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  1. ft? xd

    1. Gteatero


      Go bro contact me in skype. Username: nicolas.quitral

    2. Rampage
  2. Why did you use our tag before? You know what I mean, Give us a valid/not stupid reason. Im tired of these people who use our tag being Clanless
  3. Hello Darking, I'm glad that a player like you does jr, but there's something that I do not like I mean your jr, is very poor, we really want to know more about you, and your intentions to join in XpR, we would like you to tell us about you, we read every Join Request You may be a very good player but that does not mean that we will accept you, with this jr I do not see that you really want to be part of our team, you must show us that you want to join and a decent jr is a good way to prove it. This jr seems to me disrespecful because I have seen similar situations where skilled players do a Join Request but they are quite poor because they think that they we will accept them anyway. Maybe I'm wrong but your Jr from a year ago to ffs shows me that you think in a similar way, obviously there was more effort and the jr is decent https://ffs.gg/threads/82574-xDarK1nG-s-Squad-Application On the answer in "Why do you want to join XpR?:" We expect that the applicants will answer sincerely and decently to know if you are worth or you will be a jumper that will leave the clan at 2 weeks . Your answer was not given as the members of XpR would expect, reading what you have written, I could suggest you think once again about this question , because you basically described to any clan with your answer and if is possible add more details in your request because this looks effortless.
  4. Zebra v1 - Unseen Nature


    1. Gteatero


      I are Zebra v1 - Unseen Nature years old

  5. Alguien para Jugar Squads o duo? ❤❤👾😻🤩😔
    Para ahorita, si tienen problemas con el ping yo les doy líder UwU 🍒🤪❤️
    -Que tenga Micro💁‍♀ 😏😅
    -Que no sea tóxico 🤮👺🤬
    -Que no se enoje si perdemos 😴😤😠
    Agreguen a mi ID de Epic "GteateroPro"
    Sin nada más que decir UwU ❤😉🔥😂

  6. Why did you close your previous jr? Explain here, thanks
  7. Hey CharmY I'm glad to see you want to be part of XpR but there are things that I dislike in your jr. To begin I feel like that you did not answer some questions, such as "Why do you want to join XpR?" Your answer seems to be based on "Why do you want to join to any clan"? Tell us why you want to join to XpR and not other clans where you could also make friends or play cws, we would love to know your intentions Also "How can you help our community?" Describing your DM skills how could help us? What is your contribution if your skills in DM are 8.5/10? If you play a lot this gamemode, how could this help us? You must keep in mind that there are applicants who also play a lot of DM. And I dont like the fact that I probably spend more time writing this comment than you writing your jr, you must show that you really want to join here. Nice maps, you have potential
  8. Se que no es el lugar indicado pero... ft?
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