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  1. Congratulations guys!!!
  2. Kronger


  3. I'll say some maps Rumble 3 Miketz ft rage - kryptrun Michael jackson v6 Dreamer v5 - sparks II Delete ft irampage - frigidity Miketz - young Miketz v8 Nx ft cool'boy - alchemy Without us II Lazz ft jil - zou Andro v9 and essence of speed II Done
  4. Finally, thanks bro and congratz to new trials and a kiss for reloadz and temp, love u guys
  5. Kronger


    I'm going to be absent these days because I broke my knee and I can not walk for 2 months.
  6. Kronger


    Hello , i decided to return to map but i not want to make my vol.2 i want to come back with a ft, someone is interested to make a feat with me ??
  7. What's your nickname(s), age and location?:My name in the game is Kronger , i'm 15 almost 16 , I live in Rio de Janeiro / brazil Your history in-game:Well game this game since 2011 , but only started playing DM in 2013 start and since then keep playing and improving even more , when i started playing mta played more oldschool and had a so-called clan *SKD* do not remember much as was the clan but it was one of the best clans that had already,After that i started to play in gta.ru was there that i met the "DM" and was tweaking me until i entered my first clan , can not remember the name , i was playing and honing my skills when gta.ru closed started playing in tff , ffs, etc. there met up and join in the clan and then i got up the clan and was so close to other clans that i entered , i am now trying to get into xpr for the third time Have you been in any clans?:Yes : uP| - ultimate players (Closed) EfE - Eye for an eye ( Closed but now its tff ) DST Dangerous Skillers Team (Closed) UnG - Unit Games (Closed but now reopen) *Q1. - Quantum Singularity (Closed) HA! - Human Action ( Closed ) Why do you want to join XpR?:Well , i chose to try to Join xpr because it is a beautiful clan and i have friends there and also to help the clan in all i can How can you help our community?:I Can help the clan in cw , mapping : i have 2 ft's and a vol.1 and i'm doing my vol.2 , i can help organizing somethings but can also help much in cw How can we contact you?:Skype: wesleythadeu.alvaropire Additional information: No
  8. My name is Wesley , i live in Rio de janeiro (brazil) , i'm 15 almost 16 years , i live with my sister , volleyball game , football , and spend most of the time playing mta , i started playing MTA with 11 years in the case started to play mta in 2012 , started in oldschool and every day that passed made more skills now continue this nub , but a nub with experience haha , now i play only in xpr server and rs , i do not know what to say ... nice to meet you guys
  9. Why do not you make a tournament ? it would be a good idea for the server become more know , more than already is.
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