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  1. Everything is for you guys! Thank you very much, for your advice! Yeah! Thanks, the education is the most important thing!!
  2. Hi, my name is Nicolás Lagos (better known as MotaCTM), and with my friend Javier (Extreme). We had the idea to create this beautiful community in 2011. Our server was mounted on my own computer (yes, my computer had to be on all day ON) hahaha. Some will wonder, why I am inactive on the server and in our forum ¿..? The answer is quite simple: Last year, i worked hard to raise money and this year i am studying programming in the university. When I have free time I go out to do my favorite sport (MTB: XC) Attached a recent vídeo I uploaded: I accept criticism, since I recently bought this camera (). Also, I want to thank the staff of this community (Naval, ALw7sH, Rul3zZ, Furious, CenSoR, and many more) for the fact the maintain and solve each problem that is presented. And to all of you, for following all these years together with us!
  3. I thought his weight was lower
  4. Grand vitara 1.6 Grand Nomade (vitara) 1.9 Diesel Peugeot 307 2.0 (Actual) BONUS: My Trek marlin 5
  5. As usual, i congratulate them for the great work they have done with the team. For new members: Keep working hard, do not relax.
  6. Good desings @SOUNDBEATS, by the way @Naval i loved your avatar!
  7. I congratulate all those who entered our team, and the new updates the forum is it so very well done! Congratulations.
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