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  1. 1.- What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Javier and my nickname in-game is Extreme. I have 18 years old and I live in Chile. 2.- Your history in-game: Well, I started to play mta since a long time, I have 4 years playing this game (approx.). I started playing in a server called DMC and also in ffs, where most of maps were DD. Afterward, I started to play DM and Hunter and well, I met the best maps of those times, they were TARA maps, and I improved my skills with those maps. I met players that were really good in DM, and one of they was Mota, believe me, he was really a skilled player at that time. I started in XpR when the clan was created. We decided to call it XpR and the server was made by Mota and me. Well, I left MTA for more than 1 year because my PC died and this week I got my PC back and I started immediately to play MTA. 3.- Have you been in any clans?: My first clan was [S-R-G] and it was created by Mota. I never knew what SRG means (also Mota didn't know), I think the tag looked good and that's why he decided to call it SRG. I never was a clan jumper, I always like to have only 1 clan and being faithful. My second clan was |-XpR-| by Mota. I was admin and leader. 4.- Why do you want to join XpR?: I would like to join XpR because is the best MTA team. I know the most of players in XpR and I like all of them, they're friendly with me as i'm also friendly with them. I hope they can remind me because I haven't forgot them. There are players that have been selected by myself since years ago and they're still here, really loyals. XpR is too organized right now, they have an amazing server (sadly it's offline now), great players, excelent leaders, best mappers and what everybody likes, faithful and united. Well, I never left XpR, I lost my PC and it has forced me to leave MTA and now that I've fixed it (finally) I want to play again and have fun, laugh, and I want to have again good moments with my clan. I won't change this team with any other of MTA. I will be always loyal to XpR <3. 5.- How can you help our community?: I'm trying to get back again my skills (DM/Hunter), I had great skills and I was always a main player in XpR so you can count with my help in clan wars. Also i'm a loyal guy and an active player. I think you can count with me for everything what you need. 6.- How can we contact you?: My Skype is: extremecl
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