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  1. Great video but I just couldn't hold myself on from recalling the dcoy's video. Let me bring some nostalgia ;]
  2. Sadly that some of the old fags were kicked out of the clan but it's all fair. Great post, Naval. GZ New trials
  3. Nitri says bye-bye :) Hey everybody! I thought I'll stay as inactive but then I released that I will not be playing as frequent as I had been. It was the main reason for my choice. There's no way back anymore. The text here is something like introduction and farewell together. Here I'll be trying to explain how the things in my brains had been working all the time and why I decided to leave completely. MTA was something more than just a game for me. It's a special part of my life. It has totally changed my life. To the brighter side. In far 2012 my IRL-friend recommended this multiplayer for GTA:SA to me. We had been playing together. Then he left the game and gaming in overall. At that time he had been already studying in college so he had no time for games. I was alone since then. No English knowledge, no desires. Just a curious person who was interested in intense gaming life. After school, I've always come home and had been playing for like 10 hours per every day. I could miss lunches, suppers just to keep playing MTA maps. I was just crazily nolifing. Obviously, it has affected my health later. But such harmful life has given some good results in the game for such nerd like I was. I had been playing MTA all the time. A day without MTA for me was like a day without cigarettes for a smoking person. Once, my friend told that CW is going to start in 5 minutes (I've only come home by that time) and I've even eaten my lunch within 2-3 minutes although there was a lot of food to eat. I could only join Russian clans at that time because my English was not good enough to understand any words. And I decided to start learning English. Yes, because of MTA. I couldn't even suppose that it could help so much in future. Even this reason is enough to say that all the period of time I've spent in MTA wasn't just a waste of time. I left the game in 2013. I wasn't satisfied with myself and was always stressful because of the game xD. I had been taking the game not as for fun but as for something serious. This mindset had been with me for a long time. I was always an impatient, anxious person, very emotional. Probably it's because the life I have. It's so tough and nervous that it's even hard believable. After I left, I had been nolifing Dota 2 (more than 1300h+ during the year...was I even visiting the school?...). But I totally regret I've met Dota 2 on my way. These 1300 hours are just waste of time. I always remember this now as a bad experience and it still shows me that these 1300 of hours that may look not much I could use in something very useful. I'm back at the end of 2014, I could at least understand something in English. That year I released I had no any skills so I started to nolife as much as I did in 2012-2013. I changed a few clans there but it's not that important. Soon I found a clan I wanted to join for a long time ー XpR. Joining the clan with not my native language as main was a real problem for me. I was really worrying, I was sweat and wet. I said myself that time: I can't stop, I must join the clan I was dreaming for a lot of time. I was very active, sociable. As a result, I got accepted in XpR. I was very happy. You know what euphoria feels like? At that time the game was everything for me. The feeling of victory was too damn tasty. I was very happy. It was probably the best moment in my entire life. The time I've spent in XpR was fabulous. When I think of MTA I mostly think of XpR. Not lying, asslicking, the truest-truth. The time I've spent with every one of you, XpR, was absolutely pricelessly. I remember all our private conversations with you guys as it was yesterday, thanks to my memory. Starting from CP-conversations with Yuuta (I hope it ain't a secret xD) to Mixhet raging why he can't pass SymoN v9, when I told him: OK, ain't a problem. Let's go train. And we trained (It took him a lot to pass it but he did, now he can pass when he wants, maybe). Don't take it too close to heart, Mixhet xD. You can ask me why the #!@k did you write so much stuff about yourself? Who the hell cares? Well, nobody, probably. It was only to let the reader know what was the game for me and how serious I was towards it. Leaving the community with just two words bye-bye would be very impolite and disrespectful towards all the people who know you. Later, after I started my inactivity period, I found myself in drawing, studying, learning, sports and much more. The things I hated before. How funny. I started playing games only for fun, and competitive ones stopped being interesting for me. The tomorrow day will happen not in years, it will happen tomorrow. That's why nowadays I spend much time studying the shit and preparing for 'tomorrow' exams because I want to get accepted in the Moscow State University which is 3000kms away from my home. It requires insane hard working. And I'm ready for it. I can give myself to it. I mean that my goal is something really above such a retard like me...and to reach this goal, make the dream come try I should hard work like no-one else. Thank you really if you've read it all till this. I didn't edit the text anyhow so it may have the missing logical consequences and simple grammar mistakes. I hope you can close your eyes on this 2018 is already going, I didn't want to leave during the celebrations to keep the atmosphere cheerful. But now I think it's the time I need to make a move. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'll answer all of them. Thank you MTA, thank you XpR! Sometimes when I have time I'll be visiting you to see how the clan is living :). And Thank you one more time for being with me guys and making such warm memories. Sincerely, Nitrix
  4. Could you please explain this part more exactly? I am really curious what -ffs- have you been in. In the official -ffs- clan there were no former members with your name. Take my question with all seriousness because my further steps towards your join request depend on your answer.
  5. We actually CARE about it. It's written in the updated JR creating rules. If an applicant breaks at least one of the rules mentioned above we have full rights to decline his/her join request. There's nothing more to say actually. So I'll close the topic as the author wants. CLOSED.
  6. Are you kidding me? The only gamemode we play is DM and we have 46 members who mostly also play DM. You've written a quite brave sentence tho. Good luck
  7. Screenshots do not show anything tbh. In-game skills/cw skills matter much more. But anyway gl. Besides that, I want to ask something: What was the clan?
  8. MEME xd gl Give
  9. The maps are still the same 'w' gl ma bois
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