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    What's your nickname(s), age and location? My in-Game name is FALT3N. Right now I am 19 years old but turning 20 in April. Currently I am living in Heidelberg,Germany and learning German but originally I am from Israel. Your history in-game: Including my 3 years break (retirement) I am playing MTA for about 8 years now. I knew about the game from a friend from school he invited me to the game and to a server called -]alw[-, where I played this game for the first time for about a year until they closed this server. In this year I knew nothing about MTA beside this server but fortunately I was able to gain a lot of experiences in DM/Race. After the closure of the server I moved to another popular one recommended by my friends /TfF\ and there where I can actually say “My journey has begun”. It didn’t take me a lot of time to get noticed by other communities in the server and most importantly “PiA” which was considered to be one of top communities so without any hesitation I accepted the invitation but unfortunately after few weeks and due to the leader inactivity everyone started leaving and only few people left waiting for the leader to come back but he didn’t so the clan eventually died but I wouldn’t say my time there were unworth it since I meet great people which I still consider my friends till nowadays also I gained experience for the first time in “Clan Wars” and last but not least I Improved my Hunter skills by a lot by training daily with great players. After PiA I went together with my ex-teammate “Daster” together for SHC,which is another well known clan for its great DM players and activity back then but after 1-2 Months of being there I left due to some differences with one of the leaders. After weeks of that a great old well know clan “Emp” was reopened I was friend with everyone there including the leaders leading them to invite and again without any hesitation I accepted the invitation. this stage of Emp although it didn't last a lot are still being remembered till this day to be one of the strongest stages a clan had in this game but out of nowhere the leaders decided to put an end for it and decided to merge us with “EPG”; I was one of the few guys that agreed with this move. At my time there I participated in my first individual Tournament known as EPG UT (OS/DM WFF tournament) and it was the 4th version of it, with a lot of training and will I managed to win it reaching Final and getting 29pt. But after that I lost so much motivation to play and went inactive for months before I decided to end up my career in “November” 2015. Until I came back in 29.06.2018 but wasn’t really playing competitively until February 2019 when I joined TfF and started playing competitively again but nothing special.But in 2.6.2019 I joined 7m “Seventh Miracle” and there we played so many DM Clan Wars and L7DM matches together. With all honesty my time there was the best in the game (alongside eP) but out of nowhere and as a shock to everyone the leaders privately discussed and decided to close it due to their Inactivity and loosing data of the server. After about a month ex-7m members decided to reopen eP (I guess you all know the story) and ofc I joined again with my bros until I left few days ago. Have you been in any clans? Why do you want to join XpR? No doubt, It’s the one of best communities in MTA now,with the friendly atmosphere and mature members making it a pleasure for me to join your family.This team has been created a long time ago and still standing on top. I have got a lot of friends that I would like to be with them in the same clan, chill together and have a lot of fun. I feel this community fits me the best nowadays. How can you help our community? As I have mentioned above I consider myself a decent player so I am able to help at Clan Wars mostly DM ones but also I can help in OS WFF ones as well. I could also stream these Clan Wars when I can it's a thing a used to do before helping saving clan memories and achievements and currently I am learning designing so I could help the design team in the future. How can we contact you? Thank you for reading this Join Request! Sincerely, FALT3N.
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello! good morning/afternoon or evening depending where you are reading me from. I would like to introduce myself I am Javier best known as Asency, I am from Argentina(Buenos Aires) I was born on july 25th 2001 and I am currently 18 years old. - Your history in-game: My story here in Mta started back in 2010 in a freeroam server called DRK where i learned what friendship means and how much it costs to lose it as my friends would grow tired of the game or they would get busy with their lives. I played in such server until the end of 2011 where I then out of boredom started playing zombies/tactics all the way until mid 2013 where I started to look for new game modes where I found the race game mode and where I invested a lot of time to get better since I sucked at the beginning, ( I barely knew how to do a front flip xd) Starting 2014 I joined my first clan which was LxG where my friend and leader SG took me under his wing and gave me a chance , at the time my hunter skills were not good so i did not participate in any CWs, after a year or so I left LxG to continue my growth as a player, then in 2015 I continued training my hunter skills to try to join a better clan , Even though I had a terrible pc I did my best and I applied to XpR where Naval and Mota were leaders , I also played a lot in their server until I became the 1st in the ranking board , after 1 or 2 months they took me as a trial and then I joined them and it was one of the best moments of my life! A while after in 2016 in mid june I felt like i was not good enough for the team , my pc was still crap and I could not do well in the clan wars so I decided to leave XpR where i posted the following: “ I am sorry friends but I will be back once I pick my form up again” I kept playing DM for about 2 months until 2017 where I left MTA for almost 2 years. By the end of 2018 I came back to MTA for personal reasons where I was just trying to have some fun and get away from it all where I ran into an old friend Adidas which i knew from XpR , he was the leader of xN at the time and I was kinda shaky about talking to him because I changed my name to” start over” but i could not resist so I talked to him and just like the old times I felt great and I met some other xN members when I decided to apply for xN In december of the same year I joined them and I played a lot of clanwars/L7 matches and i became a better player and we had a goal of winning the L7 tournament which we could not achieve , after that the whole team went away for a while and so I decided to leave the team. After a month I joined Iron Will where Tomas was the leader , at first the team was great because we did discord calls and I found great friends there but after a while it ended because there were certain attitudes that I did not like and so I decided to leave without making a lot noise. I was devastated because I had lost all my friends that I really like so I took a little break of about a month and out of now here I talked with Natsu who invited me to nTL where I accepted because I felt alone and wanted to have some fun and meet new people, unfortunately, the team closed 2 months after. After 2 months we decised to create a clan with MJT, HaydeN , NaxeR, SrK, Quashy and Vinny. the purpose of the team was to have fun like friends and it all went really good at first with a lot of people joining and so we tried to join the L7DM tournament after some good results we qualified for the tournament but after a while it was not the same because my team mates were not training or excited anymore because they didn’t play or train because they didn’t have the time which disappointed me because I was training a lot and putting a lot of effort , I gave the team one more chance until the 6th month where things were still the same so I decided to leave! - Have you been in any clans?: Latin xtreme Gamers - as Zureth - Left Xtreme pro Racers - as Zureth - Left Nitrous Racing - Left Iron Will - Left nothing To Lose - Closed Zeitgeist - Left - Why do you want to join XpR?: I would like to join XpR because It looks like a team really respectable with a lot of history and its members really have a good relationship with each other. Therefore I would like to have a chance to call this team my family again. - How can you help our community?: I can participate in Clanwars , I love to train for important events such as dm-hunter/wff/wffos , I always try to help in any other way such as finding fun wars,maps etc! - How can we contact you?: Skype: live:javiermansilla259 Discord: javier.natz#3841 - Additional information: On my spare time I like to read poetry and listen to music, I am leo and I like steak with mashed potato!!!! Thanks for reading Best Regards Javier.
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    Introduction: Season 1 XHT (Xtreme Hunter Tournament) is the very first tournament hosted by XpR in its history, with me as the main organizer, some assistance from our dear leader @Naval and also with the help from our members and developers. Our main goal is to keep everything going smooth and simple from beginning to the very finals of tournament. For this first season, it will consist of 3 versus 3 matches, with the best-of-5 system, which means that the first team that managed to get 3 points will be the winner. Information Gamemode: Hunter Mode: 3 versus 3 Series type: Best of 5 Server IP: mtasa:// Server password: - Time: German time Main organizer: @Zeke Assistants: @Naval Prizes We will be delivering out special awards (medals) to the players whose team has managed to get the first, second and third places. There will also be one very special medal that will go to the player who managed to kill the most opponents in whole tournament. The awards acquired in our tournaments may be visible in the corresponding user profile, as well as on our page dedicated only to Tournament Awards. Registration rules To register your team you will have to use the following format (you can copy and paste this box in the comments): 1. Team Name: - 2. Team logo/tag: - 3. Team color: - 4. Captain: Nickname, Country, Skype, MTA Serial 5. Players: - player2, Country, MTA Serial - player3, Country, MTA Serial 6. What time you can't play at?: - Example: In-game rules Please read rules carefully to avoid any misunderstandings Registration deadline Your registration must be submitted in the comments on this post before Monday, 30.03.2020, 23:59 CET.
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    Information 1. Here you can see bracket and schedule of the matches (above each bracket), this whole tournament will be constantly live updated so feel free to check out results whenever you want. 2. Contact us immediately if you have a problem with the schedule established for you. 3. We will remind the team captains about their games 2 days before. 4. Matches will be played on this Server IP: 5. Registered teams and players: https://imgur.com/ivvOe1z Bracket & Schedule Time: German time Current time:
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    Leaving member(s) - @Wade~ Thanks for being with us and good luck in future!
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    Well.. Despite our past conflicts and all that I hope we can turn over a new leaf and start treating each other better, you seem to put in a lot of effort in preparing for cws and that is one type of personality I will never dislike especially when at end you perform very well and so on... To think you are applying to same team as me just removes some weight I always have while entering cw, so by all this I wish you good luck. Oh and yes, susero ctm could use another latin friend like u
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    1. Team Name: PASAMOS NORBI V5 HAHAHAHA NOBS 2. Team logo/tag: https://imgur.com/N8UwumI https://imgur.com/N8UwumI https://imgur.com/N8UwumI - 3. Team color: #55ff00 4. Captain: Gteatero 5. Players: - beatZ, Ecuador Serial: Pending - Shine, Argentina Serial: Pending 6. What time you can't play at: -
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    REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED Thanks to everyone who registered, number of teams and participants exceeded our expectations! Brackets will be made and posted as soon as possible, stay tuned.
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    Hello, days ago we uploaded an intro video to our channel on youtube. I hope you enjoy it! A short video clip where we try to include and show some of our team members, most of whom collaborate with their skills in today's game events. XpR is currently focused on the DM/Hunter, WFF and OS area. There is more to come!
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    1. Team Name: River Plate 2. Team logo/tag: - 3. Team color: #000001 4. Captain: Zeke, Croatia, AAF0E45902453D75F844D6F5B664A994 5. Players: - Niko, Argentina, 5AABC1A71C60E32E7D52B9F6D725E6A1 - Lonnex, Azerbaijan, 66832CE1072E27A7AD62945ACBE79753 6. What time you can't play at?: -
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    Hello everyone and welcome to my application to Xtreme pro Racers. In-game I am known as Kanzy, my real name is Marwin, I am 21 years old and I live in the capital of Germany, Berlin. I study medicine and visit the 4th semester at a university in Berlin. About me; I am into computer games, fitness and hanging around with friends here and there, just things that people do. My history related to MTA ain't all too long, nevertheless I will try to give you a good insight of it. 2011 was the year when I first touched MTA. I tried my luck on some random stunt server because a friend played there and recommended it to me. I had a lot fun there but got bored after some time has passed. My next experience I gained was on a German Real-Life Roleplay server. I played there for months but after a while there was nothing to keep me playing there. I finally found the DM mode on the FFS server, there was no multi-gamemode script until this point, so DM was pretty much the only mode I have played back then. Of course I got to know to some other servers, for example Small Hustlers Crew, European Pro Gamers and Twisted Gamers... the goldies back then. Much time has passed and I tried my luck with the very first clans that I honestly can not remember at all. I met some people that became kinda friends which made it a lot easier for me to join some better clans. pure Skillz (2012)1 Elite master players (2013)1 Twin Stars (2014)1 Like everything in life there was a point when it had to end. I could not longer play MTA and PC games in general due to issues with the school causing bad grades. The game has influenced my life a lot and I decided to stop playing. In the middle of 2017 I gave it another try so that I began playing on the FFS server. The first days were very confusing because I had to realize there is no longer the servers which used to be played by a lot of people. I straight began playing the DM mode since it was the most attractive mode for me. It didn't pass much time until I got to know to Kamen, someone who has evolved to a very good friend to me now. He invited me to the clan called Mafioso Auto Drivers, everything seemed to be nice and it indeed was. The members in the clan were friendly and helpful so that there grew a big relation towards me and the clan. I began playing CW's for the first time after a very long time. I would say MAD was the most important time for me when I developed my "skill". But even there the time has come to leave it with a bad conscience. I applied to Zenosyne because it seemed to be a very strong clan, sadly I had to experience the opposite, the clan closed one or two months after I joined Well, I joined back Mafioso Auto Drivers and stayed there for a while. While then we had to fight many issues but in the end I would say we have tried our best. I enjoyed my stay there, didn't care about any statistics related to WFF and CW's, just being around friends. After a lot time has passed, Kamen and me decided to leave and search for another challenge in a different clan. So I applied to Seventh Miracle, a very great clan with a welcomed atmosphere inside. Unfortunately many things happened unexpected. People became inactive, issues with our forum and server came across the corner and have influenced our motivation very much. Some things happened I wasn't really happy about but I would like to keep it out from my application. Zenosyne (2018) 1 month - clan has closed Mafioso Auto Drivers (2019) 1 year - left Seventh Miracle (2019) 3 months - left Xtreme pro Racers is a clan everyone has heard about. It exists for a very long time and is known for its skilled performance. I personally have never heard anything bad about XpR. Members seem to be friendly and calm, nothing that showed toxicity nor fight against other clans. Being a part of it is truly a challenge and a sign of respect. In case I would get the opportunity to join this community I would like to help you strengthen the team even more, motivate you in difficult moments and of course to not let you down. I want to stay alongside you fixing problems together and doing my part as a member. I want to share good moments and get you rid of bad feelings. If you still have questions or want to give advice, I would appreciate to contact me via: Discord: Kanzy#8349 Skype: Kanzy ^^ Thanks for your time Yours faithfully, Kanzy 1 = year might be incorrect
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    1. Team Name: MEOW 2. Team logo/tag: [Meow] 3. Team color: #FF5566 4. Captain: TemptatioN, Spain, Vinicinxd51, 898D69D78EF787E4C4F2F1CCE5435124 5. Players: - Cathrine, Phillipines, 589C208B33275739A8B2DCB9278B3F43 - Lost, Saudi Arabia, DECF14EE5C9107DB5F4DC76B5D149042 6. What time you can't play at?: -
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    1. Team Name: jsjs 2. Team logo/tag: jsjs 3. Team color: #000000 4. Captain: krack bahrain 3B3005CB77A9E2821088430231B9AB53 5. Players: TONY Croatia DC6B7A3B1BF3567FA7E94BE10798A8E4 Beast Norway 6BFBDD5A06938F064AAD09CC7DB5FF66 What time you can't play at?: -
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    1. Team Name: Team uwu 2. Team logo/tag: 3. Team color: #feafea 4. Captain: Naval, Chile, nicolas.quitral, FCD8AE071F92C1F231395EF2E064AFA2 5. Players: - FacuP, Argentina, 07908E12ABF015A0CEDB16E0BDDC71E4 - Subzero, Argentina, 0AF6EFCD42E5BC0638499A24EFF76E42 6. What time you can't play at?: -
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    Tiven's Join Request - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: So hello my name is Adem, my IN-Game Nickname is Tiven, My age is 25 and I'm From Turkey, I was born in yozgat but I live in Ankara, let's get into my MTA career now, - Your history in-game: So hello, I will not try to keep this long, So my name is Adem, My Hobbies are playing Computer Games, And I'm studying to be an English Teacher, Let's get into my MTA Story I started this game at 2011 October as I remember, First I was a Shooter player I was playing in a server called FFS Gaming It was basic at the time Now I see it's the largest server, but our topic is not that lets Continue, so I had lots of Friends in FFS, I didn't have a clan at the time, around 2012-2013 times I decided to have a break because of my Family problems and after 2 years I decided to come back at 2015, first thing I did was to check FFS, There were so many new things,And I was bad at shooter that time because I took a long break,2017 Cames and I discover a server named ER (Empire Of Riders) I really liked that server, I thought it was time to start DM because Shooter was boring, and had nothing new, First I was bad at dm, after I started playing it 24/7 and nolifing all maps I started to get good, I finished the hardest maps of HDM, Im glad I started playing DM, But after some time ER got closed and I had nowhere to play, I decided to play on a Server named 3R (3lite Racers) It wasn't that good but was enough at the time, I decided to join my first clan at 3R I joined 3R's DM Squad, Squad wasn't the best squad, but we played some cw's, after 3R started dying, I decided to leave before it's inevitable death, In 2k19 I found a server named Vultaic, It was like ER but way better and smoother, I liked everyone there it had a good community, good maps, so I decided to join my 2nd clan named Intravenous (iV) Leaded by LixuZ I was so happy that I got accepted, I made so many friends in Intravenous, but LixuZ decided to leave Intravenous, after he left clan started to dying so i decided to leave with my friends before its death, after Vultaic got closed, but TfF was revived at the same time so that made me happy There was a guy in TfF named FireStrike, he created a clan named Aurora, and he was searching clan members, he was a good guy, i was in KoP (Kingdom Of Pros) At the time, but it was dying, so i decided to join Aurora, with my best buddy Snack, we was trying to make the clan better and we did it, it had a really good hdm squad, I was leader of the hdm squad and map manager of aurora aswell, i have around 8k maps, after that we decided to merge with a clan named Team Unseen, after the merge we had really great players in our squad, And im proud that i was part of aurora, I had a little fight with Owner's so I decided to leave, After that I decided to join INT (International Team), I was so happy i got accepted we played many clanwars,many trainings, and I was actually having fun from mta, I decided to leave INT Because most people were inactive and werent really coming to clan wars, Then i decided to join Korn, In korn i got so many new friends, we were having so much fun while training playing L7's etc., Then everyone started leaving, all my friends and mta was a bit boring I wasn't playing a lot but i still was in korn helping, I decided to leave Korn because it lost its old vibes and all of my good friends left In my opinion korn started to die so i decided to leave before its inevitable death, now im trying my luck with XpR - Have you been in any clans?: I have been in a few clans, 3lite Racers // 3R // Left because the clan was dying Intravenous // iV // Owner left the clan and it started to die Kingdom Of Pros // KoP // Left because the clan was inactive Aurora // Team Unseen (Merged) // Left because lack of activity International Team // INT // Left because the clan was inactive and dying Knights Of Red Night // Korn // Left because clan lost its old vibes and was dying in my opinion - Why do you want to join XpR?: I'd like to help XpR in clan wars, I'm a really decent HDM player, It's my biggest dream to join XpR I'll try my best. - How can you help our community?: I'm a map collector and as I said I'm a really decent HDM player, I can also help with maps I have around 8k. - How can we contact you?: You can contact me through Discord; Tiven#0068 Im almost online every day in discord Additional Information; Sorry for my English mistakes, Also if someone hates me in XpR im really sorry for what I did in the past. Sincerely Tiven.
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    SCORE KILLS [Meow] 0:1 [GBC] Azorahai (3) Lost (1) [Meow] 1:1 [GBC] Founder (2) Lost (1) TemptatioN (1) [Meow] 1:2 [GBC] Azorahai (3) [Meow] 1:3 [GBC] Founder (2) Azorahai (1) - - Azorahai 7 ([GBC]) Founder 4 ([GBC]) Lost 2 ([Meow]) TemptatioN 1 ([Meow]) Cathrine 0 ([Meow]) GodFatheR DNS ([GBC]) MVP: Azorahai Referee : @Zeke Recorders : @Marque @FALT3N @Zeke Match highlights will be made soon and updated within this thread.
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Ahmet. I am 16 years old and I live in Istanbul. My game name is RedKN!GHT Your history in-game: I've been an MTA DM player for nearly nine years. I used to play on MTA-TR servers the first time. After I found my best friend, I opened more than one server. Then I played the game to improve myself, took it seriously. I took part in a lot of teams at 1.3 1.4. But because my computer is bad, I couldn't improve myself much. I got my first map at MTA 1.3, and I'M still doing it. Later, I joined the #BHD! FFG HSK// -SK - iW// UP| teams. Have you been in any clans?: Black Hawk Down #BHD! | Fast Fire Guys FFG | Hard Style Klown HsK// | Skilled Team -sK- | Iron Will iW// | Lotus L' | Unlimited Power UP| Why do you want to join XpR?: First of all, I'd like to join the team because I like it. I want to show myself in the team wars, and I think I can be useful. I'm confident. I believe I can make good friends. Everything for XpR - Xtreme pro Racers How can you help our community?: I can contribute by showing myself in team battles. I'm confident. How can we contact you?: Discord: RedKN!GHT#8346 Additional information: My map record channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9WwFGMm_viSGW8X6wQ_aFg?view_as=subscriber My Maps:
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    1. Team Name: Brothers of War 2. Team logo/tag: BW// 3. Team color #95CFA2 4. Captain: xprbtnd | Hungary | jambrich.botond1 | 68FF5759A32DEF12D7EBBABD958E1EA2 5. Players: - xzHawK | Hungary | 542772761C3E100640888219FA43B391 - DRiVeR|eP! | Hungary | E3B9BD05A8F68F5C2CF022BB27CB1AE4 6. What time you can't play at?: -
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    1. Team Name: Worst Players 2. Team tag: zera' 3. Team color: #000000 4. Captain: - madzera'ep | Poland | fr3eky | A24B5C006264DA03B0C05A15129A5BB2 5. Players: - cykzera'ep | Brazil | BB3E539CFBD9CE66AFC5DDD20D9271F3 - burnzera'ep | Italy | DE16545A7270236A8D2E0FABA8F74C13 6. What time you can't play at?: -
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    1. Team Name: tumama 2. Team color: #445556 3. Captain: el.aLam, Argentina, Skype: live:lukz_tumi14, MTA Serial: 782B1A5F33D2967C218409251C801CA4 4. Players: - Azooz, Saudi Arabia, MTA Serial: 69E184DE297540149ECA0C01D0A8DC44 - Dice, Germany, MTA Serial: 319CC2D918C4B28848CCF42FF03D0554 5. What time you can't play at?: - 6. Team logo/tag:
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    1. Team Name: SKS 2. Team logo/tag: 3. Team color: #abcdef 4. Captain: Shanks, Perú, guillermo.espinoza12, 800F7F7A4803982683666D60BC384234 5. Players: - Kevin, Hungary, B378B657FBCA82A2E160A9B7399CED12 - Skreepy, Hungary, D10CBA71915FE9A5B59E46613C4B7A53 6. What time you can't play at?: -
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Its B0M^.^ , im 18 years old and im from Turkey. - Your history in-game: Important is to add "how long I've been playing: I playing MTA since 2008 (when i was 6 years old) , I started to play in freeroam servers then i saw deathmatch(especially os). I have constantly improve myself till now. - Have you been in any clans? - xRz - Xtreme Racers zCool - INT - International Team - MAD - Mafioso Auto Drivers - MSR - Massive Strong - Why do you want to join XpR?: XpR is really full of talented players and has always been a success so far. I decided i could spend my time better here as an oldschool player. - How can you help our community? I have a great history at oldschool and I think I can reflect this to XpR as a success. - How can we contact you?: Discord : Uğur#0342 Skype : live:baddead1_1 Instagram : uguraltn.21 - Additional information: I am at critical times for my education life. I will be working for my lessons for a year in front of me. Because of this , its not definite that im gonna be always here when XpR needs me. That is just an odd but you should know that about me. I guess there is nothing else I forgot to mention. Feel free to contact me. - THANKS FOR READING
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    1. Team Name: - eyesclosed 2. Team logo/tag: - eyesCLOSED 3. Team color: -#ffffff 4. Captain: vinny, Brazil, Discord: vinny#3590, Serial: 3702710431C3D1ADD4FF83D2D70E7912 5. Players: - Bruce, Colombia, FF13F8193CAF3D3F3C0F90761244C443 - Troyboi, Israel, 5FE743943C07B2202E671708EE2158F4 6. What time you can't play at?: - week days
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    Short reminder : 3 days left to register, also don't forget to update your team members serials. Current players that are missing serial number are : @Naval, FacuP, Subzero, @ALAMM, Azooz, @Kanzy, sYKu, Jari, @Asency , Chryxz, Hayden, Goku, Niko and Beast.
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    1. Team Name: Low Pingers 2. Team logo/tag: -lp- 3. Team color: #feafea 4. Captain: Marque, Country , Skype, MTA Serial: 56AA204C16091D49524061CE858AD6E4 5. Players: - yani, Country , MTA Serial: FA133AE7B2923FF22A03FEE4AA605634 - Goku, Country , MTA Serial: 0628134A46F5C367CFC55C9275AC94A3 6. What time you can't play at?: -
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    1. Team Name: Bless 2. Team logo/tag: B - 3. Team color: #C2D1D7 4. Captain: Asency, Country: Argentina, Discord: javier.natz#3841 - MTA Serial: 37671F7977F53A264F6E045EC1436803 5. Players: - Chryxz, Colombia, MTA Serial: CFD58B3B872EF4E3667E932932B19CF3 - Hayden, Uruguay, MTA Serial: CCD22EE8C382C22A7E2A8FCA36A934A1 6. What time you can't play at?: Weekdays
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    1. Team Name: eP Kids 2. Team logo/tag: - 3. Team color: feafea 4. Captain: Wanz, Croatia, wanz.mta, MTA Serial: DFD25FD09F400A8D14F8640CFB057BA1 5. Players: - VonDusky, Germany, MTA Serial: 0504CB70C52375A225D66E2DE80E22E2 - naxo, Chile, MTA Serial: 47EF4946C781A6FC5CC20175B12E8FF4 6. What time you can't play at?: -
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    1. Team Name: DAC Force 2. Team logo/tag:- 3. Team color: #cdaa7d 4. Captain: ArMexy, Brazil, dexter.benites , MTA Serial: 80DA44B06DFA95829BC741C8FF4542A1 5. Players: - xDarK1nG , Ukraine , MTA Serial: 94ACD9169F9592E98E025E0854035A94 - CresPro, Turkey , MTA Serial: 2B5750830255C505CC7F519A868D66F2 6. What time you can't play at?: Weekdays
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    1. Team Name: Nothing To Lose 2. Team logo/tag: nTL 3. Team color: #242D3A 4. Captain: FALT3N, Israel/Germany, aodai_m_badrande@outlook.com, F589BF35D59A0CFCA5CFBCC1B3A833C4 5. Players: - Natsu, Egypt, 029C62E6C3475AB720E4280566C032B2 - Yuuki, Turkey/Latvia , D36B953CF37052E62B31C2842F4A3C22 6. What time you can't play at?: -
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    I can't wait to meet you with part 2 of this series. Bounces, slow bugs, random stunts and everything is in this series. I will share the clips I shoot every month with you. If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to leave a comment 1440p60 recommended. Simply contact me on Discord: xARROW#1419
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    Hello, this thread is made for players who are looking for a team, or vice versa. You may reply to this topic saying that you're looking forward to be part of a team, your nick and a way of communicate with you. (Skype, WhatsApp, Discord) Thank you.
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    I didn’t see this coming, If I get a chance to join team I will not let you guys down and I will give my best. And of course I would like a fresh start with you , take care and I really appreciate your words.
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    1. Team Name:Bro Storm 2. Team logo/tag:Bs# - 3. Team color:9B0A0A 4. Captain: FTLZ, Argentina ,Discord:FTLZ#4378 not using skype, 048EE6D98F86F117ECD66951D365F4F2 5. Players: - CarlosG7, Mexico, A0A88FECABD134B8B9C604025DCC64E4 - GanzoA9, Mexico, 069005A04E56122786A9A7A24B6EC153 6. What time you can't play at?: Sunday morning
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    Today I am here to present you a new map of Tick. Its called "Blinding Lights" Song: The Weeknd - Blinding Lights If you want your map recorded by me, feel free to contact me on discord: xARROW#1419 1440p60 recommended.
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    1. Team Name: GothBoiClique 2. Team logo/tag: data:[GBC] - 3. Team color: #5D6D7E 4. Captain: Nickname, Country, Skype, MTA Serial: Azorahai, Saudi Arabia , Not using skype only discord Azorahai#9575, Serial: D31EAB0193832051854FAD9ABA5302F3 5. Players: - player2, Country, MTA Serial: FoundeR, Turkey, TBA(will give you late as soon as possible) - player3, Country, MTA Serial: GodFatheR, Italy, 3245D737F314B0DA5A7FA84823092502 6. What time you can't play at?: - Logo
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    1. Team Name: Mazherias 2. Team logo/tag: -m4z- 3. Team color: #f1caaa 4. Captain: Fouad, Saudi Arabia, Discord: L7n#7815,3292D426FA5E05860F25D61A82ABC9F3 5. Players: - St0pr0c3nT, Poland, 2A17DC840A0C1B5E83FD948B876112A4 - NominatioN, Saudi Arabia, will be added later. 6. What time you can't play at?: weekend days.
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    Great video but I just couldn't hold myself on from recalling the dcoy's video. Let me bring some nostalgia ;]
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    Amazing join request, good luck Gteatero
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My nickname in-game is Mentos , and my real name is Nikita. I'm 17 y.o. and I live in Ukraine. Your history in-game: I started playing MTA at an early age, I don’t remember exactly but I was somewhere around 8-9 years old. I was looking for any server that I would like, sorting through all the servers I accidentally got to FFS in 2012, and I played there initially in DM mode. After playing for a month, I realized that it was very difficult and stopped, two years later I discovered the EPG server for myself and in 2014 started playing on it in the DD mode with my friend, but soon I got tired and wanted to return to the FFS to learn how to play in the DM mode because that then it hooked me. Over time, I began to understand how to play here and after years I gained a lot of experience and I still like to play here. In general, I am an OS player and spend most of my time in OS, but in HDM there is also not a little experience. Have you been in any clans?: - Fucking Xtreme [FX] (left) - Xtreme Racers zCool [xRz] (kicked - due to conflict with a member) - International Team [INT] (left) Why do you want to join XpR?: The players who are in this clan play very well, and in each match they show an incredible game, this is the most skilled clan in the DM. They have a lot of experience in this game and they are friendly. And I would like to draw something for myself from their experience in order to become more skillful in this game, and of course become good friends in this clan. How can you help our community?: Recently, I noticed that the XpR began to play tournaments in the DM OS, and I was very interested in it because I have a lot of experience in this mode and would like to help in future clanwars and tournaments also. How can we contact you?: Discord:Mentos#5916
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    Today I am here to present you a new map of Lost. Its called "Astronomia" Song: Pegboard Nerds - Speed of Light (Andy C Remix) If you want your map recorded by me, feel free to contact me on discord: xARROW#1419 1440p60 recommended.
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    1. What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Stas in the game Mavrin , I live in Russia in the southern part of the country the city of Sochi, where the 2014 Olympics took place , this city is famous for this, a warm and good city 2. Your history in-game: I played a lot of MTA is well on the server, the FFS learned in 2012, well, there is not played , began in 2014 then I gave up and stopped playing , in 2017 I began to confidently play mode OS , I've played on the TG server , well, there I spent a little time , I was invited to the clan of iron will because I see potential in the OS of the player , well in this team I haven't seen good players such as Khaled and Snacks after the whole team OS left , I didn't quit I left well, it's time that I was all alone from the OS team ,and was forced to leave in November I joined the clan MT , Ah through some time all players OS resigned and I not left clan because I was betrayed , and I thought that can be many restore , Ah unfortunately this not so( when was held tournament L7 OS I the only who came on matches, and when players already quite not was me became ashamed for team . 3.Have you been in any clans? Iron will [IW] - left because there were no OS players Midnight team [MT] - left the same way because there are no OS players and I was left alone 4. Why do you want to join XpR?: I see in this team a lot of players who can play OS, and I think I can help, I'm not a bad player, at tournaments I'm getting better at all and can show a good result I'm sure that I will not be disappointed , I want to help the team play OS tournaments and clan wars 5. How can you help our community? I play OS mode well and so I think I can do it I don 't play hunter mode but only WFF I'm fast I want to play for this team. 6. How can we contact you? Discord : Mavrin#4896 7.Additional information: I hope that I will be accepted , I am sure that you will not be disappointed in me I am a good player I can do a lot for the team . Please close thank youou
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    Posting for anus. 1. Team Name: muricans 2. Team logo/tag: murican' 3. Team color: 334455 4. Captain: Anus, Israel, anus.015, 23E9BE2304C97721E6B19912D2108D62 5. Players: Anus, FreaK, - - FreaK | 597698D7B5DD607CCCEE27FF8005DEA4 - Wade, Israel, 14010722CD8CD2F5A3C4DD55153E1289B3 6. What time you can't play at?: idk yet
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    I'm looking for a team, my nick is Marque, my discord user is marquez#9779 and my skype is josemarque97_-
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    1. Team Name: Retired team 2. Team logo/tag: RT| 3. Team color: ff0000 4. Captain: SyKu, Poland, Serial later 5. Players: - JARI, Netherlands, 53C9A4B0F4702F83979C46592D04CD13 - Kanzy, Germany (but temporary in Netherlands), 47B0A34821C0F2311449EF7C1E1FBC02 6. What time you can't play at?: Friday and Sunday
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    DECLINED. ( ͡xD ͜ʖ ͡xD ) Good luck ♥
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    Closed on author's request.
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