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  1. go suck a cock -_- jk bro i love u sexy mf =_=
  2. Hey Ronnie I didn't mention FFS because I don't really know the reasons behind my kick (I might know some but not sure at all), there was no warning, no message, nothing so I didnt even bother to ask, It doesn't mean I dont care but the way it has been done make me feel like all the hard work I did is worth nothing, there are many reasons why I wanted to leave the clan before this happened but they kicked me first so (you can confirm this asking my ex-mates from dm/wff squad). I wouldn't like to expose such internal things here (I'll tell privately, if you're really interested). All I want from you is to trust me, I'm pretty sure I can represent XpR at its best and I'd never let you down, XpR is indeed the best team, due to its players & community and I know I'm not the best dmm/wff player but I'll try my best to improve my skills day by day. Sincerely, Krlos.
  3. What's your name(s), age and location?: My in-game nickname is Krlos and my real name is Carlos, I am 21 years old and I live in Chile. How long have you played MTA: SA?: I have been playing MTA for 7 years. I started my journey on a DM server called [-RM-] when my friends first brought me to this game. Back then I was a newbie and I couldn't finish any map. Yet I decided to improve myself and move forward which resulted in my acceptance to RM and I honestly consider that as a big success. Sadly, after a few months of being with them, I noticed a decline in the team, day by day, and many members left the clan, as well as myself and it was closed. By then I decided to improve even more and join XpR. I have to admit that XpR was the main source of increasing my skills and a fun run overall. After sometime of being clanless, I've decided to join VIP together with my friend. A few months had passed, unfortunately, as many of you know, VIP was closed. I knew that I would have to move on and I started playing in TG. I met new friends, skilled and mature TG members hence why I decided to join and just to start a new MTA career. The result was absolutely positive and I had a great time there until Zurio's case has happened. I immediately lost interests in MTA and decided to take a break - I retired for 1 year and a half. Surprisingly I came back and slowly started to be active again - I got my interests back once I joined xN. I gotta say that xN is a real miracle due to its friendly clan-members, atmosphere and the organization. The clan activity was just fantastic, we won a lot of CWs together and yet made some historical events together. What's your best achievement(s) so far? -3rd place on TfF World Cup in 2014 -1st place on TfF world Cup in 2017 -1/4 in WFF 16/18 -1/2 in WFF 17 Have you been in any other clans? Yes I've been in: -|RM|- -|XpR|- >VIP< -|TG|- Zurio xN -ffs- Why do you want to join XpR?: I feel like I am equipped to handle the task of playing clanwars and\or tournaments for XpR as I've got at least 6 years of clean DM experience and yet I consider myself as a skilled player in DM. I can help WFF team as well as it needed since I played some matches in ffs which resulted in my improvement with WFF. I also offer XpR my whole free time so there won't be any excuses about not coming and so on. How can we contact you? skype: krlos.felipe1 Sincerely, Krlos.
  4. Goodluck maldito culiao <3 hijo e la dog tragasables
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