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    -|TG|-, [Korn], -ftw-.

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  1. I feel happy for the trials. Congratz! For the ones who didn't join, don't quit please. You'll have more chances in the near future
  2. R1KUZ

    *DLF's JR!

    Good luck bro!!! Best of luck (;
  3. GL Cascade, rly good player u are, respect
  4. What's my nickname, age and location? Well, my name is Rafael aka R1KUZ in-game. I was born in April 1999, so I'm 18 and currently living in a small town in Porto, Portugal. I am a loyal and very talkative person and I like making new friends. My history in-game: I started playing SA-MP in 2010 in roleplay servers but I got bored easily. So I started playing MTA back in 2011, after my friend showed me the DD gamemode. Made myself quite good at it, and even joined -EF// before realising DM was more my thing. So I jumped on it and never stopped till now. Joined several clans after I felt prepared, like -ftw- (Leading it in its 2nd revival until everyone left), -|TG|- as a regular member (ended up leaving it due to lack of team spirit) and more recently [Korn] also as a regular member (the clan died 2 weeks after I joined). I only try joining a clan when I feel prepared, so that's why I'm applying. Why do I wanna join XpR? Think I feel useful for the clan, as for in-game activity or even website-wise. I'm a talkative guy and I think I would be a nice adition for the team. Maybe help in some clanwars if I have some free time, but as I said before my schedule (at the weekends) is not that great. I also have some friends here that I would like to cooperate with, along with all the other fellow members. How can I help your community? What I really could help in is with mapping, as I like to and I'm pretty decent at it: fixing bugged maps, improving something that needs to be improved... those sort of things. I also have basic scripting skills and I can talk either portuguese, spanish, and english fluently. How can you contact me? Skype. Add me with r1kuz.mta Additional info: I kept this quite short so it's not that exhaustive. Simple and direct. Have a nice day guys. ^^
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