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  1. 1. Team Name: Low Pingers 2. Team logo/tag: -lp- 3. Team color: #feafea 4. Captain: Marque, Country , Skype, MTA Serial: 56AA204C16091D49524061CE858AD6E4 5. Players: - yani, Country , MTA Serial: FA133AE7B2923FF22A03FEE4AA605634 - Goku, Country , MTA Serial: 0628134A46F5C367CFC55C9275AC94A3 6. What time you can't play at?: -
  2. I'm looking for a team, my nick is Marque, my discord user is marquez#9779 and my skype is josemarque97_-
  3. Hello, this thread is made for players who are looking for a team, or vice versa. You may reply to this topic saying that you're looking forward to be part of a team, your nick and a way of communicate with you. (Skype, WhatsApp, Discord) Thank you.
  4. Hello, days ago we uploaded an intro video to our channel on youtube. I hope you enjoy it! A short video clip where we try to include and show some of our team members, most of whom collaborate with their skills in today's game events. XpR is currently focused on the DM/Hunter, WFF and OS area. There is more to come!
  5. Hello, today I'm bringing you a new solo map made by staN. This time is a comet map, I hope you enjoy the video as well as the map itself.
  6. Starting with a brand new channel, I'm bringing you a new hunter video, this time being a hunter frag movie. I hope you enjoy it. New videos coming soon, such as map recordings and more. Song: Anuel AA, Ozuna ft Tainy - Adicto
  7. Hello, I bring to you a new solo map from staN which is called Dreamland, I hope you enjoy the video. It's my first time recording a map after a long time, I expect I did it well for this time so I'll be improving time by time! Song: Fox Stevenson - Dreamland
  8. Yeah, the NOS mod is something I knew I had to change to the original NOS. The resolution is the maximum that my screen supports, otherwise I would have been using 1920x1080 but it's actually 1680x1050. Thanks for the replies guys
  9. Hello, I'd like to know your opinion about this, what effects should I add, tips and etc (at editing-time). Thanks in advice.
  10. Congratulations to XpR for achieving almost everything (if not everything), it's been a hell of a year for us and I'm lucky that I've been part of it. I hope we continue with our success for a much longer time. I'd like to congratulate my teammates for passing our trial period and congratulate Ronnie aswell, for becoming one of the heads of XpR. Also, big congratulations to the new trials! Expecting to have a great time together. Happy christmas everyone!
  11. Hello, this is a cw video that I have in my old hard disk, enjoy it (even if the quality is such bad, I downloaded it from a phone so that's why ;s) NO SOUND DUE TO COPYRIGHT
  12. - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Marque, 22 years old, from Spain. - Your history in-game: Well, briefly, I'm playing this game since 2011, I started playing on freeroam and stealth servers and then, I discovered DM, I liked it and I'm playing it for 5+ years already, if I remember correctly. Recently (1 month ago) I left FFS and also, with thoughts of leaving the game but, well, I felt like I wanted to give it another try. In my mind, I wanted to re-join XpR and that's why I'm here posting this application. - Have you been in any clans?: Yes, I have been in: Xs// (2013, reason: closed) |ERU|* (2013, reason: closed) >FfW< (2013, reason: closed) |-Cs-| (2013, reason: closed) SHC// (2014-2015, reason: left) eP! (2015, reason: left) |-XpR-| (2015, reason: left) SHC// (2016-2017, reason: left) eP! reopened (2017, reason: left) TC| (2017-2018, reason: left) -ffs- (2018-2019, reason: left) - Why do you want to join XpR?: I was in XpR back in 2015 and I had a very good time with the people in this team, so I thought about "coming back". I remember this clanwar as it was played yesterday... I had so much fun and I really want to relive these moments again, even tho the game has changed a lot and so the people has. Also this community is loyal to this team and knows what it's capable of. It's a strong team that has one of the best squads out there and it's known for accomplishing big wins in its history. - How can you help our community?: Mainly in DM/hunter clanwars, I've been playing this gamemode since years and I'd like to contribute the team by playing in any event. There are other things that I can contribute to the team like help in the CW managing, being active in forums and so on. I can also play WFF but that's not that much of my style so I'm stick to DM/hunter. I can adapt to anything I could be asked for, there is no problem for me in getting into new adventures. - How can we contact you?: Skype: josemarque97 - Additional information: I speak Spanish (obviously) and English, and I get along with the people quickly. In my free time, I'm hanging out with friends, with my girlfriend, playing games and currently I'm looking for a job as I finished studies this past June. Thanks for reading my application.
  13. Happy birthday my friend, we won't ever forget you.
  14. A pleasure! Smooth and without any big interferences, gg wp
  15. Rest in peace Tarkaan, we your friends will never forget you! Congratz guys, and good job with the server aswell!
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