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  1. understanders will understand ...by the way, NICE JOB!
  2. OMG! 'An improved shit 1' was one of the maps that most marked my life in the MTA, now comes out this second version and with my beautiful friend Nebla working together with Kamen * - * I'm very happy! I can not wait to play this new shit! XD
  3. What’s your nickname, age and location? My nickname is ^xTemp//, I have 19 years old and I live in Spain. Your history in-game: Below you can check some of my story during the beginning of my career in the MTA, at the end I add the story to the present years: From 2017 onwards I come back to XpR some time and it was my last clan until I deleted MTA to 'try to be able to continue my life without any interrupts', but I fail at keep MTA away from me. I return to MTA in the middle of 2018 and when I come back, my friend 'Every' told me he was going to make a new project called Unlimited Power, well I did consider it a good idea because we are good and old friends. From this moment we started the project and everything goes very well with active, mature and friendly players. But after some time during a merger some things started to go wrong and I will not expose what happened because it would be disrespectful of my part, but I decided to leave the clan because of the increasing number of 'failures' during these last ones months. Have been in any clans? LxG// Latins xtreme Gamers (4M) – Closed (2012) /AiR\ Awesome in Races (1Y and 2M) – Closed (2013) -sK- sKilled (4M) - The leader disparage me and I left the clan. (2014) |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racers (1Y and 3M) - *In game history* (2014\2015\2017) -DG| Divinity Gamers (7M) - Closed (2015 and 2016) *Q1. Quantum Singularity (6M) – Closed (2016) UP| Unlimited Power (1Y) - (2018\19) Why do you want to join XpR? In all my experience being an XpR member I can say that here was one of the only clans that I had so much fun when I join and this make me feel so good and wanting to get better and better. One of the things that I mostly like is that there is so much funny people and they make me laugh so much writing funny shits on chat that I feel so confortable being a part of this team. How can you help our community? When I see that things are bad I try to do everything to be able to help, even if it costs me a sacrifice, I want to see everything okay and right. I can organize the team the best possible way so there is no confusion in some occasions, help in some task if it is necessary (upload maps, rosters, etc.), in clan wars we can do some tactic before it, give some tip to finish maps more easily as we always do, etc. How can we contact you? Skype: Vinicinxd51 Additional information: I also have a YouTube channel (which I believe will not be active anytime soon) but you can check out my past in MTA from 2015 through the present years. "No matter how much you hit, what matters is how much you can handle pain and keep fighting, because only then you will be a winner."
  4. Congratulations new trials and the trials that has passed their trial time! The forum looks amazing, awesome job from Web Manager also the Server new features are awesome, customizations in your car are always welcome and very attractive! Well written Nabal! I want likes!
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