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  1. What's your nickname(s), age and location? Ola, My nick is nX_ I have 28 years old and I'm actually living in Russia and South Korea. Your history in-game: So I started in 2009 when I was using MTA for create few maps to SA-MP,after some search I find a DM server called Bloody Race There I spent the next 4 years playing. In 2010 I was trying to make my first maps and that was when i released my v1 A crap in the shape of a map, after a year of tries I was able to release my v5, and that was when I started become a popular mapper. My ambition was to create something unique that I wasn't able to find in MTA, most of my maps are weird but I enjoy creating the weird stuff. After several years, in 2018 I was able to reach the level I expected as mapper when I released my v18. This map gave me mapper of the year in ffs forum and best creation of year in the official MTA forum. I have new plans as mapper and I am whiling to keep taking mapping to the next level. Have you been in any clans? I have been leader of two clans -sK- (skilled gaming) and BR| (bloody race) I quit both clans for same reasons, I don't like when people act as if they are better than the others, I had misunderstandings with leaders and break friendship of years for silly reasons. I am also a bad leader since I am too hard on people and can't take things easy when I am doing something for real. I have been in the end of AMG clan I was there for few months until the clan shut down, same as in the WTF clan. Why do you want to join XpR? I want to join most because Neit, last times we have become really good friends. I am helping him and he is helping me back in too many things, and of course because XpR is a good clan. I don't think that I would want to join a bad clan. How can you help our community? I can help the community in anything that I am able to, I have a VPS paid for 14 months and I am able to give out some mapping servers I am also good at client side scripting and creating shaders as well. I am creating 3D models for the last 4 years and I can tell I started to be a lot good on that. How can we contact you? Anyone can find me in whatsapp +79149625622. Additional information: I have a lot to say but if i would write everything down that would be a book. I am a lot old, but I have some passion for this game, I am a creative person and anything that allows me to create will conquer me. I have a good life position from my hard work and I am married, If we back on time 5 years ago I was immature but now days a lot of things have changed. I tried to rebuild most relations that I had in MTA that at some point became a silly fight, I am always ready to help a good friend if I am able to. I don't tolerate fake people, and most people can hate me because I am too honest. I hope it was clear and that in future I can become part of this family and tell more about myself. Best regards, Sunny mucho riko.
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