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  1. h-hi wanna study t-to-together?
  2. What's your nickname(s), age and location? My name is Benedek, ingame known as raceR and I'm from Hungary. Your history in-game: I've been playing MTA since 2013, I began playing on ffs firstly DD and then a few months later I moved to DM. I didn't really like ffs at the time so I started looking for Hungarian servers and the one I found the most interesting was GoD. I've made many friendships on that server some of them still lasts and basically they were the ones to introduce me the game. Months passed, I was constantly improving so I thought I'd try myself in some clans. I've joined sR# which was considered one of the best Hungarian clans at the time. Sadly the clan closed a year later. I had joined -AG- which was a very well known clan among Hungarians (still is) but this clan didn't last long either. As far as I remember CHRS motivated me to move out of my comfort zone so I've started playing on international servers at the beginning of 2016. The server where I played the most was xS, I did join a few clans while I was playing on the server but sadly I don't remember their names. I first joined XpR server in 2017 and in the same year I even made a join request. My first join request wasn't accepted but I've decided to give it another try. Surprisingly I got accepted I couldn't describe how happy I was at the time. There was a time when I left XpR but i immediately regretted it and I was hoping you guys would give me another chance which happened and I'm still grateful. I stayed in the clan for approximately 2 years when I decided to try something new (which was an awful decision to make) so I joined Vultaic. The clan's atmosphere didn't really suit me so I left after 4 months. My friends told me to try joining 7m and help them on clan wars etc... Although I joined, I haven't played a single clan war. I was heavily neglecting MTA while being in 7m.. The clan closed and I decided not to join eP! because I didn't enjoy the clan and nothing would've changed. Have you been in any clans? sR# - Closed. -AG- - Closed. [GoD] - Left because the clan was going nowhere and was inactive. Vultaic - As I've written above the atmosphere didn't suit me and I wasn't enjoying it. Seventh Miracle - Closed. Xtreme Pro Racers - I've left the clan because I decided to try something new which turned out to be an awful experience. Why do you want to join XpR? I want to join XpR because it is the only clan I admired throughout my MTA history. I've made a poor decision by leaving the clan and have regretted it when it was too late. I would wanna join this clan because I feel like this is the clan I belong, I made most of my friendships in here but mainly because... I had an amazing time here. How can you help our community? I can help you organizing stuff in the future, also helping on the clan wars if needed and once we will be able to revive the server I'd gladly help you by administrating it. How can we contact you? Skype: jaczenko.benci Additional information: Some of you probably have seen my join request which I made a few weeks ago. I decided to completely delete it and make a new one because I felt like it was rushed.
  3. is this a lacia ft request?
  4. Welcome, enjoy your stay.

    |-XpR-|Forum Manager

  6. Gl, I'm sure you would be an useful member of our clan.
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