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    News! #17 - Growing up

    By Naval,


    It is really surprising to stop and look back, to realize how many years have passed and how much things have changed, thankfully positively for our team. I want to start this post, particularly wishing everyone a very happy and successful 2018 ahead, may the New Year give you the strength to face the challenges of life, with new aim, new dreams and new achievements!

    This announcement is important, because undoubtedly 2017 was one of the best years we have had; It's never too late, we decided to structure our squad completely, freeing ourselves from small things that were also messes, that all they did was to stain our equipment gradually.


    Without further preface, let's start!


    Little by little new things are being included, which are being managed by our Developers, who have done an impeccable job. Unfortunately, there was 1 month that was catastrophic for them; the forum had to be closed forcefully and this set back the work, so now I will give you a list of what is to come:

    • Global Ranking System
    • A new profile layout
    • A complete new forum design layout
    • Server monitoring
    • Achievements



    The server was one of the topics most discussed by us.
    To summarize that, I'll just say that a totally new design for our server is coming. This means that we will re-design the following: 

    • Login Panel
    • User Panel
    • Notifications
    • Toptimes
    • Race Interface
    • Podium

    We always liked to release our projects without giving "spoilers" with sceenshots to people days before. So I can only give you, for this time, a blurred picture of one of the designs:




    Before announcing the fundamental changes that our internal team has suffered, I would like to say that what stands out most in XpR is the loyalty that each one of us has with the other. All the members that are accepted in this clan from today onwards have to feel grateful, because today more than ever we are using our "eye of eagle" to try not to make mistakes, that the only thing they would do is to reverse our project.

    • Ranks
      @Rul3zZ is now Head of Community, thanks for your dedication, you deserved it. Congratulations!
      @RACER is now Forum Manager.
      @CHRS is now Server Manager.
      @Anwix is now WFF Manager.
       is now WFF & DM Manager.
    • New members
      this time, @Nissan@HawK# and @Rexon were the only 3 fortunate ones to join our family, congratulations to each one of you! 

    For those who could not join, we are really sorry. But this time, you will not have to wait until News #18 to check if you were accepted or not, because from now on we will be accepting members when we think it is necessary.



    That is all for today, fellas. We really can not wait for our ideas to be officially launched, we hope you are as excited as we are! Thank you all for staying with us throughout the good and bad moments, we will always try to offer you the best for you, because thanks to you we are where we are today.

    Have a wonderful day, peace!

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