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  1. SCORE KILLS [Meow] 0:1 [GBC] Azorahai (3) Lost (1) [Meow] 1:1 [GBC] Founder (2) Lost (1) TemptatioN (1) [Meow] 1:2 [GBC] Azorahai (3) [Meow] 1:3 [GBC] Founder (2) Azorahai (1) - - Azorahai 7 ([GBC]) Founder 4 ([GBC]) Lost 2 ([Meow]) TemptatioN 1 ([Meow]) Cathrine 0 ([Meow]) GodFatheR DNS ([GBC]) MVP: Azorahai Referee : @Zeke Recorders : @Marque @FALT3N @Zeke Match highlights will be made soon and updated within this thread.
  2. Unfortunately registrations were closed yesterday, this topic was not locked at that time and will be done now, sorry for any inconveniences.
  3. Information 1. Here you can see bracket and schedule of the matches (above each bracket), this whole tournament will be constantly live updated so feel free to check out results whenever you want. 2. Contact us immediately if you have a problem with the schedule established for you. 3. We will remind the team captains about their games 2 days before. 4. Matches will be played on this Server IP: 5. Registered teams and players: https://imgur.com/ivvOe1z Bracket & Schedule Time: German time Current time:
  4. REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED Thanks to everyone who registered, number of teams and participants exceeded our expectations! Brackets will be made and posted as soon as possible, stay tuned.
  5. Well.. Despite our past conflicts and all that I hope we can turn over a new leaf and start treating each other better, you seem to put in a lot of effort in preparing for cws and that is one type of personality I will never dislike especially when at end you perform very well and so on... To think you are applying to same team as me just removes some weight I always have while entering cw, so by all this I wish you good luck. Oh and yes, susero ctm could use another latin friend like u
  6. Posting for anus. 1. Team Name: muricans 2. Team logo/tag: murican' 3. Team color: 334455 4. Captain: Anus, Israel, anus.015, 23E9BE2304C97721E6B19912D2108D62 5. Players: Anus, FreaK, - - FreaK | 597698D7B5DD607CCCEE27FF8005DEA4 - Wade, Israel, 14010722CD8CD2F5A3C4DD55153E1289B3 6. What time you can't play at?: idk yet
  7. Short reminder : 3 days left to register, also don't forget to update your team members serials. Current players that are missing serial number are : @Naval, FacuP, Subzero, @ALAMM, Azooz, @Kanzy, sYKu, Jari, @Asency , Chryxz, Hayden, Goku, Niko and Beast.
  8. 1. Team Name: River Plate 2. Team logo/tag: - 3. Team color: #000001 4. Captain: Zeke, Croatia, AAF0E45902453D75F844D6F5B664A994 5. Players: - Niko, Argentina, 5AABC1A71C60E32E7D52B9F6D725E6A1 - Lonnex, Azerbaijan, 66832CE1072E27A7AD62945ACBE79753 6. What time you can't play at?: -
  9. Introduction: Season 1 XHT (Xtreme Hunter Tournament) is the very first tournament hosted by XpR in its history, with me as the main organizer, some assistance from our dear leader @Naval and also with the help from our members and developers. Our main goal is to keep everything going smooth and simple from beginning to the very finals of tournament. For this first season, it will consist of 3 versus 3 matches, with the best-of-5 system, which means that the first team that managed to get 3 points will be the winner. Information Gamemode: Hunter Mode: 3 versus 3 Series type: Best of 5 Server IP: mtasa:// Server password: - Time: German time Main organizer: @Zeke Assistants: @Naval Prizes We will be delivering out special awards (medals) to the players whose team has managed to get the first, second and third places. There will also be one very special medal that will go to the player who managed to kill the most opponents in whole tournament. The awards acquired in our tournaments may be visible in the corresponding user profile, as well as on our page dedicated only to Tournament Awards. Registration rules To register your team you will have to use the following format (you can copy and paste this box in the comments): 1. Team Name: - 2. Team logo/tag: - 3. Team color: - 4. Captain: Nickname, Country, Skype, MTA Serial 5. Players: - player2, Country, MTA Serial - player3, Country, MTA Serial 6. What time you can't play at?: - Example: In-game rules Please read rules carefully to avoid any misunderstandings Registration deadline Your registration must be submitted in the comments on this post before Monday, 30.03.2020, 23:59 CET.
  10. Leaving member(s) - @Wade~ Thanks for being with us and good luck in future!
  11. Hello, we appreciate your interest in applying to our team but unfortunately we have received some information that do not abide by our join request rules such as " You can't make a Join Request if you already belong to a clan or if you have already made one for another clan. " which you could have read here : Our given proofs show us that, while applying to us , you are indeed a part of another clan at the present moment , therefore I am DECLINING this join request. If you think this was a misunderstanding please do contact us over forum pm.
  12. New Trial He could give us a helping hand in future clanwars especially in OS area and his long term reside in his past clan shows us he is loyal - @Kamen
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