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  1. Man, Long time Lam-man, best of luck man... Man.
  2. Hello there Krlos. We appreciate all the interest in joining us. However, I have a second thoughts if the decision wasn't taken with a rush and no consideration whatsoever. As I can see, you haven't really mentioned the clan you were recently kicked from at all, and I believe it's a mistake, given the fact, most of us are not familiar with the situation and would like to know the reasons behind it. Explaining would help the people that are not into it understand why did your previous leaders take such actions, and put you in a more favorable position than you are right now. The last person to split paths with FFS and try to join us with a minimum effort (not particularly in your case) changed mind rapidly. That's where my concern and the questions come from. So: Are you sure that XpR is the best and undoubtful solution for you? Are you sure that the decision wasn't made in rush or in the inflow of emotions related to the last events? Can you represent XpR proudly and not let us down? I'd like you to take some time, reconsider things and answer these questions yourself. If the answers are positive and you can assure us of your good intentions then you can start working to prove yourself. Possibly a good start would be to solve your old unfinished conflicts with members or getting familiar with what our tag actually is. Hope to see you cooperate. Best of luck. On behalf of XpR, RoNNiE#
  3. Once more with @Cykz in the same team.. Congratz to the new trials. Really nicely written news!
  4. In case someone missed it. I highly encourage you to check out more of my videos if you enjoyed this one.
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