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  1. Hey guys, i want to tell you that Im going to be inactive this months because Im entering to the university and I want to live this stage in my life Thanks for all!
  2. Guys I will be inactive one week, I will travel with my family so dont miss me so much xD


  4. Thanks you all for the support, Gratz to all my mates and censor for that co-leader, you deserve it naval xupalooooooooooo
  5. Tomitrou

    Tomy goes wild !

  6. I will be inactive 3 days, going to camping with friends :D 

  7. -Tell about yourself: Hello, my name is Tomás González Im from Chile and Im 18 years old. I like to do some sport sometimes, play pc, going out with my friends and stuff... My english and my skills are quite good -Your history in the game: Well I started to play mta on 2014, in a server called DDC, there I met my first friends on mta: Negativ Positiv Facu Rayo Adidas etc.. There I was quickly improving my skills and then joining in the best clans of ddc where I was always being an important member, I even had my own clan where my friends and I had very good results and experiences. I always felt comfortable in DDC community but since they "merged" with ffs it was never the same so I felt compelled to leave that community and search for new horizons, so that's the way I joined for first time on XpR server in 2015.... long historyxd. (If you want to see my story more thoroughly visit this:) -My clans: FBi, MoD (it was like my own clan because I made a team dm and we win once the most strong clan in ddc!), KRO, FOTL, TRD, FBi (we reopened it and we had veryyy good moments) -Why do you want to join our clan?: because for me it would be a personal achievement to join a clan like this with so much prestige and skilled members. -What can you help to our community?: I can help a lot, as you know Im backing to activity and I can help on the server with new people, help with cws if you want a speed player (I can improve my hunter skills too ) and Im a friendly person who is always available to help. -How we can contact you?: Private message or if you want to pelarte ask me my Facebook -Dicen por ahí que la tercera es la vencida :]
  8. Lmao, XpR have more skilled players
  9. totally agree, but sometimes you should give more opportunities to the new people who may be loyal not the people who leave the clan for some strange reason (I'm not pointing at anyone just saying)
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