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  1. A great year for the clan without a doubt! I'm really happy to join the family, congrats for the promotions and obviously to the new fellas!
  2. I'm not in EoS anymore, but yea, that's me. Thanks : - )
  3. • What's your nickname(s), age and location? My name is Michael, known as Rampage in-game. I'm 20 years old and I live in Israel • Your history in-game I've been playing MTA since 2012. I found out about this game after I stopped playing SA:MP. At first, I played freeroam with my friends, then, slowly I discovered new game modes, such as DM. Several months after playing DM, I've been told about the map editor. I started mapping stuntage arenas, headquarters and some more simple stuff for SA:MP servers. Surprisingly, many people liked my projects and it motivated me to continue working on new projects, and that's how I became a better mapper. Nowadays I make DM maps and I've won the "map of the year 2018" reward in a big mapping community. • Have you been in any clans? #UP| - Unlimited Power #Z - Zenosyne [FoXX] - Force Out Xtreme • Why do you want to join XpR? Basically, XpR's known for being one of the most professional clans out there in almost any aspect we can think of. If looking at the active side, this is one of the most active and veteran clans in the whole MTA community, also, I got many good friends in here, what gives me even more motivation to join the family and do my best to represent it. I have to mention that I'm also interested in meeting new friends and it seems to be the right place for me since you have picked carefully quality characters. Another reason for me to show interest and join XpR is the fact that the clan has many skilled players, what can improve me in my gameplay and make me even more useful for clan wars. • How can you help our community? It's kinda obvious that I'm gonna mention the fact that my speciality in MTA is mapping, but yes, in case I'm gonna be a part of the family, I'd love to make some work for future developement. I gotta add that I'm a pretty cool guy when it comes to personal themes, I like making jokes and I'm pretty good at keeping the good atmosphere around! About the professional section, when it comes to playing clan wars and participating in any tournaments I will always do my best for the team I represent. • How can we contact you? Discord: Rampage#7338 Skype: michael_bobrov89
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