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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: CresPro, 22 and Turkey - Your history in-game: ’ve been playing MTA for more than 10 years and I started playing in a freeroam server. My friends invited me to play DM. I was not competent at the beginning but I trained hard to become a competent player. I made a huge progress and became a valuable player. - Have you been in any clans?: Alien Racers [2011-12] Elite Master Players [2012-12 , 2014-14] Very Important Players [2012-12] Twin Stars [2013-13] Twisted Gamers [2014-16] The Crew [2013-13 , 2016-18] Vultaic [2018-18] Seventh Miracle [2018-19] - Why do you want to join XpR?: because xpr has always been known for its great competitive abilities and i would like to be a part of it - How can you help our community?: I am really competitive and skilled with hunter and DM. I count myself as skilled and somehow, I can help DM team with any clan war there is. Moreover , I was CW Manager in many clans I've been in, means I can help team with organization and stuff - How can we contact you?: crespo.26 - Additional information: hi dark
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    What's your name, age and location?: xDarK1nG, 20 and Ukraine Your history in-game: Like almost everyone I started to play in a lot of the default servers that have been there at that time, i also have been travelling around these servers until the day I found an old-school server called GTA.Ru, there had been a lot of players! In fact it was difficult to join the server since it was 32 out of 32 slots, all the time. I played there for like 3 years straight. I was given the task to Super-Moderate the server during that particular period of time. Time has passed and I got bored of that gamemode pretty quickly, my friend invited me to a harder version of OS which is called DM, he invited me to TS(Twin Stars) and I eventually got in after trying for a good while. As far as i remember that was at the end of 2012. I tried to make that clan popular with a good reputation but the members were dramatically leaving and then Astat decided to shut it down(that was in early 2014) I decided to leave MTA just because it was too boring for me. In the middle of 2014 my friend who was the leader of Emp at that time, asked me whether i want to come back to MTA and join Emp, I agreed in an instant! After 6 months the leaders had the idea of merging it with EPG, so i left after that happened. After few months I decided to join VIP so I made a join request and got in. VIP was hell of a good clan with not the best leadership of all time. In august some of our leaders took all the paypal money and ran away, therefore our second leader Xiti decided to close VIP and re-open his old clan which is TC, I went with him with the most of VIP members did too. I left TC because of lack of orginazation and the way the clan is going in general. After that one of TfF(The Favoured Few) leaders invited me to join the clan, I agreed for the fact that most of my friends were there and the clan looked friendly. However, initially everything was going so smooth and the clan was really active but after some time few members were ruining the atompshere by daily fights, and the ones I joined the clan for left so I decided to give it another chance but still the atomsphere couldnt get any better so I left. After all of that I was thinking of creating my own clan and tony encouraged me to do so and we both founded what is called now Zenosyne.We decided to leave instead of shutting it down permanently and let them go forward without us. After that I joined ffs and stayed there for a year, it was truly an interesting journey Have you been in any clans?: |ED| (2013) ~TS~ (2013) sR// (2014) Emp| (2014-15) >VIP< (2015) 'TC| (2015-17) /TfF\ (2017) #Z (2017-18) -ffs- (2018-19) Why do you want to join XpR?: I wanna join xpr because it mirrors that one quote which was(twisted it a bit) beauty from inside and beast from outside!! jokes aside, it looks like an awesome team and I’ve always wanted to be a part of it and compete alongside few members, plus everyone in the team told me that the team is pure toxicless and that motivated me a lot to come abroad How can you help our community?: I will try my best to help you guys in cws with all I have and also by simply delivering fun to the xpr environment!! How can we contact you?: xdark1ng.mta Additional information: hi cressy'-'
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    What's your name(s), age and location?: My in-game nickname is Krlos and my real name is Carlos, I am 21 years old and I live in Chile. How long have you played MTA: SA?: I have been playing MTA for 7 years. I started my journey on a DM server called [-RM-] when my friends first brought me to this game. Back then I was a newbie and I couldn't finish any map. Yet I decided to improve myself and move forward which resulted in my acceptance to RM and I honestly consider that as a big success. Sadly, after a few months of being with them, I noticed a decline in the team, day by day, and many members left the clan, as well as myself and it was closed. By then I decided to improve even more and join XpR. I have to admit that XpR was the main source of increasing my skills and a fun run overall. After sometime of being clanless, I've decided to join VIP together with my friend. A few months had passed, unfortunately, as many of you know, VIP was closed. I knew that I would have to move on and I started playing in TG. I met new friends, skilled and mature TG members hence why I decided to join and just to start a new MTA career. The result was absolutely positive and I had a great time there until Zurio's case has happened. I immediately lost interests in MTA and decided to take a break - I retired for 1 year and a half. Surprisingly I came back and slowly started to be active again - I got my interests back once I joined xN. I gotta say that xN is a real miracle due to its friendly clan-members, atmosphere and the organization. The clan activity was just fantastic, we won a lot of CWs together and yet made some historical events together. What's your best achievement(s) so far? -3rd place on TfF World Cup in 2014 -1st place on TfF world Cup in 2017 -1/4 in WFF 16/18 -1/2 in WFF 17 Have you been in any other clans? Yes I've been in: -|RM|- -|XpR|- >VIP< -|TG|- Zurio xN -ffs- Why do you want to join XpR?: I feel like I am equipped to handle the task of playing clanwars and\or tournaments for XpR as I've got at least 6 years of clean DM experience and yet I consider myself as a skilled player in DM. I can help WFF team as well as it needed since I played some matches in ffs which resulted in my improvement with WFF. I also offer XpR my whole free time so there won't be any excuses about not coming and so on. How can we contact you? skype: krlos.felipe1 Sincerely, Krlos.
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    - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Marque, 22 years old, from Spain. - Your history in-game: Well, briefly, I'm playing this game since 2011, I started playing on freeroam and stealth servers and then, I discovered DM, I liked it and I'm playing it for 5+ years already, if I remember correctly. Recently (1 month ago) I left FFS and also, with thoughts of leaving the game but, well, I felt like I wanted to give it another try. In my mind, I wanted to re-join XpR and that's why I'm here posting this application. - Have you been in any clans?: Yes, I have been in: Xs// (2013, reason: closed) |ERU|* (2013, reason: closed) >FfW< (2013, reason: closed) |-Cs-| (2013, reason: closed) SHC// (2014-2015, reason: left) eP! (2015, reason: left) |-XpR-| (2015, reason: left) SHC// (2016-2017, reason: left) eP! reopened (2017, reason: left) TC| (2017-2018, reason: left) -ffs- (2018-2019, reason: left) - Why do you want to join XpR?: I was in XpR back in 2015 and I had a very good time with the people in this team, so I thought about "coming back". I remember this clanwar as it was played yesterday... I had so much fun and I really want to relive these moments again, even tho the game has changed a lot and so the people has. Also this community is loyal to this team and knows what it's capable of. It's a strong team that has one of the best squads out there and it's known for accomplishing big wins in its history. - How can you help our community?: Mainly in DM/hunter clanwars, I've been playing this gamemode since years and I'd like to contribute the team by playing in any event. There are other things that I can contribute to the team like help in the CW managing, being active in forums and so on. I can also play WFF but that's not that much of my style so I'm stick to DM/hunter. I can adapt to anything I could be asked for, there is no problem for me in getting into new adventures. - How can we contact you?: Skype: josemarque97 - Additional information: I speak Spanish (obviously) and English, and I get along with the people quickly. In my free time, I'm hanging out with friends, with my girlfriend, playing games and currently I'm looking for a job as I finished studies this past June. Thanks for reading my application.
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    Hey Ronnie I didn't mention FFS because I don't really know the reasons behind my kick (I might know some but not sure at all), there was no warning, no message, nothing so I didnt even bother to ask, It doesn't mean I dont care but the way it has been done make me feel like all the hard work I did is worth nothing, there are many reasons why I wanted to leave the clan before this happened but they kicked me first so (you can confirm this asking my ex-mates from dm/wff squad). I wouldn't like to expose such internal things here (I'll tell privately, if you're really interested). All I want from you is to trust me, I'm pretty sure I can represent XpR at its best and I'd never let you down, XpR is indeed the best team, due to its players & community and I know I'm not the best dmm/wff player but I'll try my best to improve my skills day by day. Sincerely, Krlos.
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    AkroM's Join Request! - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello everyone, my nickname is AkroM, my name is Cristobal, I am 17 years old and I live in Santiago de Chile - Your history in-game: Well, I started playing this game around 2013 until today, I started playing on Chilean freeroam servers because thanks to a friend I discovered this game and those servers. My friend also taught me that there was the famous DeathMatch game mode, and I liked it a lot so I started my career in DM servers like RIX, etc and started playing oldschool maps to get used to deathmatch. After 2 years of practice at oldschool, my friend left the game and unfortunately my pc stopped working, so I had to leave the game until the beginning of 2017 and from there I started playing deathmatch on the ER server, after that server closed, I decided to enter some clan and there I found PpL and I joined that clan which had good members and a good environment but after a month the clan closed and so it was with two other clans (Tgw! and iES) They had good atmosphere and members but they closed after a month. Then I did not know which clan to join until I met Tomas who invited me to iW which was a clan where I improved my skills and discovered a lot of things thanks to them, I was in iW around 1 year and a little more, the clan was always changing members but still maintained a good atmosphere thanks to the leaders that by the way I was co - leader after a few months of entering iW It served quite well since I learned what It really is being in a clan and the importance of this. Unfortunately problems arose with the Leader and ended up leaving iW, (I wish the best to iW and I hope to be good with them some day), forget to mention that in iW I discovered the L7, the WFF tournaments, etc and it was not too bad in those tournaments since the first time I entered the WFF tournament finished in 1/8 which I did not find wrong for my first time, then in my second time I finished 1/4, I hope that in the current WFF (WFF 19) can improve one more step. - Have you been in any clans?: - PpL// Pro Players Latino | Closed | Tgw! The Galactic Wea! | Closed | #iES| Imperial Essence | Closed | iW// Iron Will! | Left | Problems with the leader - Why do you want to join XpR?: Well, mainly I want to enter XpR since the atmosphere that this clan has is unique or something that very few clans have, even if they do not know any of its members, you can see from a distance that they are very good guys / girls all, either because of their abilities or their way of being. I also feel that in this clan I will be able to improve my skills much more and thus be able to help the clan much better. - How can you help our community?: Well I want to help them mainly in the WFF mode since that is where I can best play in a clanwar and it is what I like to play and I have a little more experience there, even though I can continue to help in other possible clanwars of other types of gameplay as dm / hunter, etc. Also in the organization, since I used to organize things in my past clan - How can we contact you?: Discord: AkroM#5395 Skype: akromz1290 Whatsapp: +56966726053 - Additional information: Thank you for reading
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    Hello Darking, I'm glad that a player like you does jr, but there's something that I do not like I mean your jr, is very poor, we really want to know more about you, and your intentions to join in XpR, we would like you to tell us about you, we read every Join Request You may be a very good player but that does not mean that we will accept you, with this jr I do not see that you really want to be part of our team, you must show us that you want to join and a decent jr is a good way to prove it. This jr seems to me disrespecful because I have seen similar situations where skilled players do a Join Request but they are quite poor because they think that they we will accept them anyway. Maybe I'm wrong but your Jr from a year ago to ffs shows me that you think in a similar way, obviously there was more effort and the jr is decent https://ffs.gg/threads/82574-xDarK1nG-s-Squad-Application On the answer in "Why do you want to join XpR?:" We expect that the applicants will answer sincerely and decently to know if you are worth or you will be a jumper that will leave the clan at 2 weeks . Your answer was not given as the members of XpR would expect, reading what you have written, I could suggest you think once again about this question , because you basically described to any clan with your answer and if is possible add more details in your request because this looks effortless.
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    Darkbio's Join Request What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My nickname is Darkbio, I have 18 years old and I'm from United States Of America. I live in the State of Maryland. Your history in-game: Oh well there was an afternoon when I was doing my homework at home, I was looking for some information in the internet, and I was watching a video then I saw this game called "MTA" and thought it was interesting so I clicked on the video and I saw too many people playing at this game, so I decided to download it and began playing in a server called Tokyo Drift (I think it stills exits) then I met a few friends in the server from different countries all over the world and I liked it a lot. There was a day when I got bored because none of my friends was online in the server so I went looking for another server and found this server called Blue German Race, this is where my career as a DM player began. How long I've been playing Mta? I've been playing for around 7 years and this was my first video I uploaded playing with my friend Agus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62YmNjl9bFk (He went missing after 2 years) and I didn't know where he was from, because in the server you couldn't see another peoples country, but he told me he was from chile.... That's all I can remember from him. Have you been in any clans?: NxR: I have left so many times because I got bored and to be honest I like when a team works together and serious but at the same time having fun. HsK: Closed. Exe: Inactive clan. XF: Closed Uns: Closed TxG: Closed I might have joined another clan but those are the ones I can only remember. Why do you want to join Xtreme Pro Racers?: "Siempre he querido ser XpR dijo shine" jaja xD. It means "I always wanted to become XpR" And yeah I always wanted to join XpR, This original clan has a legend and I'd like to be part of it because I admire Naval and the rest of the team when I see them playing on any server they're always Killing it! So why not be part of it? How can you help our community?: I can help recording clanwars, Icould also create a facebook page for the people who wants to know more about the clan and keep it updated. I could create more content for a youtube channel and also I'd like to make a tournament winning something special with the help of you guys... How can we contact you?: Skype: Jeffersongustavo73_2 Discord: Darkbio#7175 Personal facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkbioo Hope you guys liked this Join request, Have a nice day!
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    Hello there Krlos. We appreciate all the interest in joining us. However, I have a second thoughts if the decision wasn't taken with a rush and no consideration whatsoever. As I can see, you haven't really mentioned the clan you were recently kicked from at all, and I believe it's a mistake, given the fact, most of us are not familiar with the situation and would like to know the reasons behind it. Explaining would help the people that are not into it understand why did your previous leaders take such actions, and put you in a more favorable position than you are right now. The last person to split paths with FFS and try to join us with a minimum effort (not particularly in your case) changed mind rapidly. That's where my concern and the questions come from. So: Are you sure that XpR is the best and undoubtful solution for you? Are you sure that the decision wasn't made in rush or in the inflow of emotions related to the last events? Can you represent XpR proudly and not let us down? I'd like you to take some time, reconsider things and answer these questions yourself. If the answers are positive and you can assure us of your good intentions then you can start working to prove yourself. Possibly a good start would be to solve your old unfinished conflicts with members or getting familiar with what our tag actually is. Hope to see you cooperate. Best of luck. On behalf of XpR, RoNNiE#
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location: My in-game nickname is Rhae. So my real name is Matic. I'm 19 years old. I was born on 18th of March 2000. I'm from Slovenia which is a small country. I could say that I'm a pretty chill guy who likes to communicate a lot. I love to play a variety of games and joke around. I also know how play the guitar and I play basketball for 10 years now. Your history in-game: I've played SA:MP before MTA in 2008 and 2009. I found about MTA in 2010. I firstly played on freeroam and roleplay server which I thought was really fun. In 2012 a friend introduced me to a gamemode called Race DM. I had no idea how to play the gamemode because I had zero experience whatsoever but it was easy for me to learn it since my English was decent back then and I had no problem with asking players for help. I fell in love the gamemode itself and started playing it as my main gamemode in 2013 on a server called SKC. After some time passed I started playing on servers like ER, SHC and TFF but after Vultaic opened and I'm mostly active on there. I play this game around 3-4 hours a day. It really depends on my mood and time that I have. Have you been in any other MTA clans: v8 - Victorious Eight (Co-leader, closed) SoR - Squad Of Revolution (Trial, closed) SKC - SofaKingCool (Mapmanager, Debugger, left) V:: - Vultaic (Media tech, left) Why would you like to join XpR: I would like to join XpR since I find it as a great community. I also do have a lot of friends inside the clan itself and would love to be a part of it myself. XpR as a clan has a lot of potential in my opinion. I also enjoy a good atmosphere inside the clan which I believe there is one. I don't joke around when it comes to representing the team/clan itself. How can you help our community: I'm studying as a media technician which means I work in programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and a bit of Blender. I can be useful with video editing which I really enjoy doing. My main focus is video editing. I would be useful with uploading sneak peaks of new stuff that XpR has to offer, stream or record clanwars, make illustrations and ofcourse video editing (or try to improve the current logo animation of XpR) How can we contact you?: Discord: Rhae#8473 Skype: live:rhaemta Additional information: If you have any other questions or things you didn't see on my JR you are free to contact me on the platforms that are listed above.
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    Hello, I'm back with a map by: ElCrow - CooL - Chipy - ShondeX called: Polluted Desert I hope you like. ===============================================
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    Hi. Pardon me, im really sorry for this but close the jr
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    Hello, finally is here, my last solo map called Dissension, enjoy. Thanks to Gerc for the recordasa #FreeGerc
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    Good evening gents! It's been a while since the last topic, wasn't it. We're truly sorry about that, but posting is quite difficult when you don't have the functioning forum. Hopefully, we can make up for that with the amount of good news we're bringing you tonight. We're kicking things off with what we'd like to call our biggest achievement of this year - winning "Lucky Seven" tournament. Three seasons in a row we've been left with the disappointment of the 2nd place holders but it's finally over. We pulled off insane plays leading ourselves to a flawless season win without a single game lost. Arguably one of the best clan performance in the history of L7. We'd like to thank organizers, all of our supporters, streamers and especially, the WFF team for breaking the 2nd place curse and leaving the mark in L7 history. To sum this all up, we'd like to announce that we're not done just yet and we are still determined and ready to give our best. On top of that, we're not planning to implement any changes to the victorious squad. Therefore you can expect us to give you a good show in the upcoming season. However, it doesn't necessarily means that we've abandoned the idea of bringing fresh blood aboard. We'd like to present the new members of the family: 1. @WazeR 2. @nX_ 3. @Cykz And greet back the old faces who decided to reunion once more: 1. @Lu1s 2. @Flexxy 3. @TemptatioN Congratulations! Hope to see you serving your duty well and not let us down So happy to say that our 5 trials have passed their period successfully! They are: 1. @Gteatero 2. @KenZo 3. @NeiT 4. @Pure501 5. @WinD I don't have much more to add here, just to thank our developers for bringing our forum back to life, especially @Despik for working practically alone on most features, and @SoloRed for creating our Clan Roster, Clan Wars and more. Also thank each of you who visits our forum daily. There is a lot to work on! Don't forget that you can report any bug you have experienced here. As some of you may have noticed already, we brought our old server back due to the demand for spending time together after Vultaic closure. Of course in consequences of the sudden revive, it lost some of it's properly working functions. That's where your role begins - We would like to ask you to report any kind of issues you're experiencing on the server here. Also, we highly encourage you to submit here any suggestions of what should we develop to make it better. Visit us! Server IP: mtasa:// or simply click on the button below to join immediately! Click me Winning the L7 was a great achievement and a relief for us. Because the beginning of this year was something difficult for our clan since we didn't have a server and a forum that is the most important base. We are surprised by the faithfulness of the majority of our members, and today we will not let them fall down and we will work with dedication to improve and offer fresh things to this community. We expect that for News #19 we will provide you with more updates about our forum and server. A huge thank you to my partner @RoNNiE# for helping a lot in Writing Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day everyone!
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    Hello dear community, today I come with you with this new skills map made by ZerkoM in 2016 I was contacted by a friend of they some days ago, this map es pretty cool and have good players and good scripts also. Enjoy the video And if you liked it, do not forget to give me your like Music ►Intro music: Aywy. & EphRem - Adderall [Bass Boosted] ►Map music: AXEN & HYLO - Habits (feat. AKACIA) [NCS Release] Contact ►Skype - wazon50555 ►Discord - WazeR#4179
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    x2. But good luck hijo mio
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Eray and in-game I am called Moon. I'm 16 years old and live in Switzerland. I was born and raised here in this beatiful country. Your history in-game: Important is to add "how long I've been playing." My MTA-Jounrey approximately started in early 2013. I first played on a rather unpopular, Turkish DD-Server. If I remember correctly, I was there for a few months and then left because I discovered FFS-Gaming. Since I was a Destruction Derby player at that time I continued following my passion and tried my best there everyday. I did this for the following 2 months before I got disinterested in my gamemode so I switched things up. Afterwards I started experimenting with all gamemodes and wanted to see which suits the most to me. I ended up favouring Shooter. It wasn't the most favoured gamemode but I loved it and got really good in it aswell. Anyway after another 4-5 months of playing MTA I had to take a long break for school. I can't remember the exact day I left but It was around 2014. Precisely on 26-10-2018 I rejoined FFS and have been active ever since playing Shooter and also Oldschool. Summarized I've been playing for about 6 years. Have you been in any clans?: If yes, you can list the clan and write a short explanation of your departure. Art of Gaming ¦ ArG| ¦ 23.02.2019 - 23.03.2019 ¦ Closed Art of Gaming was my first ever official clan but sorrowfully the founder decided to close it a month after I joined. Due to that I wasn't able to gain as much experience as I wanted to. However I was capable of participating in two shooter, and in one Oldschool clanwar. Why do you want to join XpR?: Quite frankly, I admired this clan for a very long time now and always had thoughts on applying here. And I came to the conclusion that this would be the right time. I just want a place with a lovely environment and great members to spend a long time with. I would also like to assist with the things I'm good at. How can you help our community?: e.g clanwars, mapping, organizing, as designer, webmaster, scripter, etc. I previously brought up that I'm a Shooter and Oldschool player. Although the gamemodes I'm interested in don't completely match with the ones from the majority of the clan, I still think I could support the clan. For instance: I recently became a referee in FFS-Events such as L7 matches, WSF and more. I like organizing events even in real life. Another thing is my personality. I'm a mature and talkative guy and I'm also fun to have around. I would also like to point out that I am a very loyal person. I planned to stay in ArG for a very long time since the atmosphere was lovely there but it didn't go as expected. How can we contact you?: Skype, Facebook, E-mail, etc. Discord: Moon#3189 E-Mail: eray17@gmx.ch Skype: live:eray17_5 Additional information: You're not forced to write here, this is a voluntary act. I love playing football with friends and also in my club where I go training twice a week. In my free time I like to hang out with friends and go to the cinema or watch TV series at home. One of my favourite things in life are languages. Im interested in different cultures and love to communicate with people all around the globe which explains why I speak alot of divergent languages. Here is a list of all my languages: German ¦ I learned German in school and also just by growing up in a German environment. ¦ I also speak Swiss-German which is a almost extinct dialect but in Switzerland we use it daily. English ¦ Growing with videogames and television I was able to master English very fast and mostly by myself. ¦ I have a Cambridge English (First) Diploma which I took two years ago. Turkish ¦ As mentioned before, I live in a Turkish family. We only speak Turkish in our household. ¦ When I was 12, I went to a school here in Switzerland every Saturday to get a Diploma to prove I mastered the language. French ¦ Our school-system starts to teach students french in 5th class to 9th class. So I was able to comprehend the basics of French. ¦ I will go to a school in France for 2 weeks to improve my knowledge there. Dutch ¦ As my final school project I decided to start learning Dutch through online learnplatforms. I just started but I already got the first steps covered. ¦ Daily I learn for 30 minutes so I won't give the language up that fast.
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    Tenes razon, en una parte bromeo pesado en lo que es el tag, siempre se joder con los que llegan al sv mayormente cuando van a nxr. Peor nunca he dicho que soy pro en hunter, te lo juro por mi vida que nunca he querido ofender a alguien diciendo que soy pro en hunter por que enrealidad no lo soy. Si tuviera ego alto fuese argentino (ndeaa) Na ya fuera de bromas, K1NG y los demas te pueden decir monton de cosas sobre mi, Queres saber por que me sali de "NxR"???? 1= K1NG y los CoLeaders o cw managers estan re desordenado como no te imaginas. hacen lo que ellos quieren, cuando quieren xd 2= cada vez que se tenia que jugar cw nadie se ponia de acuerdo para entrenar o tan si quiera preguntar quienes jugarian los mapas indicados. 3= Puedo decir que era el que mas entusiasmo le tenia al clan cuando entre por primera vez... pero cuando vi que yo era el unico que entrenaba me desespere... 4= Me aburria un monton, por que habiendo gente que queria jugar cw no dejaban a nadie organizarla y Porque?: La gran desconfianza que tiene el lindo leader de NxR. 5= Cuando jugabamos cw nunca podiamos ser capacez de jugar sin "NoTaS" por que supuestamente el era quien carreaba siempre con Soft. Habia monton de desigualdad, habia gente que mejor se iba de la cw por que nunca lo metian a jugar... varios jugadores que fueron nxr te lo pueden decir... Creo que estoy olvidando varios puntos que no puedo recordar, pero que alguien que haya sido NxR y ha salido te lo puede decir tambien. Este es mi argumento sobre NxR. Y si estoy dispuesto a esperar el tiempo que se pueda.
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    Creo que si hubiera querido ser siempre XpR no hubiera sido parte de iSG, St, LxG, etc. Xd, dejando eso de lado y hablando un poco mas del Join Request, está bien pero te conozco y me han dicho muchas cosas de ti estando en NxR, creo que esta debe ser tu 6ta JR, espero que esta vez no te canses de esperar o te vuelvas a NxR o “reabras” HsK. Hay un bind tuyo que dice “Para que hacer jr a un clan que sabes que no vas a entrar?” Refiriéndote y hablando de XpR, te aclaro que todos tienen la oportunidad de serlo y no hace falta ser “pro” como muchos dicen decir. Otra de las cosas que varias personas en NxR dicen (no dire quien) es que te andas de “presumido, agrandado, ego alto” por hunter, a decir verdad no lo se, pero las veces que entre a NxR últimamente te quisiste hacer el “más” diciendo tonterías sobre cosas de más, espero que esta vez si realmente quieres ser parte de este clan o para mi una familia qué cambies y retomes bien que vas a hacer, tampoco andes diciendo mentiras como ponerte tag y diciendo que eres XpR, GL.
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    I'm writing something here just so that this incredible join request gets the attention it deserves. Loveya Rhaelito
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    Hey guys! I'm back with new our feat request. We're just looking for decorators. Sorry for dark quality Contact me on Skype: forfuckshake2, Discord: xARROW#1419
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    Hello Guys, finally that day came.. it was hard to make a space shuttle fly to the space.. but finally done with it. I am worked very hard on it. you can download the map. Please watch till the end for see the rocket launch and a volcano Record by Dark# Productions http://www.mediafire.com/file/jvc66bbjk9byx2q/[DM]Nebla-Foros-.zip
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    Every's Join request Hello community, yes, i'm here again applying to XpR. Let me start, my real name is Nelson Vinicius, I am 20 years old (28/09/1998) and I live in Reserva Parana, Brazil. Well, for me everything started back in 2009/2010 when I got my first computer and I got to known MTA:San Andreas. Like everyone I started playing in Freeroam servers before I looked for other modes, in 2011 I saw one server called UGC (UnitGames clan). This was my first time in Race Deathmath in MTA. My first reaction was ''WTF?'' because this mode isn't normal for who knows just GTA SA. Well. I really was a ''nolifer'' not because skills, but my time in this game. The result of this, was that I tried to join UGC or UnG (they changed the tag) but I failed, probably because imaturity or skills. Months later, I joined in my first clan in MTA , called aF//(Awesome forces). The clan leader was DarK and AlieN, I don't remember it right, in this clan I got some decent experience and skills, and I was motived to play MTA. Early 2012 this clan closed, and I got invited for UnG//, yes, the clan that I tried to join at first. I had some awesome times here, with a friendly team and good server. In 2014 -sK-(Skilled gaming) merged with UnitGames, it became a stronger team, and we had some of the better players of MTA. Our clan wars were amazing with some awesome victories. It was a dream, because one month after it, one of the leaders (Hellknight) left the clan, and it started the leaving chain and down spiral of the clan. In 2015 I left UnitGames because inactivity of everyone. In this time I wanted to stay without a clan, but I couldn't, and I got invited to FRS (Furious), mostly brasilian guys and friends. I accepted the invite, but I only stayed in this clan for 2 months because inactivity of my part. In 2016 I made my second apply in my ''career'' for SoR!(Squad of revolution), and got declined because I was unfamous or something like this. But fortunately I got invited two weeks after the decline. When I joined I wasnt preparared for what was going to happen. It was really my first time in MTA, with a awesome team, and I was making everything to see SoR! in the top, result of this, I was promoted to Co-Leader. I was not experienced in leading but I really tried to do my best. We opened our server DM/HUNTER, and we had one surprise with 60 players in the inauguration, and everyday with 30/40 players. It was one awesome time for us, but sadly our community had a bad side, and in one week we had ddos attacks, and our host wasn't prepared for it. Well, months ago, we started the decadence, not because the server, but problems with the team, some guys left us and others got inactive, losing clan wars, and much much other reasons which caused Sharpix to close the clan in 2016. For me it wasn't the right thing, but sadly it closed. Unmotivated with MTA, I made JR to PiA|(Pros in Action) and unbelievably I got accepted. In PiA I had a good time, like in SoR! I was doing my best for the community, and I got promoted to Team Manager. But months after this, I started with college, my first thoughts were to live in another city to do Mechanical Engineering, and I was motivated to do it. I left PiA to focus on it and try to go back another time, but my plans failed. Yes, I'm doing college, but I go to this city everyday for college, which sadly is 2 hours to get there, and also 2 hours back home. Anyway I'm really grateful for my opportunity in PiA. While inactive I got invited to [FoXX](Force out Xtreme), basically a friendly clan. I joined and had some awesome and some bad times in FoXX playing two clan wars and fortunately winning both, and helping the clan. Because of my inactivity and some personal problems I decided to leave without thinking much, an error? Maybe, but I'm really grateful for the oportunity to be part of this awesome team. 2017 started and i was decided to open my own team, i was really happy for leading a team, it was really great for some months, we won important wars against big clans but sadly i failed with the clan two times, basically same reason, everyone lose the interest on this game, and i get sad for being alone. Now I'm here to post my third application for one old and awesome community, Xtreme pro Racers. Have you been in any clans? UnG// UnitGames Member 2012/2015 Closed/Left [FRS] Furious Member 2015 Left SoR! Squad of Revolution Co-leader 2016 Closed PiA| Pro's in Action Team Manager 2017 Left [FoXX] Force out Xtreme Team Manager 2017 Left xN| Nitrous Racing Trial 2018 Left UP| Unlimited Power (2x) Founder 2017/2019 Closed/Left Why do you want to join XpR?: My motive probably was used in every join request for XpR. The community is big, with friendly peoples, some brasilian gays, ops guys* in XpR was part of my old teams or my friends, this is my biggest motivation for apply. How can you help our community?: As will everyone say, I can help in clan wars, I have experience in clan wars and I played good and bads wars for SoR, PiA, FoXX and UP. I can help with the community, as every clan I tried to do my best, this time won't be different, organizing the server or forum. As some might know, I'm also a mapper, some of my maps you will be able to see a bit further down this post. Some of my maps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlw3Zj-3QUI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2UTusKs2BA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZMfcgxuKoQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaQc9TzCdw8 Skype: vineecarvalho Discord: Every#7976
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    Abrimos un clan sin nabal?? con mujerzuelas y juegos de azar
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    Buena suerte al xileno mas arrogante dsp de nabal
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    Hello dear community, today I come with you with this new speed map made by SlipknoT, It is a pleasure for me to record this map, Since in addition this map have a very good decoration, it has a good track which makes it an excellent map to be a volume 5. Enjoy the video And if you liked it, do not forget to give me your like Music ►Distinkt - Potion (ft. Grace Elliott) Contact ►Skype - wazon50555 ►Discord - WazeR#4179
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    What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My current nickname is RockZ, my real name is Dominik, I am 21 years old and will be 22 end of this year. I live in Germany Baden-Württemberg, Pforzheim, to my hobbies I count, going out with my friends and having fun with them (sounds kinda weird I know), I also play most of the time World of Warcraft and MTA but sometimes GTAV too. - Your history in-game: I'm not sure if the timeline is accurate. (2009 - 2010 ) I've been playing Multi Theft Auto since late 2009, I started like many others on a Freeroam server. From the very beginning I loved to do stunts, I tried to drive on two tires and use any kind of wall to drive. After a long time someone wrote me and said " try out the gamemode Race". Of course it sounded boring at first but shortly after I dared to try it. I searched for a server with Race in the name shortly afterwards I found a server with "DM/Race" in the name, of course I immediately thought of Deathmatch or Team-Deathmatch server. I entered the server and was surprised that it was not a server on which you fight against each other but a server on which you raced. I thought to myself "just give it a try" I was of course immediately overwhelmed like no other. I had never drove a race map before. One week later I felt that I was beginning to like it, I quickly learned how to control the Infernus, of course I had help from some people I meet there. So I played a longer time on this server, after about 1 month the server owner decided to close his project because he didn't have time anymore and didn't want to pay his server anymore. Of course it made me sad in a way that the owner decided to close his project but I quickly found more servers to play on, unfortunately I can't really name servers it's been too long to remember. (2012 - 2014) At the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 I found a server called German Blue Race, the server was just terrible, but I decided to play there for a longer time. After a while I made new friends like Dice, TimeZ, ShiiFuu, S3VARL0TH, and more. After several months TimeZ wrote me "Yoo I found a good server called Planet Race, you should try this one". I gave it a try because I wanted to know how good this server was. It quickly became clear to me that this would be a server on which I would play for a long time. To be clear I played there for more than 6 months actively, at some point S3V4RL0TH wrote me that he was currently playing on a server called Bloody Race and I should try this one because there were always many players there. I started playing there and was amazed of the great script and the nice community. A few months passed and I decided that I would try to join Bloody Race, so I wrote a Join Request and was accepted about 2 - 3 weeks later. Almost 2 months later everything went wrong, the current leaders decided to accept many people they know and preferred, the consequences were bad, the new members only abused their rights and made sure that no player wanted to play anymore on this server. At some point I had enough and decided to leave, I couldn't watch it any longer. A while later, I created my own clan called seventh Try. This was something special for me because it was my first own clan. I couldn't believe it myself but this clan ran quite well. Many of my old friends were in this clan and we even won some clan wars. After about 8 months I quickly noticed that the members were no longer interested in this clan, I tried several times to save the clan but at some point I decided to just close the clan, but I was still proud of myself that my first clan lasted 8 months. Many people can't say that about their first project. After that I looked for a new server that would be fun for me and shortly after that I found KekZ gaming. I checked out the server and decided to stay, I had a lot of fun playing there. Many of the players were a bit weird, but I didn't care in the end. The founder of KekZ gaming already knew me from other servers and told me to write an Join Request, shortly after I did. and I was accepted, a few months later I decided to leave because my PC was broken and I was an didnt want to be a inactive member for this clan. (2015 - 2019) When I had a PC again Gerox wrote to me and said "Let us reopen FfY (Fight for Yourself)", I said yes and we tried to rebuild this clan together. It went well for a long time, unfortunately the day came when we decided to close FfY. We both just had too many private problems. A short time later I decided to start the clan TSR (The survivers of the Race) together with Panik (today's name is LiXuZ). Unfortunately this didn't go so well, LiXuZ brought people into our clan where he thought he could trust them. Unfortunately he was wrong, the new members abused any kind of rights and even banned new players from the server. That's when I decided to leave. Sometime later I was invited to join a clan called "fuck the Future" I saw that TimeZ was in there so I decided to join. I was only one month in the clan, I quickly realized that this clan is nothing for me. Unfortunately, the leaders took everything seriously and so I had no fun to play. Back then a good friend of mine (Dice) said that I should join SHC because he goes in there too. Of course I was surprised that Dice wrote me, we had no contact for a long time. So I decided to make a join request to SHC. After a longer time of waiting I was accepted, I stayed in SHC for 8 - 9 months and had the best time of my life (at least I thought so at that moment). Sadly then i left SHC (due to private problems). After being inactive for some time and coming back I decided to join a clan called AMG, this turned out to be a big mistake. In the beginning everything seemed to be good but I quickly realized that everyone in this clan behaved like a kid and did what they wanted. I didn't stay long in this clan, I decided to go back to SHC. I told the leaders of AMG that I wanted to go back to SHC and they said to me it would be ok, as I learned afterwards they were mad and behaved like kids shortly afterwards. So I made a new join request to SHC and was accepted shortly after, I was happy to be there again. Unfortunately I realized that the clan I once loved had changed. Nobody was active anymore and nobody wanted to help new users. I tried to stay in the clan for a while, but unfortunately I quickly lost the fun of playing because nobody really showed interest. Shortly after I left SHC, I joined a clan called Saints of ability. There I made some new friends like BLTZ. I thought first that I would like it in the clan, unfortunately I didn't have as much fun in the clan as I had hoped. I went out after a while and applied to XpR and was accepted after a short time. I stayed in XpR for 1 year and 1 month (if I remember it correctly). I had a lot of fun in XpR but sometimes it was also stressful. I started to support Rul3zZ as much as I could and helped him with several forums bugs and tried to play as active as possible on the server. I also helped sorting the maps and debugging maps. It came the time when XpR had its downphases due to problems with the root. During this period the active players were unfortunately gone and I tried to rebuild the player base with Rul3zZ and some other members of XpR. It didn't work out well and at some point I decided to leave because in my eyes it was hopeless to get players back on the server. I realized later that this was the wrong decision, but a few weeks later I accepted LiXuZ's offer and started with him and Rul3zZ Intravenous. After 4 months and many problems with the developers and problems with other founders / leaders I decided to leave. But I knew that I gave the clan in good hands. - Have you been in any clans?: - Small Hustlers Crew (2 times) - (Member ) - Fuck the Future - (Member ) - Planet Race - (Member ) - Sense of ability - (Member ) - Hardstyle klowns - (Trial ) - seventh Try - (Founder ) - The survivers of the Race - (Founder ) - KekZ gaming - (Member / admin ) - Xtreme pro Racers (Forum-manager / Staff Member ) - Intravenous - (Founder ) - Why do you want to join XpR?: That's a good question, I was already in XpR once and if I still remember it correctly at least for 1 year. During this time I had a lot of fun and meet a lot of new people who are still in XpR today. I think the reason why I want to join XpR is because I feel most comfortable here and can just be who I am and I don't have to pretend to be anyone I don't want to be. I said in my first Join Request that XpR has a great future and I still have that opinion today. - How can you help our community?: My main goal is to help the community, to help players who don't know what to do but also to solve problems/reports and when the XpR server is online again, I will also be there for the players to make their time on the Server as comfortable as possible. I could now also say that I can support you in clanwars, but unfortunately this is not my biggest strength. - How can we contact you?: Discord : xr0ckz#8234 - Additional information: I would like to give you some information about my leaving of XpR last time. I left XpR for some stupid reasons. It became clear to me that this was not the solution I had hoped. At this time I blamed the members that XpR didn't run as it once did. This was a big mistake, almost everyone tried to help. I was just too stupid to see that. I wrote a text back then in which I indirectly attacked certain members, I want to apologize for this text because this was not the right way.I hope that some of you can forgive me what I did in the past, we are all humans and nobody is perfect - RockZ
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    Congratulations to the new trials, let's make XpR better together!
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    Nickname's Join Request Xevadish About me: My name is Alekander, I am 18 years old. Originally from Poland, I live in the smal town called Racibórz . Interested in football, volleyball and computer games.I am a very positive person to meet new people and help them in difficult situations. My MTA career : I started the game 8-9 years ago, initially I played on RPG servers. After some time I found out about other types of gameplay. My good friend Kube, with whom I have known for years, showed me the Fc(Fapping Club) server where I learned the basics of DM. With time I found a PMC (Polish Monster Clan) where I met a lot of nice people from Poland. After mastering the basics I decided to write an application to -nFw-(NoFuckingWay) over time I got a chance from members to show what I can afford. It didn't last long, however, and Clan was closed. Half a year later I got an invitation to VIP (Very Important Players) Since xXEduxX.The reason for leaving was a problem withcontact with other members of the team.Then I was interested in clan mP( MasterPlayers) , I decided to join the team in order to acquire new skills that would allow me to get as close to perfection.At the end of 2017 I joined SHC (Small Hustlers Crew). at first it seemed that I found myself team in which I would feel like in a family , but I had problems with the Leaders and the whole team and I decided to leave.For a very long time I was looking for a team I was trying to find a team that would allow me to be myself and would not demand from me anything I can't. I was trying to find a team that would allow me to be myself and wouldn't demand anything I can't do. I decided to write for nTL ( Nothing to Lose ) the whole team was for me like a big family and I can safely say that it was the best clan I had ever been in. Clans I've been in before : -RB- RedBull -nFw- No Fucking Way >VIP< Very Important Players mP - Master Players SHC// Small Hustlers Crew |-nTL-| Nothing To Lose UP| Unlimited Power My reasons to join XpR : The reason to join is that I would like to develop with the best, and I think joining the team will allow me to practice my skills to perfection. I would also like to find a team in which I will feel like in a family and will be able to stay in it for a very long time. Why me and not others? : I stick to the rules, I can create a good atmosphere. I can pass most of the maps that I like, I am active on a daily basis for some 2-3 hours I can bring a good atmosphere to the clan. I also think i will be a good Moderator on the team forum. How can I contribute the most? : The biggest contribution I can give is to help in clan wars in dm/wff modes.
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    NiNjA's Join Request. What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Gerzsa 19, ingame NiNjA. Budapest,Hungary Your history in-game: I have been playing MTA since 2012. The first server where i was play is a Hungarian fun server. I was just clowning there. Then i found my first DM server in the same year which name was Speed Racers. I started there my MTA carrer and also i learned there the basics. Unfortunately the server was closed so i found FFS where i was register in 2013. Nothing happened there i just joined Dws which was a fun clan and enjoying game. I dont played the game until 2018. This year i comeback and i started focus the game. I mastered my WFF skills then i joined MAD in 2018 July. It was a good time with them, we played events and cw's. After 5 month i leaved. Not so long ago i started play Vultaic and like it better because of better comminity and server. Now i feel i have enough knowledge to try joining XpR. Have you been in any clans? sR# Speed Racers |Dws| Down with the sickness [MAD] Mafioso Auto Drivers Why do you want to join XpR?: I have long wanted to be part of XpR. My goal is get into the team. The members are friendly, helpful and skilled. I think about myself my skills in WFF are 10/10 and i like to play in a serious team with good players. Also i can finish any of hdm map if i train that. But in the clan-wars i insistently train and im always do my best. How can you help our community?: Clanwars, tournaments, and mapping. How can we contact you?: Skype, Facebook, E-mail, etc. Skype: venix27 Email: gerzsa2k@gmail.com
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    Fixed the gAy colors.
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