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  1. Hello guys! i came with a new video. This time im presenting the new 'HDM' map of DLF Uffff meen! my skill is awesome (the cuts are no cuts. you are the cut) ok. im bad for the words so let's go with the video SONG NAME Black Sun Empire & Noisia - The Veil ADD ME AT SKYPE FOR RECORDS simon.lancellotti
  2. I come back with a new video!! this time i recorded the map of my mta mates called ''DEMONS SKILLS 2'' In my opinion this map is amazing because its not so long!! SONG NAME: Axollo - Moonstruck If you need a record contact me Vía Skype: simon.lancellotti
  3. Hey guys! after almost 2 weeks I'm back! this time with the new volume from the known mapper ExplO.. as we know his previous maps were Something wrong .. but this time explo is changing and i love these Strange decorations .. Good job explo ! and great person ADD ME AT SKYPE IF YOU WANT ME TO RECORD YOUR MAPsimon.lancellotti
  4. Unexpected Map Song Name Song name: Different Heaven - Nekozilla (LFZ Remix) [NCS Release] Want to record your map? Add me at skype: simon.lancellotti
  5. I present you my vol12 called 'Temple of God' Special thanks to RefleX for recording it.
  6. Thank you! and yes i used ultrathing
  7. Hello guys! I'm glad to present you my first 'Map Record' Since i left the recording. this time i present you an amazing map called Artificial Clarity made by Zean and BeatZ. in my opinion this map have a smooth track with some hard parts and the deco fits with track and weather. in one word, 'Enjoyable' Song Name: Need6 - Artificial Clarity Want to record your map? Add me at skype: simon.lancellotti
  8. Welcome all! I can see a great future for XpR
  9. gambaro yuuta kun, +1 y sobre el ingles, yo no se una cagada así que no veo por que vos lo necesitas suerte
  10. Fuimos compañeros de MTA y YT , Como no podria decir GL
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