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  1. SrK

    Stepping Away

    tu mamita argentino de la puta
  2. SrK

    Stepping Away

    Well, i've had a wonderful journey in this clan. Since the great reopening back in 2015, i have seen how the clan has grown up, and how this great community has been built in the past 4 years. Sincerely, i've always loved this team, the members, the server, and the perfect perfomances in all the clan wars. I'm really grateful of all of you, and how i've been a roster member even in my long inactivity. However, recently i came back to fully commit to MTA, and honestly i don't feel like my presence is pretty much needed here. The DM/WFF squad is filled by pro players, and i don't think that my participitacion is needed anymore. I'll leave this team to earn experience, grow as a player and as a person, so i can be useful to XpR as a whole. Hope that friendships and relationships won't be lost, love u all. Thanks, i'll see you later.
  3. SrK + Tarkaan = Sarkaan (?) Welcome!
  4. Aprende a usar a miss fortune. Welcome.
  5. el porno talento biblioteca

  6. @Anwix Welcome! Enjoy your stay
  7. SrK

    News! #13

    R.I.P Jorge, i'll never forget the moments we had. Good job with the server updates and Congratulations @Mixhet @Makki @FacuP, you all deserve it!
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