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    Our current Discord Channel

    By Shine,

    Hello everyone! yesterday we finished our new Discord channel (created by our friend Pure, thanks amigazo) after many attempts to make one, our Discord channel reaches the end. We will receive all those who want to join and have a chat on hand to talk with the rest of the members, stay to play, listen to music or whatever. This is our channel and I hope you find it a good idea to have a discord for XpR

    In our Discord you can find many things, rules, information, annoucement and of course the welcome to whoever joins.

    We have private channels that are divided between.

    • Xtreme Pro Racers (a chat for all XpR members)
    • Managers (a channel only for those who have rank in our Discord, obviously the one that can help and wants to have rank only ask for it.)
    • Clan Wars (here we will basically talk a little about the next CW or a little more in details about our players, etc.)
    • Cw Details (Details, opinions and maybe I could say "ideas" about upcoming clan wars)

    Other sections as we always have General chat.

    • Media
    • Non english
    • Memes
    • Spam
    • Bot Room (please do not try to make too much spam with the bot)

    Also for any player that wants to be in call or contact with someone else and be able to play we have our voice channel.

    • General
    • Fornite
    • PUBG
    • CSGO
    • League of Legends
    • Xtreme Pro Racers (Private)
    • Clan Wars (And of course to be on call or whoever wants to be on call while we are in a match)


    Join our Discord https://discord.gg/a3BQgp

    Have a wonderful day !

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