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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Miha which is also my nickname in-game. I'm 17 years old. I was born on the 20th of January, 2002. I'm from Slovenia in small town called Laško. - Your history in-game: Important is to add "how long I've been playing: My MTA journey started back in 2012. Throughout my 7 years of playing MTA, both good and bad things happened to me. As I remember I started on a server called Team - NeO. It was definitely a great time playing there. Team-NeO was a wide spread DM/DD/RACE and CnR server, which included a lot of fun. But after a while I left the server because I wanted to play something fun and challenging at the same time. This is when I started playing DM in around 2013. Basically I was just jumping from server to server back and forth trying to find the right home but I just couldn't find the right one. Later on I found an amazing server called DDC and I've been playing in DDC for 3 years which has given me a lot of experience & friends throughout community and it was one of the best communities I have ever been in. Sadly it got a bit demolished for some reason and most of the players lost interest including myself, so later on after that event I came to FFS gaming and been playing here roughly 3-4 years. - Have you been in any clans? Emp| - Elite Master Players (left) [FOTL] - Firestarters Of the Land (left, due inactivity of clan) eP! - Elite Players (closed) Z# - Zenosyne (closed) 7m - Seventh miracle (closed) - Why do you want to join XpR?: The clan itself is just one of the biggest clans in MTA community from skills, friendliness all the way to organization and I want to be a part of such huge and respective family. I also got some friends inside the clan which will definitely make it even more entertainment being inside and I'm just looking forward of meeting new people and just try to bond with them. - How can you help our community?: Like no-one else said that ever before. I am more than happy to help the clan in clan-wars, especially in WFF events and besides that also from OS perspective in which I'm kind of good at it. However, my hunter is roughly any good without training which has been a while since I last trained hunter. But I will definitely get it back if its needed and I am more than happy to represent XpR in events such as WF and L7 and put them under the good light. Throughout my career I've played many, many clan-wars and in which I gained many experiences and also an ability to not be nervous and drive as good as I possibly can, rather than to be super nervous and fail miserably. - How can we contact you?: Through discord Miha#5727 nor Skype (Nofear_Pro)
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello, I'm Antonio, I'm 22 years old and I live in a small town in southern Italy, a small town but rich in history. I'm a nice guy and sociable in fact I like to help new players to learn the most of this fantastic game, and if you should bring respect I spare. I know several languages: Italian (Of course) English, French, Spanish (a bit). At school I also studied various programming languages such as C++, HTML, PHP, CSS, MYSQL (but I hate it), Appinventor (Android) and so on. I love to play MTA or other games like Minecraft, CS:GO, Skyrim, Rocket League etc. (and above all zombie games) .. One of my hobbies is playing football with my friends (my favorite team is Juventus) and go to the gym. Actually I'm working as a policeman. - Your history in-game: Important is to add "how long I've been playing." My "career" of MTA began in 2010 with an Italian clan, [ICD], but after a bit of time this clan has decided to split up for various reasons; from this was born iS| another clan Italian where I have been for at least a year (it was the clan where I met my friends and where I learned to play), but after the problems with the founder, I decided to leave but I kept playing in iS| because I loved the community; after some time I managed to get in Tsw|, but for my bad luck the clan closed a day after my entry; At that point I decided to play in -ffs- and one day a player contact me in private and invites me in ~Vk~ (a clan created by Packy). I was there for several months, but after a period of inactivity of the whole clan, Packy has decided to close it. But I had already spotted another nice clan |-XpR-|. It was hard to get into it but in the end I succeeded. |-XpR-| was the clan of my career so far because it was one of the strongest clan of the MTA; I was there for a year in this clan, and after many problems, many went out of the clan and it was likely that the clan closed. so I decided to manage the clan and save him, in fact after a few months the old members had returned and everything was back to normal. But one day, after so many messes made by the old leader, decided to leave it with my other friends who had done everything to save the clan. After that I decided to try other servers (really many). In the end I decided to play in -|TG|-, enter -|TG|- was one of my dreams since I met MTA. But my dream has been shattered by this division with Zurio. I immediately thought of continuing with Zurio but after some time, I don’t know the reason, I decided to cancel the jr and to return to -|TG|- where I found myself, in the past, really well. At the second attempt, I managed to get in -|TG|- and for me it was a real satisfaction that has vanished gradually in subsequent years. We all know what happened, but the fact remains that I was in -|TG|- for almost three years and were the most prosperous years of my career because I met new and important people who helped me to improve my skills, especially in clanwars. After starting my work in real life, I was quite inactive and decided to quit MTA and TG. Now after 3 years of inactivity I'm here and since I managed to settle down with work and real life, I will definitely be more active so I decided to return to "PC" in my spare time. - Have you been in any clans?: If yes, you can list the clan and write a short explanation of your departure. You have already read over my clans but to have the best shot in I list them below: iS| (International Stunters) CLOSED Tsw| (The Same World) CLOSED ~Vk~ (Vanished Kingdom) CLOSED |-XpR-| (Xtreme Pro Racers) LEFT -|TG|- (Twisted Gamers) LEFT - Why do you want to join XpR? And how can you help our community? e.g clanwars, mapping, organizing, as designer, webmaster, scripter, etc. I decided to choose this clan because I've already been there and then let's be clear, it's the strongest MTA clan IMO and I want to be the strongest :P. Well, I'm a good player (DM/HUNTER/DD/RACE) so i can help you in CW (but I don't think that's the case, you have very strong players and I've just come back and I'm a little rusty), I'm a mapper, I can do anything that you ask me about the mapping (garage, bar, etc. ..). I am good with PS, sometime I can try to create something that will help you, I can help with my italian language since this clan doesn't have at least 1 italian boy. I seem cheerful boy , but I assure you that I am mature. - How can we contact you?: Skype, Facebook, E-mail, etc. Skype: tonyccx1000 Discord: TonyxO#1253 Mail: I can tell you in pvt Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/tonyxo1997/ - Additional information: You're not forced to write here, this is a voluntary act. Since I'm back to MTA, I'm continuing my Vol. 4 and working in a ft. with MoX and Ryze
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello, my name is Bilal, with my nickname being ZeldaK. I'm 21 years old and I live in Israel. I majored in electrical engineering at a nearby college but I quit as I've lost interest, to put it mildly, and picked another. Your history in-game: I started coming on regularly around Winter 2010, approx. 9 years ago, on a race server to which I was referred by a friend who also used to play on it.. though it wasn't less than a year that I left to Mr. Green, another popular race server, and I been playing on it since. My very first DM experience was on Twisted Gamers, to which I been referred by the same guy that invited me to the game. I had tons of fun on it passing DM maps, hunter-fighting etc. It was kind of a challenging experience and I loved every second of it. As time went on I gotten way better and immediately went and started looking for teams to join so I could play clanwars.. though I spoke too soon as it was not long before I came upon a tutorial video on scripting on youtube which lead me to give up improving my DM skills to try and learn how to script, which I did, but well, I lost interest a while after as it gotten boring really quickly and went back to playing DM etc.. I been playing since. These are the most significant parts of my MTA career. Been on FFS for a long time now, but never been as interested in it as I'm now. The more I played, the more interested I became and here I am applying for an administrative position. Have you been in any clans?: LxG// Latin xtreme gamers (left due to lack of communication in English among clan members) PiA| Pro's In Action (2015 or 16, not exactly sure when. clan shut down) #Z Zenosyne (2018. clan shut down) [gS] g0ld StaR (2017-18, re-introduced as another clan and as a result i was kicked) FX| Fucking Xtreme (since Feb. 2019) -]alw[- Any Last Words (Mr. Green, since March 2017) I've been in a few more most of which barely lived thus not worth mentioning Why do you want to join XpR? A good reason to want to join is to find like minded players i could have a good time with and constantly have players to play that i know i can depend on, and gain tons and tons of new friends in the process. In overall most games are better with friends & if we are going to be playing together we might as well be in same clan. I've been part of this community for a few years, and imagine if it having a fun tight-knit community behind of which I would love to be a part. Be around a group of like minded and extremely skilled players is only going to elevate my experience with the game. I'd say I'm average at best, but throw me in with like minded players and watch me learn, I get better, I have fun. How can you help our community? I will stride to provide a good first impression for newcomers so they can later become frequent visitors. I will provide valuable input in how we could better the team and hopefully will be able to make an overall change for the good. I'm an experienced player who can bring a variety of skills to the table in regards to being a clan mate, and while I may have a slightly different mindset than most of the admin team, I'm willing to conform my ideals in order to get along with team members as well as I could. I want to apply as i feel that much of the current admin team isn't as active as id like them to be and would like to throw my hat into the mix as an active player. I haven't submitted my application without putting a decent amount of thought into becoming part of the clan and hopefully id be given the chance to be part of it I'm generally pretty friendly, and helping people out is a specialty of mine. Overall, I think I'm generally well liked as I've never had any personal problems with anyone around this community. I'm more than sure I'd be able to create a lovely atmosphere within the clan and mix well with clan members if accepted. I'm a decent front-end developer and am almost available at any time if you ever needed me. If interested, DM me on Discord for a bunch of older projects I worked on. How can we contact you?: I've discord, Zeldak#2784 Thanks for reading and for any potential consideration.
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    Hi RoNNiE. First of all, thank you. However I am well aware that current wff roster is fascinating with very good players in it. And getting in main team for the cw is very difficult but I am willing to grind & train to achieve this goal day by day as much as I possibly can to be able to play with such players and hopefully get the chance once. So regarding the question that you are curious about me answering is that, basically what I can bring on board besides my WFF skills and OS potential mentioned already above is actually my activity. You see I might not be as active as i should be at the moment but that is only because of my school responsibilities but when i'm done with them, I will go back to my normal activity which is quite a bit. I usually spend quite some time on ffs gaming which could bring even more popularity to the clan and perhaps even more interests towards joining the clan itself. The second point that I might bring up to the table is my loyalty. Which you can see that most of the clans I've been in had been closed, whether because of inactivity or just because leaders decided to do so. However my point is that I rarely leave any clan, unless my satisfaction just isn't there at all which I believe won't happen in this clan any time soon =D. Then I could bring up new suggestions regarding forum which could improve better for new people and even clan members itself, such as keeping a statistic regarding clan-wars based in WFF and even DM. I mean its not really anything new to be honest, you might as well even have it on skype/discord conversation already... And just not keeping it on forum for public. However I cannot with creating such sites/pages on forum because developmenting forum sites and scripting just isn't my best area. Well to be completely honest it isn't any near. And there is one more thing I think i could be useful in and that is actually organizing/preparing tournaments or whatever is needed. I am not saying that i'm an expert but I already have some experiences regarding hosting such events. I had such opportunity back in the days at FfY server which I could say that turned out quite successful but hosting events nowadays is completely different than it used to be. Regardless, there shouldn't be any big concerns about it. I hope I answered specific enough on what exactly I can help community with from my sight of view. if not, feel free to ask me more questions about it. see ya
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    Hello everyone and welcome to my application to Xtreme pro Racers. In-game I am known as Kanzy, my real name is Marwin and I live in the capital of Germany, Berlin. I study medicine and visit the 4th semester at a university in Berlin. About me; I am into computer games, fitness and hanging around with friends here and there, just things that people do. My history related to MTA ain't all too long, nervertheless I will try to give you a good insight of it. 2011 was the year when I first touched MTA. I tried my luck on some random stunt server because a friend played there and recommended it to me. I had a lot fun there but got bored after some time has passed. My next experience I gained was on a German Real-Life Roleplay server. I played there for months but after a while there was nothing to keep me playing there. I finally found the DM mode on the FFS server, there was no multi-gamemode script until this point, so DM was pretty much the only mode I have played back then. Of course I got to know to some other servers, for example Small Hustlers Crew, European Pro Gamers and Twisted Gamers... the goldies back then. Much time has passed and I tried my luck with the very first clans that I honestly can not remember at all. I met some people that became kinda friends which made it a lot easier for me to join some better clans. pure Skillz (2012)1 Elite master players (2013)1 Twin Stars (2014)1 Like everything in life there was a point when it had to end. I could not longer play MTA and PC games in general due to issues with the school causing bad grades. The game has influenced my life a lot and I decided to stop playing. In the middle of 2017 I gave it another try so that I began playing on the FFS server. The first days were very confusing because I had to realize there is no longer the servers which used to be played by a lot of people. I straight began playing the DM mode since it was the most attractive mode for me. It didn't pass much time until I got to know to Kamen, someone who has evolved to a very good friend to me now. He invited me to the clan called Mafioso Auto Drivers, everything seemed to be nice and it indeed was. The members in the clan were friendly and helpful so that there grew a big relation towards me and the clan. I began playing CW's for the first time after a very long time. I would say MAD was the most important time for me when I developed my "skill". But even there the time has come to leave it with a bad conscience. I applied to Zenosyne because it seemed to be a very strong clan, sadly I had to experience the opposite, the clan closed one or two months after I joined Well, I joined back Mafioso Auto Drivers and stayed there for a while. While then we had to fight many issues but in the end I would say we have tried our best. I enjoyed my stay there, didn't care about any statistics related to WFF and CW's, just being around friends. After a lot time has passed, Kamen and me decided to leave and search for another challenge in a different clan. So I applied to Seventh Miracle, a very great clan with a welcomed atmosphere inside. Unfortunately many things happened unexpected. People became inactive, issues with our forum and server came across the corner and have influenced our motivation very much. Some things happened I wasn't really happy about but I would like to keep it out from my application. Zenosyne (2018) 1 month - clan has closed Mafioso Auto Drivers (2019) 1 year - left Seventh Miracle (2019) 3 months - left Xtreme pro Racers is a clan everyone has heard about. It exists for a very long time and is known for its skilled performance. I personally have never heard anything bad about XpR. Members seem to be friendly and calm, nothing that showed toxicity nor fight against other clans. Being a part of it is truly a challenge and a sign of respect. In case I would get the opportunity to join this community I would like to help you strengthen the team even more, motivate you in difficult moments and of course to not let you down. I want to stay alongside you fixing problems together and doing my part as a member. I want to share good moments and get you rid of bad feelings. If you still have questions or want to give advice, I would appreciate to contact me via: Discord: Kanzy#8349 Skype: Kanzy ^^ Thanks for your time Yours faithfully, Kanzy 1 = year might be incorrect
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello, my name is Wesley Fernandes. I am 19 years old, turning 20 in 4 Months. I live in Brazil, in the city of Porto Alegre, also known as the Rio Grande do Sul Capital. I live in this city since my 5 years old, previously I lived in the city of Cachoeira do Sul, in the same state Your history in-game: Well, my MTA story is not as long as it seems to many who know me. I met the MTA at the end of the year 2014, when I was still playing an FPS Shooting game called CrossFire AL. I met the MTA through some friends of my team who play the game. My first server was FFS Gaming, a well known server, by the way I think all members of XpR play there too. Since then, I liked the MTA and the Server and so I stopped playing CrossFire, and I kept playing the MTA permanently. I've always been in love with DM, from the beginning when I first met the game, at first I just played for fun and play and laugh with my friends in the famous *Derby Oldschool* haha rooms. However during the year 2015 I started to take seriously the game mode I was in love with, started training the maps, training the shortcuts and learning more and more. It was during this time that I met my great friends, who are also known throughout the legacy of DMOS, Swidrox and AntarticaN,(xRz Leaders) it was with them that I started really trying to evolve my skills and wanting to be a good player more and more, and then I started picking up *TopTimes* in the DM / OS arena. During this period many other things, both personal and in-game, happened that discouraged me, so I stopped playing in the last month of 2017, i think, I don't remember very well. Then came back again in the middle this year 2019. I decided resume my career in the game, I was really away from the computer and everything related to it, principally from MTA. Have you been in any clans?: Official clans? Only Xtreme Racers zCool (xRz) in 2017, other Clans I've been to are not considered official clans. Currently I am in my clan, called *Since 2014*, I just created it for me and my friends to play CW for fun in FFS Server. Why do you want to join XpR?: Well, since the beginning, I believe all players want to become good enough and join an even better team right? I met XpR a few years ago, in my opinion it has always been one of the best teams the MTA community has had over the years, but a few years ago I believe I had no skill and other minimum requirements to try to join with XpR. However, over the years I got to know more about the team, I met some members, one of the few I could talk to was Gteatero, a very friendly member who talked to me when I said I was willing to apply in the team he does part. I also had the opportunity to talk to Naval on the FFS server, which took some of my doubts just as Gteatero did. Well, direct ... I was looking for an official clan with skilled, friendly, humble players, a great team, not for the number of members, but for the quality and union, and for the little I could see, I believe that I will find it all that i want and more here in XpR. How can you help our community?: Well, unfortunately I don't have much to offer, but i my skills in the DMOS arena and my mapping experience, as I'm also a DM mapper. But I have something that is perhaps the best, I am a friendly person, humble, and who likes to help other people, with maps scripts, tips, and wathever more i can help. I always try to evolve more and more, and always learn a little more with everyone peoples. How can we contact you? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WesleyFernandes2000 WhatsApp: +55051989178093 Discord: LeoN#7586 Skype: WesleyFernandesOficial1 Additional information: Well, I think every already has enough about me, but if I forgot something or if you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything. Best regards, LeoN !
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    • What's your nickname(s), age and location? My name is Michael, known as Rampage in-game. I'm 20 years old and I live in Israel • Your history in-game I've been playing MTA since 2012. I found out about this game after I stopped playing SA:MP. At first, I played freeroam with my friends, then, slowly I discovered new game modes, such as DM. Several months after playing DM, I've been told about the map editor. I started mapping stuntage arenas, headquarters and some more simple stuff for SA:MP servers. Surprisingly, many people liked my projects and it motivated me to continue working on new projects, and that's how I became a better mapper. Nowadays I make DM maps and I've won the "map of the year 2018" reward in a big mapping community. • Have you been in any clans? #UP| - Unlimited Power #Z - Zenosyne [FoXX] - Force Out Xtreme • Why do you want to join XpR? Basically, XpR's known for being one of the most professional clans out there in almost any aspect we can think of. If looking at the active side, this is one of the most active and veteran clans in the whole MTA community, also, I got many good friends in here, what gives me even more motivation to join the family and do my best to represent it. I have to mention that I'm also interested in meeting new friends and it seems to be the right place for me since you have picked carefully quality characters. Another reason for me to show interest and join XpR is the fact that the clan has many skilled players, what can improve me in my gameplay and make me even more useful for clan wars. • How can you help our community? It's kinda obvious that I'm gonna mention the fact that my speciality in MTA is mapping, but yes, in case I'm gonna be a part of the family, I'd love to make some work for future developement. I gotta add that I'm a pretty cool guy when it comes to personal themes, I like making jokes and I'm pretty good at keeping the good atmosphere around! About the professional section, when it comes to playing clan wars and participating in any tournaments I will always do my best for the team I represent. • How can we contact you? Discord: Rampage#7338 Skype: michael_bobrov89
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    Oww shit a TonyxO, gl
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    Kanzy el mejor good luck bruh!
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Known as RedBull, LamzoR and now, Irons. I'm 23 years old and I'm coming from Osijek, Croatia. - Your history in-game: I started playing this game back in 2010 on the race server called Mr.Green. Then in, I think 2012, I switched to DM. My first DM clan was TS, can't remember how I got there, that part is kinda blurry for me. Later on I started playing on the server called VIP. Had lots of fun there, joined the clan, been there for some time but then things started to go really bad, long story short, clan fell apart. After that, my next destination was TfF. Server was nice, players and staff as well, I liked it a lot. That's why I decided to test my chance of joining them. Been in that clan for 3 years or so, it was great, but things after some time changed and I decided to go. That was probably the hardest decision I made in my MTA career. After that I decided to take a break. Then, after some time I joined FOTL, been there for couple of months and then I left, it just wasn't my thing. Back then it was kinda hard for me to find a place to stay, the "main server", after TfF. So I decided to start playing on ffs more regularly. Made a Junior application which got accepted, and later on JR as well. I really enjoyed my time there. Had a lot of fun with my teammates. After about a year, a bit more, I left cuz I had some personal problems, had no time to play. To be honest at that time I thought I'll stop playing MTA for good. I was inactive for some time and I came back because, this game is just too addictive... And here I am, still playing this game and testing my chances. - Have you been in any clans?: =FoX= - left ~TS~ - left >VIP< - left /TfF\ - left [FOTL] - left -ffs- - left/retired - Why do you want to join XpR?: I want to join XpR because I think this is the place where I can have fun, relax, spend some quality time in a nice atmosphere surrounded by good fellas. After some time of being clanless, desire of joining somewhere came back to me and I see no better place than XpR. After all, I already got some friends in here. - How can you help our community?: I can help in clanwars, I'm pretty good in DM, WFF as well. - How can we contact you?: Skype: misel.zukic Discord: LamzoR#3716
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My nick name is NakeoN/iStessus01, my age is 15, and I am from Colombia (Tuluá, Valle del Cauca) - Your history in-game: First of play MTA, I starting playing SA:MP, I start playing freeroam servers, minigames, after of it, I search how to download MTA:SA, I started playing freeroam servers, too minigames, after of it I know a friends in a freeroam servers, one of my friends, invite me to play in a server called ''For Fuck Sake Gaming -ffs-' his name was: ''Happy515'', I was meeting more with the server and I found some new friends, after of it, I know another servers more, like [DDC], |-TG-| Twisted Gamers, and other more, finally here in |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racers. - Have you been in any clans?: I was in [MT] Midnight Team - I was member - I left - Why do you want join in XpR?: I like so much this clan, I love his community and members, it is friendly, skilled and mature, I want to join and help with somethings like ''design'' in clan, I want have funny with you, talk you about Jesuschrist, this clan is funny too :). How can you help our community?: I can help this clan with design and managing Clan Wars. -How can we contact you?: WhatsApp number: 3013302682 - Additional information: I hope you accept my Join Request, I am friendly and skilled, God bless you ATT: NakeoN/iStessus01
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    are you Rampage from EoS? Good luck dude
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    Oi TonyxO, Good luck
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    ExtinctioN Of Skills II ft. MoX and Ryze
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    Buona Fortuna^^
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    Hey guys im back with new map! Thanks for reading this post. Bye! *record by vishalentertainment
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    Hey guys I'd present you my Script pack for Mapping Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/a4itp8ywr7whh58/[Mapping] Arrow's Script Pack.zip Thanks for reading my post. Best Regards, Arrow
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    Hello there, I gotta say that I'm really happy to see this join request. Such a nice surprise. So there's my say about the applicant. Not gonna lie, Kanzy is one of my closest buddies in and outside the game. I don't exactly remember how we met, but ever since he joined MAD, I realized he's a guy I can trust blidnly and easily rely on. He's so talkative and supportive, respectful, always willing to help with any sort of problems. These I believe are vital qualities. In addition, he's always ready for a challenge, funny and indeed a very very loyal person. I've had my best years in this game (2015 and after) simply because I was able to meet even only a few people like him. Apart from his incredible personality that I believe our team will certainly benefit from, he could help us in any sort of mta event as well. He's quite decent skill-wise, improving daily, and even though I know we've got many talented players, I'm sure he would fit nicely in the team. In conclusion, I'd like to say thank you for the join request mate and I'll be extremely delighted if the team decides to let you in. Best of luck )
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    Why did you use our tag before? You know what I mean, Give us a valid/not stupid reason. Im tired of these people who use our tag being Clanless
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My real name is Igor, in the game known as Tsukyom!, I'm 23 years old (I'm 24 next month :D), I live in Brazil - Belo Horizonte. - Your history in-game: Important is to add "how long I've been playing." My MTA journey started in mid-2013, playing on a Brazilian server called Terra which was the best time for me when everything was new so far, but as I had a bad pc I was more frustrated that I couldn't finish a map than I was, is having fun haha ;-; , but in 2014 I upgraded my pc and that's where everything started to change, where I improved my overall gamer skills and consequently joined some clans. 2015 I consider it to be my peak in the game where I was horny XD wanting to be good at the game but for some reason since then I started losing interest in playing the game and the tense of wanting to be good. So in 2015/2016 I stopped playing and since then I was no longer a shaky player in both skill and play. In 2017/18 I was part of the FoXX family where it was something remarkable for me and it was a good time, and in 2019 I was stopped for a while and came back in June is now I'm looking for new challenges and who knows not to be the XpR ?? - Have you been in any clans? Thug// - member - closed (2013) /AiR\ - member - closed (2013/2014) EAP/BG - member - left (2014) SwC~ - member - left (2015) Uns/UP - member - left (2016) [FoXX] - member - left (2017/2018) - Why do you want to join XpR?: I have always admired the clan and it is a well respected clan with good image in the Deathmatch community and I intend to help maintain that good image. - How can you help our community? I am a kind of person who likes to is always learning something new, so who knows in the future can not help the clan beyond gameplay? It is also if help is needed in cw or tournaments. I'm very friendly too and I like to make a difference somehow. - How can we contact you? Discord: Tsukyomi #5519 Skype: Tsukyomi - Additional information: As I have few friends / acquaintances (so far) in XpR, I think it would be nice to talk a little about me. I am a very quiet guy and I like to have fun, but also serious when the moment asks to be. In my free time I try to practice some sport, read a book, watch series, animes, hang out with my cousins and etc...
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    LookaT this dude huhuhu
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    close my request ty.
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My nickname is Zeke , I am 15 years old (22.9. so soon 16) and I live in small town in Croatia. Your history in-game: So , I found this MTA game on internet while searching something about GTA and I installed it and saw that it could be pretty funny game so I invited my friends to play with me and they joined too, we started playing on roleplay servers because they were fun , more fun than DM server , but we also liked race , while we were playing race , in that time I think I was probably one of the better players there , and this all started I don't even know long but It's long time ago, I would say 4-5 years perhaps , Well after that my buddies got bored but I continued to play and one day (as i loved racing) I chose random DM server and started playing on it since I liked it . That server was called Undercover Gamers (UG) ,There I was very active and my skills were getting better and better and I achieved Co-Leader in that clan , and after some weeks It got shut down ... After that clan I again chose randomly and I joined European Pro Clan (EPC) , I had hard time getting into clan since they were a bit more skilled but I managed to do it , and after some time , again , clan/server got shut down ..( but now it's re-opened) . And as for last clan , It was from Hell ( fH) , I can't even describe how great this clan was , I had a lot of fun, happy moments , the members are a lot of fun, nice , so yeah, I did join fH and played a few cw's there whilst I was perhaps carrying some , So now after 6 months in fH , I decided to leave it so I could try join this famous/skilled clan. Have you been in any clans?: Yes , I have ; Undercover Gamers = UG (became Co-Leader) (Server/clan shut down) European Pro Clan = -EPC- (normal member) (Server/clan shut down) from Hell = fH (normal member) (Left) Why do you want to join XpR?: I want to join XpR because I am looking for strong team where I can learn from members in it to become strong myself , both DM and Hunter , And also I really like the members so far , they are fun and I enjoy my time with them , simple as that How can you help our community?: Mostly Clanwars And some other stuff you want me to do that I am capable of How can we contact you?: Skype : zeljko.majnaric2 Additional information: So, I'm just a regular teenage boy , I'm 15 years old, My name is Zeljko , I'm living in a small town in Croatia , Doing mostly nothing Just playing MTA , maybe some other games that are fun and multiplayer , Trying to get better in hunter , I'm in a football club , I love all sorts of music , that's all , cya
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    Deja de hacerte el importante weon qlikagao
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    Hello there Miha. We appreciate all the interest in joining us. Great application, however, I started to be concerned about your utility towards the clan after reading the 5th point. You presented your WFF skills as pretty much the only thing you could bring up to the table. Believe it or not, we have our momentum right now and it doesn't seem like we're going to lose a WFF game anytime soon, not with the roster we currently have. Therefore we don't feel the necessity of recruiting new members dedicated to this particular field. We did it a few times as a form of experiment and it was a failure, a mistake for both, XpR and them because they couldn't adapt to the highest standards we set. Aka, you can look good surrounded by weak players, but if we put you next to top tier players you're most likely going to be the weak one. Taking this under consideration, I'd like you to come up with an expanded answer to the question: How can you help our community? Stuff like development, representativeness, ideas, activity, maybe something unique about having you in the clan. There is a large field of things you could be used for, so don't limit yourself to just one we're not in need of. Best of luck. On behalf of XpR, RoNNiE#
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