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The Xtreme Hunter Tournament is now running. All XHT matches will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel, so make sure you don't miss any details and follow us on our social networks! 
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    News! #16 (new members, forum updates and more!)

    By Naval,


    Greetings to you our dear members! 
    These three months since the last News topic was posted passed already so quick like the lightning. Nothing stands still so we are here today to prove that Xtreme Pro Racers clan is also developing and ready to demonstrate you for new updates and changes including our new recruits and much more!
    Intrigued? Therefore let's skip the prelude and jump to the alterations themselves:



    As you guys can appreciate, we have launched our new theme XpR 2.2.0, theme that has been made by our current Web Developers @Rul3zZ and @Furious, a self made design that includes many new features that I will list below:

    • The page for Former Members has been updated.


    • A new and clean navigation bar.


    • Reactions for each post and comment.
      Screenshot_3.png     Screenshot_4.png


    • Top funniest video of the week (visible on Forum)


    • New functions on our Shoutbox: Xtreme pro Racers Bot and Announcement for new posts and replies.Screenshot_5.png


    Upcoming updates:

    • A clean and completely new page for our clan wars.
    • Guide.
    • A special mapuploader.



    New recruits!

    • We always appreciate the dedication and loyalty shown by people. @XeraH and @KristiaN are players that have been trying hard to join XpR which despite not being accepted in our team multiple times, they continued to try, so we ended up valuing much their act of loyalty. Welcome, you both deserve this opportunity!
    • The player who has been considered as one of the most active on our server was @Xerathundoubtedly a deserved opportunity. Welcome boy!
    • @R1KUZ is a player who has been very active on our server and has shown that he has enough skills that could be very useful in our future clan wars!
    • Welcome @CascaDe! A skilled player who would never look bad on any team.
    • XpR has been looking for a good designer for a long, long time. We are too proud to announce our new member @SuhaibZ, a designer who has been helping us these last months, which has not stopped surprising us with his fantastic designs and will certainly be very useful in our team from now on. Welcome!
    • @PheniaN - An active player who undoubtedly caught our attention for his dedication and of course with his skills as well, welcome!
    • @+TimeZ! and @RockZ! are two players who have attracted attention because of their abilities within the game, their ways of being active and skillful led us to the conclusion of accepting them to our team!


    Have passed their trial period:

    Kicked members:


    Left the squad:

    • @^WuW (rank: Clan Member)



    • We finally got Skins for our garage! (more skins are coming)Screenshot_7.png

    (Thanks to @ALw7sH, our current scripter, that in spite of being inactive, always tries to bring us new updates)

    • Our server is growing more and more, and we highly value the fact that more than 20 people visit us per day, so we are willing to do whatever is necessary to make our people stay on our server, so I will insert the following link that consists in new ideas for our server, feel free to comment anything you have in mind! (we would appreciate it)



    • Don't forget to visit our server! Server IP: mtasa://xpr-gaming.com:22003 or just click the below button to join immediately!


    That's all fellas, see you next time! 

    All designs seen in this post were made by SuhaibZ.

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