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  1. Hello there, I gotta say that I'm really happy to see this join request. Such a nice surprise. So there's my say about the applicant. Not gonna lie, Kanzy is one of my closest buddies in and outside the game. I don't exactly remember how we met, but ever since he joined MAD, I realized he's a guy I can trust blidnly and easily rely on. He's so talkative and supportive, respectful, always willing to help with any sort of problems. These I believe are vital qualities. In addition, he's always ready for a challenge, funny and indeed a very very loyal person. I've had my best years in this game (2015 and after) simply because I was able to meet even only a few people like him. Apart from his incredible personality that I believe our team will certainly benefit from, he could help us in any sort of mta event as well. He's quite decent skill-wise, improving daily, and even though I know we've got many talented players, I'm sure he would fit nicely in the team. In conclusion, I'd like to say thank you for the join request mate and I'll be extremely delighted if the team decides to let you in. Best of luck )
  2. - What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My nickname's Kamen or recently you might see me using balkamen as I am a proud representative of the Balkan team. I am 21 year old, from Bulgaria, living and studying Computer Science in Bristol, United Kingdom. - Your history in-game: I've been playing this game since 2009 so the history is quite long. I started out thanks to my cousin who introduced me to the game. At first we used to play in DD and/or freeroam servers. Eventually I got bored and started looking for a new challenge. My first DM server was EPP I think, then X5, a community lead by TARA at the time. He himself invited me after some time, I was learning quickly, topping them Mini Hards. Further in time, I went to FoX, today a well known racing community. I enjoyed the time there, but eventually people changed and I went to pS, a small team lead by Rextox. We were powerful but I think the members moved to TG and the team closed. Then I found the Czech community SMT, I joined them but the laziness of the leadership forced me into double-clanning (I played a few clanwars for Emp (with FiNN and Ekrem I remember) - first revealed here by the way hh). Obviously I left SMT, and it was about time I visit DDC. I joined their best clans back in 2012(nBo (with Shokkz) and RcR (lead by Royce), which both got closed) and when OP split and created their own community with the leadership of WhiteWarrior, (aka WW) I went with them. It was closed unfortunately, so I decided to go somewhere safe. TG it was in 2013. I joined them later that year, had an amazing time with them legends. However, I was then invited by Leo and Mandy to reopen OP. It ran well but not for too long as I think we expected we'd have more time to dedicate to lead a team. Also the atmosphere was not the same as under WW. Then it was time to switch communities again. I went to the growing at the time ffs. I was accepted and promptly kicked which could be vastly discussed. Later in 2014, Boost (NL) offered me a leadership position in the brand new SoR. I was inactive so it brought me back in the game. Not long after he decided to leave so I was gone with him. I went back to DDC and this time joined FOTL. There I lead the OS team, got invited to the Allstars(a small group of the best players in DDC) and organized Relegation Tournament (RT, which is today known as lucky seven (L7)) . Overall, quite enjoyable moments I had there. I left it at some point to try to rejoin ffs but I did not succeed, I was then looking for a friendly atmosphere rather than competitive and I found the best team that will ever exist for me - MAD. It was lead by mature people from Monday to Thursday, and the rest were the funniest time I ever had. From selfies in ambulances to sending dildos as birthday gift, it was a time I will never forget. I grew up with them, nearly 4 years I spent with them. Unforgettable time. I left because I felt like I needed some sort of a change due to real life happenings. To this day I was considering where to go and eventually I made up my mind. - Have you been in any clans?: Xtreme Five |X5| -> member -> team closed Red FoXes =FoX= -> member, reports' manager -> left because roster changed significantly Pure Skills pS~ -> trial -> team closed Serious Masters Team [SMT] -> DM co-leader, map fixer, reports' manager -> left due to lazy main leadership Twisted Gamers -|TG|- -> member, map tester -> left to reopen OP Over Powered [OP] -> member, clanwars' manager -> team closed For Fuck Sake -ffs- -> trial -> kicked for abusing Squad of Revolution SoR! -> leader -> left when the people who invited me were gone Firestarters of the land [FOTL] -> OS leader, map tester -> left to try to rejoin in a changed ffs team Mafioso Auto Drivers [MAD] -> council position, DM and OS manager -> left to look for a new challenge : ( : ( Community clans: DDC: RcR, nBo ; ffs: Sirius Bauss, Essence of speed, Liberators, currently at fap-friends - Why do you want to join XpR?: To start with, there were only a few teams I considered to join and what I was looking for was friendships, atmosphere and ability to compete in the OS sector. Eventually, I decided to join XpR which is the team I have the least friendships, the atmosphere inside is absolutely unknown to me, and your OS team more or less does not exist or at least I'm not aware of it. This perhaps doesn't make sense but all this mysteriousness motivated me to eventually pick XpR ahead of the others. I literally couldn't find negatives, except for the existence of Zeke, but I'll deal with it. I am looking forward to the new experience and I think this could be the right place to settle down for another while. - How can you help our community?: I've learnt a lot about myself in the years I spent in the game and what I value about myself the most is the realistic point of view and my loyalty. Aside, I consider myself average in the WFF type of DM, especially in older maps which can bring me back to my primes of 2013. I am also keen on organizing events and keeping different statistics about clanwars and players' performance. Other than that I am a friendly person with a specific sense of humor and quite interested in a diversity of topics, or in other words, quite communicative. - How can we contact you?: I hope you're using WhatsApp. I can provide you with my number if necessary. Other than that Skype I guess but I don't prefer it. - Additional information: I spent some time not long ago to prepare this list of MTA achievements throughout the years and some friends of mine told me it's impressive. Not gonna lie I quite enjoyed it. So there we go. I included this as a picture because I was not sure if BB code is supported. Will try and figure out in an edit later. I am able to provide reference to any statement included in the lists if needed. Thank you for your time, Best regards, Kamen
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