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  1. Good to see a former showing up again. Good luck!
  2. We’ve done a great job lately. I’d like to thank everyone who contributed in this success. Especially you designer, web & server masters. Im so happy for my amigos who got their new ranks, im certain that they fit best! Sad to see all these people had to go, hopefully they’ll become more interested in this game once more and they’re always welcomed among their family! About the trials; welcome abroad and hopefully you’ll with continue the great work and will hopefully amaze us in the events and so. As for the ones who didn’t get lucky enough, don’t give up bois, it was quite competitive this time but never give up.
  3. Looking forward to playing vs you zneosusy!
  4. Looking forward to it! Good luck boys
  5. holy moly I surely will use that right now.
  6. Welcome aboard fellas! Awesome job with the forum and server guys
  7. Happy birthday mate, hope you're in a better place right now.
  8. Honesty is one of the most important characteristics that we'd love our members to have. So make sure you take this point into consideration and restate everything you need to. Anyway, good luck.
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