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  1. Sheldon's Join Request About me: My real name is Gleb. I am 16 years old, currently living in Tiraspol, Moldova. In-game known as Sheldon. My MTA so called "career": As far as I remember, it all started somewhere in 2009-2010 when I first discovered this game by accidentally stumbling upon it. Somehow it hooked me and I am still wasting my time playing it. At first I used to play on play/drift servers & then somewhere in the end of 2010 I switched to DM. I was not good there but I used to waste my time improving on training servers for around 2 years. Luckily I became pretty good. Starting in 2017 I got acquainted with the new for me gamemode or rather the kind of tournament - WFF. I also tried to get better in WFF and somehow I pretty well improved in it. Although in principle for my WFF career, I did not achieve anything amazing, only having received the title of Top-3 among the personal results of the clan-based WFF tournament - Lucky7 3 & finalist of WFF 17. Clans I've been in before: -ffs- - For Fuck's Sake (Left) |6s - Sixth Sense (Kicked) /TfF\ - The Favoured Few (Left) xN# - Nitrous Racing (Left) My reasons to join XpR: So, I do not even know where to start. Well, firstly, I am familiar with all members of the clan and with many of them I am in very good relations, and with the rest I would like to improve my relations. Our paths with XpR have intersected more than once, and I know about this clan enough to be confident in my decision. I like the fact that I see the desire of XpR to develop and improve. I think that XpR is a suitable place for me, a place that I have been looking for for a long period of time. How can I contribute the most?: I think that I am one of the most useful wff players if I spend some time in training arena, which I’m going to do. I can help with the organization of matches in the absence of the main WFF manager as I have got an experience in leading WFF squad. I also practice hunter every day and can be to some extent useful in regular clan wars. I try to develop in such areas as web developing and scripting. I am helpful & kind, would try helping anyone of you with everything. Contact ways: Skype: glebgal Discord: Gleb#5820 Whatsapp/Telegram: +37377945050 Additional text (if needed): -needed Okay, let's get started. I understand perfectly well that each of you doubts me. I do not want to justify myself because I believe that in everything that happened earlier I and only I am guilty. It is my fault that I closed the application last time, even though I thought that I had changed. Although it was not so long ago, I was quite young and stupid. The most beautiful thing happened in my personal life that made me really change both in life and in game. I am ready to do anything to prove to each of you that I have changed and deserve to be with you in XpR in spite of everything that can happen to the clan in the future. Thanks for reading.
  2. Mixhet

    B# vs XpR

    Accepted, im gonna contact you over Skype.
  3. Mixhet Mi amor :3

    1. raceR


      Kidhet Mi amor :3

  4. Good luck '-' Edit: noooo porraa i didnt understand at first, but good luck if its ur dream go for it bro
  5. Mixhet


    Not ur fault, next time this happens for you write me in skype: mixhet15
  6. Gz to everyone i hope u will stay active as you are! bn news nob @Naval
  7. yea Racers behaviour is going downhill everyday @Naval Please do smth about this. Hey All
  8. XpR versus LxG, two clans with latin's blood are going to face (once again, for the sixth time!) today at 19:00 CET. Lots of luck wishes for the players, may the best team win! Spectators aren't allowed. There will be a Live Stream (link will be posted later). Clan war info: Date & Time: 17th June at 19:00 CET (https://time.is/es/CET). Server: Team |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racers | CW Server. Maps: 10 (5 maps picked by each clan and played twice during the clanwar). Referee(s): ArMexy and Marque. ---------> |-XpR-| Players <--------- Naval Kronger PowerR Subzero Botond FacuP Mixhet WuW ... |-XpR-| Maps: [DM] Andershell v4 - Pure Skills Paradise [DM] Gus v7 - Needed Skill [DM] Siisti-C v2 [DM] Fakedeath v8 - Speed Run III [DM] SoniX - Fortress ---------> LxG// Players <--------- TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA ... LxG// Maps: -Gus v11 Recess -FakeDeath v6 - Speed Run II -DC v12 - Fuck You All II -Str!k3r - The Road of Joy II -D0GGy ft. sYKu - Sincere Rules ⇊ General rules: - Everyone from each clan is able to participate. - If someone times out before the round started, we restart the round. - If someone times out while the map is running, we continue playing. - Any kind of insulting, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute or ban. - Clanwar players can't be punished without a warning. (As example: Someone is spraying, the referee has to warn the player before he is able to punish him.) - The max ping of a player is 320. - The minimum fps of a player is 40. - In case of a tie, we will play one last random map. (One of the 10 clanwar maps.) - Leaders, Co-Leaders, CW managers and Referees are the only ones who are allowed to talk in main chat. Deathmatch rules: - The team which went further in the map gets the point. (If no one of both teams reaches the hunter). - Backdriving for nitro and repair is allowed. - Waiting for nitro is allowed. - Skipping useless nitro and repair pickups is allowed. - Skipping vehicle pick ups is strictly forbidden. - If both teams fail at the same part, we will redo the map. - If someone is shortcutting, he will be blown and warned. (2nd offend of this rule will bring a play restriction) Hunter rules: - The team with the last surviving player(s) gets the point. - Spraying is not allowed. (Referee decides if it's spray or not.) - High flying is not allowed. If you exceed the height of 50% (indicated by the radar), you will be warned. (maximum warnings: 2/2) - Destroying vehicles is allowed. - Spraying vehicles is allowed. - Backshooting (before the countdown) while getting hunter is forbidden. (In case that happens, the damaged team gets the point). - Killing Hunters stuck by objects is forbidden. (In case that happens, the fight will be continued on a hunter map). - In case of maplimit, we will continue the fight on a hunter map.
  9. My favourite maps: Ronnie v3 - Silent Side & Gteatero - Dark Inception 2
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