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  1. Chipy!

    Every - Treeline

    Hello everyone. I want to present another map called Treeline created by my mate Every, i hope you like it, enjoy it and have fun 1080p advised. Contact me. Discord: Chipy#8663 Skype: juan.videla314
  2. Hello everyone, I want to present my tenth map called Opposite Sides and i also want to thank those who helped me make the scripts and i also hope you like this map, good luck and enjoy it. # Sorry for the drop at 1:06 (I don't know why that happens in that part) # Sorry if the video looks a bit lag. # at 4:37 the AutoJump script didn't work for me xd. 1080p advised. Contact me. Discord: Chipy#8663 Skype: juan.videla314
  3. bebesitaaaaaa.. wena luck ma broder!!!
  4. These maps i thought i had lost. Projects that stopped being due to lack of time (map of about a year and a half ago). 1- 2- and these maps have been published for a long time but they are back xd 3- 4- 5- 6- Contact me: Skype: juan.videla314 Discord: Chipy#8663
  5. [DM] #Beny ft. FlinT# - For Noob's III Hello everyone Today i come to present you this map called For Noob's III created by Beny & FlinT, the map has a style Rage very nice and it's nice to play it, i hope you like it and enjoy it Available 1080p If you want me to record a map, don't hesitate to contact me Skype: juan.videla314 Best Regards Chipy
  6. we will miss you flexxy and i wish you the best of luck!! iloveubro
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