz iW //: iron will leave (7 months) because Clan was a bit inactive and I felt excluded -Ex: Exentric (4 months) leave because the clan is inactive - Why do you want to join XpR ?: XpR is not just a clan but more like a family, the clan has existed since I know DM and there were some legendary players like Shady or Tarkaan in this clan. I want to join XpR because I want to be a part of this family. - how can you help our community ?: e.g clanwars, mapping, organizing, as designer, webmaster, scripter, etc. I think I can only help the clan at DM or WFF clanwars. - How can we contact you ?: Skype, Facebook, E-mail, etc. Skype: samyzmta Discord: Samyz! # 7083 - Additional information: You're not forced to write here, this is a voluntary act. ---
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    BomZ's Join Request - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: BomZ. 22 years old, born USA, Chicago. I tho live in Spain 14 years now. - Your history in-game: My first touch was MTA:VC on 2008-09's, then on 2010 I jumped into MTA:SA for the first time when a friend introduced me to European Pro Gamers server and yeah that was definitely the MTA gold times. Although, I've been playing RPG-RP gamemodes mostly, I could easily say I have sticked the last 8 years to a single RPG server, but this gamemode for me has lost its spark and grace so I just play DM now. - Have you been in any clans?: I was part of ~[EPG]~ on 2010 until I basically got kicked for inactivity, as I lost contact with the majority of the clan when real life also turned in. Apart from that I have been clan-less for the rest of my game-time. - Why do you want to join XpR?: Honestly, because of the quality of people. I want a place where I can stay cool, and I feel like XpR just does it for me, I never had a single argument or have come across a XpR player that has been toxic or offensive, so that's one solid reason. The mature and friendly attitude of the members is what draws my attention when choosing a clan, so this way I know it's a place where I'm staying for sure and I'm not gonna have to run through any pointless situations of having to hop. - How can you help our community?: I'm an active player but in terms of contributing with game development I have very basic knowledge of coding and mapping. I've had experience with 3D modeling past years, and I'm definitely looking to start to creating my custom maps, I already have someone teaching me how to properly map, but until I get experience I don't see myself suitable to help this way. I consider I can contribute with my quality of person, I think what greater helps a community is the amount of non-toxic members and so I consider myself one of them. - How can we contact you?: I prefer Discord, you can find me in the XpR Discord server list. - Additional information: You're not forced to write here, this is a voluntary act.
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    mediante este conducto le comunico de la manera mas atenta le deseo buena suerte en su petición para ingresar a la organización relacionada con videojuegos que sin fines de lucro es reconocido como el mejor equipo existente
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    Thanks for everything!
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location: My in-game nickname is Rhae. So my real name is Matic. I'm 19 years old. I was born on 18th of March 2000. I'm from Slovenia which is a small country. I could say that I'm a pretty chill guy who likes to communicate a lot. I love to play a variety of games and joke around. I also know how play the guitar and I play basketball for 10 years now. Your history in-game: I've played SA:MP before MTA in 2008 and 2009. I found about MTA in 2010. I firstly played on freeroam and roleplay server which I thought was really fun. In 2012 a friend introduced me to a gamemode called Race DM. I had no idea how to play the gamemode because I had zero experience whatsoever but it was easy for me to learn it since my English was decent back then and I had no problem with asking players for help. I fell in love the gamemode itself and started playing it as my main gamemode in 2013 on a server called SKC. After some time passed I started playing on servers like ER, SHC and TFF but after Vultaic opened and I'm mostly active on there. I play this game around 3-4 hours a day. It really depends on my mood and time that I have. Have you been in any other MTA clans: v8 - Victorious Eight (Co-leader, closed) SoR - Squad Of Revolution (Trial, closed) SKC - SofaKingCool (Mapmanager, Debugger, left) V:: - Vultaic (Media tech, left) Why would you like to join XpR: I would like to join XpR since I find it as a great community. I also do have a lot of friends inside the clan itself and would love to be a part of it myself. XpR as a clan has a lot of potential in my opinion. I also enjoy a good atmosphere inside the clan which I believe there is one. I don't joke around when it comes to representing the team/clan itself. How can you help our community: I'm studying as a media technician which means I work in programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and a bit of Blender. I can be useful with video editing which I really enjoy doing. My main focus is video editing. I would be useful with uploading sneak peaks of new stuff that XpR has to offer, stream or record clanwars, make illustrations and ofcourse video editing (or try to improve the current logo animation of XpR) How can we contact you?: Discord: Rhae#8473 Skype: live:rhaemta Additional information: If you have any other questions or things you didn't see on my JR you are free to contact me on the platforms that are listed above.
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My current nickname is RockZ, my real name is Dominik, I am 21 years old and will be 22 end of this year. I live in Germany Baden-Württemberg, Pforzheim, to my hobbies I count, going out with my friends and having fun with them (sounds kinda weird I know), I also play most of the time World of Warcraft and MTA but sometimes GTAV too. - Your history in-game: I'm not sure if the timeline is accurate. (2009 - 2010 ) I've been playing Multi Theft Auto since late 2009, I started like many others on a Freeroam server. From the very beginning I loved to do stunts, I tried to drive on two tires and use any kind of wall to drive. After a long time someone wrote me and said " try out the gamemode Race". Of course it sounded boring at first but shortly after I dared to try it. I searched for a server with Race in the name shortly afterwards I found a server with "DM/Race" in the name, of course I immediately thought of Deathmatch or Team-Deathmatch server. I entered the server and was surprised that it was not a server on which you fight against each other but a server on which you raced. I thought to myself "just give it a try" I was of course immediately overwhelmed like no other. I had never drove a race map before. One week later I felt that I was beginning to like it, I quickly learned how to control the Infernus, of course I had help from some people I meet there. So I played a longer time on this server, after about 1 month the server owner decided to close his project because he didn't have time anymore and didn't want to pay his server anymore. Of course it made me sad in a way that the owner decided to close his project but I quickly found more servers to play on, unfortunately I can't really name servers it's been too long to remember. (2012 - 2014) At the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 I found a server called German Blue Race, the server was just terrible, but I decided to play there for a longer time. After a while I made new friends like Dice, TimeZ, ShiiFuu, S3VARL0TH, and more. After several months TimeZ wrote me "Yoo I found a good server called Planet Race, you should try this one". I gave it a try because I wanted to know how good this server was. It quickly became clear to me that this would be a server on which I would play for a long time. To be clear I played there for more than 6 months actively, at some point S3V4RL0TH wrote me that he was currently playing on a server called Bloody Race and I should try this one because there were always many players there. I started playing there and was amazed of the great script and the nice community. A few months passed and I decided that I would try to join Bloody Race, so I wrote a Join Request and was accepted about 2 - 3 weeks later. Almost 2 months later everything went wrong, the current leaders decided to accept many people they know and preferred, the consequences were bad, the new members only abused their rights and made sure that no player wanted to play anymore on this server. At some point I had enough and decided to leave, I couldn't watch it any longer. A while later, I created my own clan called seventh Try. This was something special for me because it was my first own clan. I couldn't believe it myself but this clan ran quite well. Many of my old friends were in this clan and we even won some clan wars. After about 8 months I quickly noticed that the members were no longer interested in this clan, I tried several times to save the clan but at some point I decided to just close the clan, but I was still proud of myself that my first clan lasted 8 months. Many people can't say that about their first project. After that I looked for a new server that would be fun for me and shortly after that I found KekZ gaming. I checked out the server and decided to stay, I had a lot of fun playing there. Many of the players were a bit weird, but I didn't care in the end. The founder of KekZ gaming already knew me from other servers and told me to write an Join Request, shortly after I did. and I was accepted, a few months later I decided to leave because my PC was broken and I was an didnt want to be a inactive member for this clan. (2015 - 2019) When I had a PC again Gerox wrote to me and said "Let us reopen FfY (Fight for Yourself)", I said yes and we tried to rebuild this clan together. It went well for a long time, unfortunately the day came when we decided to close FfY. We both just had too many private problems. A short time later I decided to start the clan TSR (The survivers of the Race) together with Panik (today's name is LiXuZ). Unfortunately this didn't go so well, LiXuZ brought people into our clan where he thought he could trust them. Unfortunately he was wrong, the new members abused any kind of rights and even banned new players from the server. That's when I decided to leave. Sometime later I was invited to join a clan called "fuck the Future" I saw that TimeZ was in there so I decided to join. I was only one month in the clan, I quickly realized that this clan is nothing for me. Unfortunately, the leaders took everything seriously and so I had no fun to play. Back then a good friend of mine (Dice) said that I should join SHC because he goes in there too. Of course I was surprised that Dice wrote me, we had no contact for a long time. So I decided to make a join request to SHC. After a longer time of waiting I was accepted, I stayed in SHC for 8 - 9 months and had the best time of my life (at least I thought so at that moment). Sadly then i left SHC (due to private problems). After being inactive for some time and coming back I decided to join a clan called AMG, this turned out to be a big mistake. In the beginning everything seemed to be good but I quickly realized that everyone in this clan behaved like a kid and did what they wanted. I didn't stay long in this clan, I decided to go back to SHC. I told the leaders of AMG that I wanted to go back to SHC and they said to me it would be ok, as I learned afterwards they were mad and behaved like kids shortly afterwards. So I made a new join request to SHC and was accepted shortly after, I was happy to be there again. Unfortunately I realized that the clan I once loved had changed. Nobody was active anymore and nobody wanted to help new users. I tried to stay in the clan for a while, but unfortunately I quickly lost the fun of playing because nobody really showed interest. Shortly after I left SHC, I joined a clan called Saints of ability. There I made some new friends like BLTZ. I thought first that I would like it in the clan, unfortunately I didn't have as much fun in the clan as I had hoped. I went out after a while and applied to XpR and was accepted after a short time. I stayed in XpR for 1 year and 1 month (if I remember it correctly). I had a lot of fun in XpR but sometimes it was also stressful. I started to support Rul3zZ as much as I could and helped him with several forums bugs and tried to play as active as possible on the server. I also helped sorting the maps and debugging maps. It came the time when XpR had its downphases due to problems with the root. During this period the active players were unfortunately gone and I tried to rebuild the player base with Rul3zZ and some other members of XpR. It didn't work out well and at some point I decided to leave because in my eyes it was hopeless to get players back on the server. I realized later that this was the wrong decision, but a few weeks later I accepted LiXuZ's offer and started with him and Rul3zZ Intravenous. After 4 months and many problems with the developers and problems with other founders / leaders I decided to leave. But I knew that I gave the clan in good hands. - Have you been in any clans?: - Small Hustlers Crew (2 times) - (Member ) - Fuck the Future - (Member ) - Planet Race - (Member ) - Sense of ability - (Member ) - Hardstyle klowns - (Trial ) - seventh Try - (Founder ) - The survivers of the Race - (Founder ) - KekZ gaming - (Member / admin ) - Xtreme pro Racers (Forum-manager / Staff Member ) - Intravenous - (Founder ) - Why do you want to join XpR?: That's a good question, I was already in XpR once and if I still remember it correctly at least for 1 year. During this time I had a lot of fun and meet a lot of new people who are still in XpR today. I think the reason why I want to join XpR is because I feel most comfortable here and can just be who I am and I don't have to pretend to be anyone I don't want to be. I said in my first Join Request that XpR has a great future and I still have that opinion today. - How can you help our community?: My main goal is to help the community, to help players who don't know what to do but also to solve problems/reports and when the XpR server is online again, I will also be there for the players to make their time on the Server as comfortable as possible. I could now also say that I can support you in clanwars, but unfortunately this is not my biggest strength. - How can we contact you?: Discord : RocKz#8234 - Additional information: I would like to give you some information about my leaving of XpR last time. I left XpR for some stupid reasons. It became clear to me that this was not the solution I had hoped. At this time I blamed the members that XpR didn't run as it once did. This was a big mistake, almost everyone tried to help. I was just too stupid to see that. I wrote a text back then in which I indirectly attacked certain members, I want to apologize for this text because this was not the right way.I hope that some of you can forgive me what I did in the past, we are all humans and nobody is perfect - RockZ
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    Nickname's Join Request - Xevadish About me :My name is Alekander, I am 18 years old. Originally from Poland, I live in the smal town called Racibórz . Interested in football, volleyball and computer games.I am a very positive person to meet new people and help them in difficult situations. My MTA career : I started the game 8-9 years ago, initially I played on RPG servers. After some time I found out about other types of gameplay. My good friend Kube, with whom I have known for years, showed me the Fc(Fapping Club) server where I learned the basics of DM. With time I found a PMC (Polish Monster Clan) where I met a lot of nice people from Poland. After mastering the basics I decided to write an application to -nFw-(NoFuckingWay) over time I got a chance from members to show what I can afford. It didn't last long, however, and Clan was closed. Half a year later I got an invitation to VIP (Very Important Players) Since xXEduxX.The reason for leaving was a problem withcontact with other members of the team.Then I was interested in clan mP( MasterPlayers) , I decided to join the team in order to acquire new skills that would allow me to get as close to perfection.At the end of 2017 I joined SHC (Small Hustlers Crew). at first it seemed that I found myself team in which I would feel like in a family , but I had problems with the Leaders and the whole team and I decided to leave.For a very long time I was looking for a team I was trying to find a team that would allow me to be myself and would not demand from me anything I can't. I was trying to find a team that would allow me to be myself and wouldn't demand anything I can't do. I decided to write for nTL ( Nothing to Lose ) the whole team was for me like a big family and I can safely say that it was the best clan I had ever been in. Clans I've been in before : -RB- RedBull -nFw- No Fucking Way >VIP< Very Important Players mP - Master Players SHC// Small Hustlers Crew |-nTL-| Nothing To Lose UP| Unlimited Power My reasons to join XpR : The reason to join is that I would like to develop with the best, and I think joining the team will allow me to practice my skills to perfection. I would also like to find a team in which I will feel like in a family and will be able to stay in it for a very long time. Why me and not others? : I stick to the rules, I can create a good atmosphere. I can pass most of the maps that I like, I am active on a daily basis for some 2-3 hours I can bring a good atmosphere to the clan. I also think i will be a good Moderator on the team forum. How can I contribute the most? : The biggest contribution I can give is to help in clan wars in dm/wff modes.
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    - Your nickname(s), age and location?: Thenico, 20 years, Argentina - Your history in-game: I started looking for online games for GTA San Andreas, then I met Freeroam and Deathmatch servers. I met several people on several servers and some of those people are still playing and others withdrew. Create my first clan "Nx NewS xTreme" it lasted several years more or less until 2014 afterwards also created another clans in 2015 called "PfG Professional favorite Gaming" & "GR Ghost Racing" lasted several months too, create some maps * deathmatch * for fun , I remember that I made them for a server called * X5 xTreme 5 * Unfortunately, I lost those maps but now I'm still creating maps but I'm without PC, and well I'm 9 years old this game Have you been in any clans?: * xTreme 5 |X5| - 2010-11 - closed - Member * Revolution Mortal -[RM]- - 2011 - closed - Member * NewS xTreme -Nx- - 2011-2012 - closed - Leader * Latins xTreme Gamers LxG// - 2012-13 - Left - co-Leader * Professional favourite Gaming /PfG\ - 2015 - closed - Leader * Squad of Revolution - SoR! 2016 – closed - Member * Ghost Racing GR# - 2016-17 closed - Leader Saints St. - 2017 – Left - Member * executors Gaming exe. - 2017-18 Left - Leader * National xTreme Racing 2018 - Left – Member * executors Gaming exe. - 2018-19 closed - Member - Why do you want to join XpR?: naval I suck you xd ndeeah, I would like to help with the forum, with the reports of each player they give and make a list to give it to the * administrator'founder * of the server, and give ideas for the server, I know several people who have been in the clan for years now, The years go by way too much, but for now I'm somewhat inactive from last year because I'm out of PC but in June I'm going back safely, but I do not know what else tell! - How can you help our community?: as I said above ^ I help them to make a List of Bugs and Reports of the players of the servers that do - How can we contact you?: Gmail: nahuelnicolasortiz1998@gmail.com Discord: Thenico#5772 - Additional information: i gay
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    *Closes his application 2 days ago* *Re-applies 2 days later* Gteatero:
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    Wtf bro, you cancel your join requests for constructive criticism
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    Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to another map of me featuring hUGAOXD today! This map was started with Helios, but sadly he lost the motivation to finish it with me. He showed and helped me a lot in improving my mapping skills. Thank you! Special Thanks to hUGAOXD who finished this map with me! :^) Also thanks to Audi for recording and nX_ for helping too. Check out Audi's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcRFgmrAz3TtCWQsgP7b0fA
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello! My name is Przemek and nickname Flexxy!. I'm almost 20 years old. I live in Poland in city Zabrze. Your history in-game: I've been playing MTA for 9 years now, I started in 2010 playing on Freeroam and DM servers. At the beginning I found one specific server, I played there for 3 years but nothing lasts forever. I found and played on some RP servers but then again, it wasn't good enough for me. I visited quite a small server and I pretty much liked playing there. When 6 months passed someone recommended TG to me, I was playing there for so long time. In January 2016 I joined EsR(Empire Street Riders). After a month we decided to close clan but after 4 months from closing clan we reactivated it. I left after few days because it wasn't the same EsR. In 2016 I also joined XpR. I stayed in this clan for like 1,5 year. I decided to leave because of my longer inactivity. In June 2018 I joined nTL (Clan of our friend Natsuki). After few months Natsuki decided to close it because of Clan inactivity. After month I joined Unlimited Power. In march 2019 I left UP because of my own reasons. Have you been in any clans? Tag: Name: Date: Reason: fL: Fatal Light 2013/2014 Closed EsR! Eccentrics Street Racers 2016 Closed, Left |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racers 2016-2018 Left because of my inactivity |-nTL-| Nothing To Lose 2018 Closed UP! Unlimited Power 2018(?)-2019 Left Why do you want to join XpR?: Well.. When I first time joined XpR you accepted me very fast.. That made me part of This great Family. I don't feel the same in other clans as in XpR. I would like to come back because It's my Family, Home and I miss you. Also I'd like to again became part of this great clan further more I want to get my skills back. (XpR tag = +100 to skill kk) How can you help our community?: I am HDM player If I'll train enough I can be useful in HDM clanwars or L7. Also I can record/stream Clan Wars. In the past I was Forum Manager in this clan so I have got some experience what makes me useful with taking care of forum or fixing problems. Of course my english is decent for it. How can we contact you?: Skype: Fleexxio
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location? Ola, My nick is nX_ I have 28 years old and I'm actually living in Russia and South Korea. Your history in-game: So I started in 2009 when I was using MTA for create few maps to SA-MP,after some search I find a DM server called Bloody Race There I spent the next 4 years playing. In 2010 I was trying to make my first maps and that was when i released my v1 A crap in the shape of a map, after a year of tries I was able to release my v5, and that was when I started become a popular mapper. My ambition was to create something unique that I wasn't able to find in MTA, most of my maps are weird but I enjoy creating the weird stuff. After several years, in 2018 I was able to reach the level I expected as mapper when I released my v18. This map gave me mapper of the year in ffs forum and best creation of year in the official MTA forum. I have new plans as mapper and I am whiling to keep taking mapping to the next level. Have you been in any clans? I have been leader of two clans -sK- (skilled gaming) and BR| (bloody race) I quit both clans for same reasons, I don't like when people act as if they are better than the others, I had misunderstandings with leaders and break friendship of years for silly reasons. I am also a bad leader since I am too hard on people and can't take things easy when I am doing something for real. I have been in the end of AMG clan I was there for few months until the clan shut down, same as in the WTF clan. Why do you want to join XpR? I want to join most because Neit, last times we have become really good friends. I am helping him and he is helping me back in too many things, and of course because XpR is a good clan. I don't think that I would want to join a bad clan. How can you help our community? I can help the community in anything that I am able to, I have a VPS paid for 14 months and I am able to give out some mapping servers I am also good at client side scripting and creating shaders as well. I am creating 3D models for the last 4 years and I can tell I started to be a lot good on that. How can we contact you? Anyone can find me in whatsapp +79149625622. Additional information: I have a lot to say but if i would write everything down that would be a book. I am a lot old, but I have some passion for this game, I am a creative person and anything that allows me to create will conquer me. I have a good life position from my hard work and I am married, If we back on time 5 years ago I was immature but now days a lot of things have changed. I tried to rebuild most relations that I had in MTA that at some point became a silly fight, I am always ready to help a good friend if I am able to. I don't tolerate fake people, and most people can hate me because I am too honest. I hope it was clear and that in future I can become part of this family and tell more about myself. Best regards, Sunny mucho riko.
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello!, Olá!, Hola!, I am Kevin from Portugal, also know as Abyss, I am almost 19 years old (turning next month) and this is my join request. Hope you enjoy it. Your history in-game: My history in MTA started around 2010 when I was looking for gta online and what I found was this game. I didn't start with DM when I began playing MTA, actually the first server that I came across was CIT and I spent there almost 3 years. Then around 2013 I found this brazilian DM server in which I played for about 1 year and that is where my DM history started. After a year playing in this server I came across ffs, which I joined and started playing there since then. In this time playing in ffs I joined some teams and made some of my first friends in the game, One of this friends then invited me for my first clan which was Koh and that was when I really started playing more and more, trying to get better and better. Basically that is how I fell in love with this gamemode and that is why I'm still playing it till this day. Nowadays I am not playing that much because of college but I still try to be as active as I can in vultaic server and some other servers. Have you been in any clans?: Yes, I have been in some clans, those were: Koh - Killers of Hope - Member (closed) SwC - Skills Without Control - Member (closed) 98' - 1998 Skillz - Member (closed) UcS - Uncontrolled Skills - Founder (closed) UP - Unlimited Power - Member (left,problems with management) Why do you want to join XpR?: Well, I want to join this clan because it is like a dream clan for me to join such a big and nice community. I've always looked up to this clan since the day I started playing this game. Also this clan has some of the friendliest members and skilled ones which is a way for me to learn and to improve myself. How can you help our community? I see myself as a fast learner so if anything is needed u can always contact me to help and I'll try to help as I can. I can also try to help in cw's if needed. I am also always loyal to the clans I join and friendly to everyone. How can we contact you?: I can be contacted in skype: abyss.10 or Discord: ABS#6591 Additional information: I tried to keep this simple and straight to the point, Thank you for reading!
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    este verga les va a borrar el foro es experto 100% recomendado
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    Good Luck brother <3
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    These maps i thought i had lost. Projects that stopped being due to lack of time (map of about a year and a half ago). 1- 2- and these maps have been published for a long time but they are back xd 3- 4- 5- 6- Contact me: Skype: juan.videla314 Discord: Chipy#8663
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Túlio Rocha, Nickname: Moses, country: Brazil I'm from São Paulo I have 20 years. Your history in-game: Come on, I do not have a very big story inside the MTA, my story started 7 years ago on a Brazilian server called '' Earth '' I played for many months there in the desire to always be the best there, after a few years I met other Brazilian clan servers that did not last long. After that I met a current member of you Yuuta, I met him fake as a woman and we became best friends after that, yuuta at the time was not very good in DM, started to feel like improving and after some time became the best Brazilian of the time in HDM, with that I asked him to teach me how to play HDM so that I could be just like him, or even better .. I started to train AOS every day, which at the time was one of the most difficult maps , with this everything much better and the yuuta himself said that I had surpassed him, which was never true .. basically this is my whole story in the MTA. Have you been in any clans?: I never had a real clan, I always went into Brazilian clans just to have fun, but this time I would like to join a real clan. Why do you want to join XpR?: Well.. I always wanted to be XpR because yuuta was from cla, and other friends .. I always asked him to help me do jr because my English is not one of the best, I feel that xpr is one of the best clans of the present time. How can you help our community?: I'm good at hard maps and hunter, I can help a lot in clanwars and maybe even in wff. How can we contact you?: In my discord Tuli#4543 Additional information: I'm looking forward, thanks for reading my join request.
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    good guy, a lot of history with this man. extremely good moderator and staff member as well ! best of luck. ..
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    Very nice to see another join request from you Good luck man
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